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Travel guide for Thuringia, Germany

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German flag, tourist guide for Thuringia, Germany, tourism
Visit and explore Ummerstadt
Thuringia, Germany, Tourism, Travel Guide

Ummerstadt, Thuringia, coat of arms

flag Thuringia, travel guide for Thuringia, tourism, Germany

I learned that Ummerstadt is one of the smallest town in Thuringia. It dates back to the year 837. It is located close to Bad Colberg and Heldburg in the Hildburghausen region where we stayed most of the time during this trip.
We did not want to miss this little germ.

Ummerstad, Thuringia, Germany, tourism, travel guide
Ummerstadt a small town in Thuringia

Ummerstad, Thuringia, Germany, tourism, travel guide
Ummerstadt a small town in Thuringia

In Canada I had planned to have a typical Thuringian lunch in this local restaurant and I wrote to them. However, they never responded to my German written e-mail and for that reason and because we arrived a little bit late for lunch we skipped it.
The fountain in front of it wa bulit in 1687.

Ummerstad, Thuringia, Germany, tourism, travel guide
Originally, we have planned to have our lunch in this restaurant

It is our intention to return to Thuringia to complete more of our tasks. Hopefully this will be at a time when one of the events takes place in Ummerstadt. I am especially interested in the "Brauhausfest", a celebration with lots of beer. I certainly will need a designated driver after attending to it or an accommodation.

Ummerstad, Thuringia, Germany, tourism, travel guide
"Downtown" Ummerstadt

Ummerstad, Thuringia, Germany, tourism, travel guide
"Downtown" Ummerstadt - many thanks to Wikipedia

Ummerstad, Thuringia, Germany, tourism, travel guide
Not like a big city

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The Toy Museum in Sonneberg, Thuringia

The Bertholdsburg in Schleusingen host an interesting museum, Thuringia

Thuringia, wining and dining - a guide

Watch the slideshow: Visit the Marine Aquarium in Zella-Mehlis, Thuringia, Germany Ein früherer Besuch des Aquariums.

Erfurt Thuringia (Thüringen) some impressions- einige Impressionen

Watch the video "Impressions of Suhl"

Ringberg Hotel in Suhl

Sömmerda Region

international press card, internationaler Presseausweis
Besucher aus Kanada erleben Thüringen
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