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Visit and explore Welland and surroundings
Tourist Region: "Niagara"
Canada, Ontario, tourism, travel guide

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Many thanks to MapArt for allowing us to use their maps

Welland is centrally located on the Niagara Peninsula. As everybody can suspect it is also located on the famous Welland Canal, a waterway which connects Lake Ontario with Lake Erie. The canal itself is part of the "Great Lakes St. Lawrence Seaway System". Please use the Internet to learn more about this transportation route.
Remains of the old canal go right through the downtown core of Welland and are a great attraction for visitors as well as for locals.
Welland, Ontario, Niagara Region, tourism, travel guide
Welland has nice parks

Many arguments were exchanged when the city decided to ban motor boats on this now strictly recreational water. I support this idea because the majority of the users of this attraction do not have motorboats and without any doubt they can pose a serious hazard to all other users, such as swimmers, fisherman, boaters in canoes or kayaks.
The well kept parks are also well used for recreation.
Please get a map of the city of Welland and a brochure to find your way to the various attractions and to see which events are taking place.

Hiking through these parks or along the old Welland Canal is not only a pleasure for residents. Many of our visitors enjoyed that after lunch.

Welland, Ontario, Niagara Region, tourism, travel guide
The old Welland Canal - October 2007

Welland, Ontario, Niagara Region, tourism, travel guide
The old Welland Canal - 2009

Very close to the bridge shown above you will find a the "Merritt Park" which you should not miss to visit.
A brand new "Amphitheatre" has been added which is being used for great outdoor events, such as the "IlluminAqua" where a floating stage on the old Welland Canal is used by artists for their performances. These events take place in the late evening and floating fire pods create a breathtaking atmosphere. In Japan I was excited when I watched an event dedicated to "Cormorant Fishing". It was like a parade with many nicely illuminated boats with numerous performers in traditional costumes.
Eventually, I will prepare my own web site for one of the events at the "Amphitheatre" and include it into my Internet travel guide.
In this park you will also find a memorial which is dedicated to all the workers who built the famous Welland Canal.

Welland, Ontario, tourism,l travel guide
Welland Canal Memorial Monument

All majors and city councils which Welland had and has are aware that it is mandatory to improve the downtown core if the city wants to attract visitors and also industry. A major project was the construction of a new city hall which also hosts a great public library.
This project initiated some revitalization. New restaurants opened and in formerly deserted stores business moved in and renovated everything nicely.
If local people and visitors accept these investments and come, more required changes will hopefully be achieved. I believe that small business owners can be much better off here than in a mall where rent is much higher and additional fees are charged. Also opening times are strictly regulated.

Welland, Ontario, Niagara Region, tourism, travel guide
Downtown Welland - the market

Welland, Ontario, Niagara Region, tourism, travel guide
Downtown Welland

Welland, Ontario, Niagara Region, tourism, travel guide
Downtown Welland

We had a nice store with high quality imported goods from Europe in downtown Welland, but we closed it because at this time we saw no chance to expand our business because of bylaws and how they were handled. Even if we would have spend a small fortune to fulfill the requirements of these laws we could not get a guarantee that we would be granted the required permission to add a little tea room to our store. Now we do all of our business through the Internet and must not pay for employees any more. I do not complain any longer about this incompetence - we are better off without a store, but I hope it is a wake up call for the city to smarten up in future.
Welland is also known as "Rose City". This is celebrated every year with a parade which attracts visitors from all over our region.
Welland is also known for its murals. Canadian artist show different periods of the development of Welland. Unfortunately some of these murals are in a bad shape and others disappeared completely.

Welland, Ontario, Niagara Region, tourism, travel guide
The "Rose Parade" in Welland

A few years ago another event was created which always attracts a large crowd to Welland - the "Food Festival". It is not only a chance to try for little money all kind of speciality food from different restaurants of the area it offers also entertainment for all ages.
We also consider it to be a meeting place because so far we always met people which we had not seen for quiet a time.

Welland, Ontario, Niagara Region, tourism, travel guide
Canadian wineries offer their products also at the "Food Festival"

I still try to understand why you can buy wine in malls and in the entrance area of big grocery stores but not beer. You can also consume the samples of wine at the Welland "Food Festival" in the public, but when you want to enjoy an ice cold beer, you must do that behind a fence. I call that a discrimination of all beer drinkers and of breweries. What do you think?

Welland, Ontario, Niagara Region, tourism, travel guidee
I loved this performance during the "Food Festival"

Now I can see increasing activities on the old canal. A dragon boat regatta is always an attraction - not only for the participants but also for the spectators.
Elizabeth, my wife, participated in a few.

Welland, Ontario, Niagara Region, tourism, travel guidee
Dragon boat regatta on the old canal

Welland, Ontario, Niagara Region, tourism, travel guide
Dragon boat regatta on the old canal

A water sport unknown to me was performed in 2013 on the old Welland Canal - the local paper called it "Canoe Polo".
Many years ago I had a lightweight wooden kayak and I know the difference between a kayak and a canoe. Used were definitely not canoes. At least the editor of the Tribune should have corrected that.

Welland, Ontario, Niagara Region, tourism, travel guide
Canoe Polo using kayaks

Dain City, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
At the old canal in Dain City

Welland has also an airport. If you want to enjoy the Niagara peninsula from the sky and take breathtaking pictures ask there for more details.
Some day, we may take a ride in a small aircraft to do that.

Welland, Ontario, Niagara Region, tourism, travel guide
Book a flight!

Welland has some good places to eat out. Smoking is now banned in all bars, restaurants and other public places. Germany and other European countries have finally introduce similar laws. People should have so more money for food and drinks and stay healthier.
We had many visitors from Europe who enjoyed chicken wings. They are becoming now popular over there.

Welland, Ontario, Niagara Region, tourism, travel guide, food
Now also popular in Germany - "Chicken Wings"

North Americans know that this speciality is available in mild, hot, suicide and sometimes also in other flavors.

Finally, it was recognized that the old Welland Canal can also be used for cultural events. The city started to have concerts on the canal and a amphitheater had been built. Certainly a good decision which will hopefully bring more visitors to our town if properly used.
Dragon boat regattas are another attraction - not only for the participants, also for the spectators.

Welland, Ontario, Niagara Region, tourism, travel guide
The new "Amphitheatre" on the old Welland Canal

Welland, Ontario, tourism. travel guide
The newest attraction in Welland- the statue of the founder of Leon's furniture
Welland is well know for its murals which are distributed all over the town. They show mainly the development of our city. Some of them are impressive.
As you can see this statue is very popular. Many little girls want to get their picture taken when posing with the founder of a well known furniture store.
Elizabeth was lucky to catch this scene when she had a rest after a walk.
You will find this new attraction close to the "Amphitheatre" and other monument in a pretty little park in downtown on the old canal.
Almost all of our visitors loved to visit the parks surrounding the old canal. Some even did it with bicycles. If you need after that exercise a recharge of energy just visit one of the restaurants in the downtown area.
I hope that a new city management will scrap soon the disgusting park meters which cost us more than they bring in.

Welland still cannot compete against in tourism against places such as Niagara Falls or Niagara-on-the Lake. I am also still afraid that the millions of tax dollars which are used to promote tourism will never be recovered. A few yearly sport events are not enough to justify building more hotels or motels.
However, I am thankful to the investors who opened new and good restaurants in Welland.
I hope that they will keep up with the quality and moderate prices and do not repeat the mistakes which others did by not meeting any longer the demands of their customers. The result - they had to close!
We prefer good food, friendly service and fair prices to a fancy environment.
Most people from German speaking countries consider "Schnitzel" (veal or pork, not so much chicken) to be one of their favorites. North Americans prefer hamburgers.
Nevertheless I tried all kind of hamburgers also in different places. A few days ago I had tried an excellent Angus Burger in Welland. I went gladly back to this place, but it is gone now.

Welland, Ontario, Niagara Region, tourism, travel guide
A nice and clean sitting area was only a few steps away which protects you against sun and rain

RMR: Rick and the Welland Canal

Main St Bridge, Welland, Ontario

Unfortunately I missed the following surprise presented by "Alphabet® Photography" in the Seaway Mall in Welland.

Save our wetlands and support the activists!

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