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Travel guide for Thuringia, Germany

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Thuringia, Germany
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What to eat in Thuringia, Germany

For most people, including myself, it is always a problem to order a meal in a foreign country when you do not speak the language and translations are not available.
After some of our web site readers brought this to our attention, we decided to try to fill this important gap little by little for Germany.
In Japan mockups of the dishes are some help - not in Germany. We will show pictures, the names in German and a brief description in English in our searchable data base.
Unfortunately, we could not receive any help from the "Thühoga" which was the association of hotels and restaurants in Thuringia. This means I have to do all this by myself unless some restaurants help me. With limited spending money and having to watch my weight this task will take some time, but at least we will start instead of finding excuses for doing nothing.
The Thuringian food is not exactly good for a diet and a weight loss program. - and you should love pork, deer and poultry. A well known speciality are the Thuringian potato dumplings which are served to many dishes.
Similar as in other parts of Germany you share normally your table with other guests. You must not wait to be seated. Just take a table you like, unless you see a sign that it is reserved.
If all tables are taken, ask the people sitting their whether you can sit with them. That is standard practise.
Unfortunately, Germany was still a paradise for smokers when we traveled. Even the green party did not do anything against the smokers. They are still allowed to pollute the air in restaurants and almost everywhere. You may feel being on a time travel back in to the &good old days" which were not always so good.
Fortunately for me this has changed in the meantime.
Everything is well organized in Germany. The prices contain all taxes and the tip. How could the government collect taxes on the tip? Naturally, many people still tip when they liked the service. So far the government did not find a way to tax this under the table economy.
If you are used to do changes to the menu, be aware that you are charged in most cases for the "extra service". I know it is a nuisance but as long as people take it as god given, nobody will change it.
Please do not be shocked if you do not get free water and free refills of coffee. Everything must be paid. If you find a plate with pretzels, bread or even little bottles of schnapps it does not mean it is free. However, I am sure that somehow you pay everywhere for what you consume. It is only hidden somewhere.
Now, don't lose you appetite for Thuringian or German food, check our database and try some of the specialities. We do the same when we travel.

If you are still afraid of the local food, or had an overdose of it, you must not starve. You will find a variety of ethnic restaurants in many places. The range includes Chinese, Indian, Vietnamese, Greek, Italian, Thai and even American cuisine with McDonald's.

Thuringia, wining and dining - a guide

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