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Travel guide for Thuringia, Germany

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German flag, tourist guide for Thuringia, Germany, tourism
Tabarz, Thuringia, Germany - Tourism, Travel Guide

flag Thuringia, travel guide for Thuringia, tourism, Germany

When we visited Thuringia in 2006 to proceed with our Internet tourist guide for this "new" state of the reunified Germany we came through Tabarz on our way to a meeting. It was on one of the few rainy days but we liked very much what we saw. Especially the "Tabbs" an impressive spa raised our interest. So we decided to come back and to include this village of about 4500 people in our travel guide. We did that on a beautiful day after the heat wave has started in Thuringia.

Tabarz, Thuringia, Germany, tourism, travel guide
The tourist information was our first stop in Tabarz

It is always helpful to have the first stop at an tourist office. You can get many helpful information there. Occasionally even in English as in Tabarz. We were very pleased about that.
We parked our little Citroen rental car just opposite of the tourist information at a well kept little park.

Tabarz, Thuringia, Germany, tourism, travel guide
Our little rental car

Tabarz has more attractions than the super spa "Tabbs". It is also well known as a health resort which provides treatments according to pastor Sebastian Kneipp who has many followers in Germany.

Tabarz, Thuringia, Germany, tourism, travel guide
Thanks to the "Bademeister Magazin" for this pictures

His theory was that physical activity, nutritious food, herbs, and inner peace and water are essential for health. He treated himself from tuberculosis.
Tabarz has two so called "Kneipp-spa-gardens" in which you can practice his treatment using water. To learn more about him use the following link Sebastian Kneipp.
I personally think that walking through cold water will certainly improve the blood circulation in your legs.
Please ask the tourist office about offered treatments if you want to know more details. We recommend to find an accommodation in Tabarz if you like what you see.

Tabarz, Thuringia, Germany, tourism, travel guide

Tabarz, Thuringia, Germany, tourism, travel guide

Tabarz, Thuringia, Germany, tourism, travel guide
The ":Tabbs"

Naturally we were hungry after all the activities in the ":Tabbs" which was the main purpose of our visit.

We were looking for a nice Thuringian restaurant and stopped at the "Gaststätte & Pension Felsenthal" which means you can eat here and they also offer rooms. Just check their prices. I think they are reasonable, especially when you want to stay longer.
I needed a beer and Elizabeth her usual coffee. Please be aware free fill ups for coffee are not common in Germany - you pay for every cup you order! Elizabeth learned this earlier the hard way by paying a small fortune when she explored Munich on her own. I think nothing is wrong with that because nobody offered me anywhere free fill ups for beer. Beer drinkers should not be discriminated.
If you do not speak an German please carry always a dictionary with you, because in these small placed the menus are only written German. I think the electronic dictionaries should be pretty good now.

Tabarz, Thuringia, Germany, tourism, travel guide
The restaurant were we had dinner

Tabarz, Thuringia, Germany, tourism, travel guide
Good wheat beer from Bavaria and coffee

Please be aware that good wheat beer is very often cloudy. That comes from the healthy yeast. Do not complain and if you have it at home, please do not be as foolish as an American colleague who run it through a coffee filter. That is not good for the image of your country!

Tabarz, Thuringia, Germany, tourism, travel guide
Elizabeth is exploring the restaurant

Later I read in a newspaper that one former citizen from Tabarz opened a Thuringian restaurant in Kabul, Afghanistan. It is called the "Deutsche Hof" has a "Maibaum" which I only know from Bavaria, but in the colors red-white and it shows the German flag. An attraction is the beer garden which is probably off limits to all Taliban. The name of this adventurous man is Günter Völker and his favorite place if he come home is the "Felsenthal" where we had dinner.
Visit the web site of the "Deutsche Hof" the web site of Deutscher Hof Kabul
Elizabeth made her first experience with white asparagus many years ago. It was not a good experience because she did not follow my advise to peel it before boiling. After she tasted white asparagus when it was prepared properly she became addicted to it. It was asparagus time in Thuringia and whenever she got a dish with white asparagus she tried it, asparagus cream soup, asparagus salad, raw asparagus (peeled) which nobody knew that this is edible. So she ordered also her an asparagus dish. I had rouladen.

Tabarz, Thuringia, Germany, tourism, travel guide
An asparagus dish

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