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Your Travel Guide for Bavaria - Germany
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Explore the Traunstein Region
Upper Bavaria
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Ensign Traunstein Region

Map of the Traunstein Region:

We visited this region quiet often, especially the area around Lake Chiemsee which is called Chiemgau. We went for swimming at Seon-Seebruck or Chieming and boat rides from Prien.
Everybody who came from Canada wanted to see the castle on the island Herrenchiemsee.
Unfortunately, I never took pictures of these visits. But the Internet will provide many and better information.
We loved to do typical sightseeing tours with lots of short breaks.

Kienberg Mariensäule - many thanks to "Konrad Lackerbeck" and Wikipedia

We loved tiny little Kienberg. We were amazed that there were several museums to visit which show things about the daily life in the past.
Again, we decided to come back but instead we went to Canada.
Marquartstein became immediately another favorite spot for us. We were not the only ones who experienced that. It happened also to famous people many years ago.
We could have stayed here for weeks. Elizabeth stated again to ask me about having a "Kur" which is treatment in a treatment at a health resort, as shown below.
I never had time for that because of work and now it is too late to get this paid by the German health system. - I am now also a Canadian!
So instead of booking a "Kur" we went for a "Brotzeit" which was for me cold cuts with beer and for Elizabeth coffee with some cake.
Marquartstein - many thanks to "Cafezinho" and Wikipedia

Marquartstein "Chiemgauklinik" - many thanks to "StromBer" and Wikipedia

It was must for me to visit with Elizabeth Unterwössen. When I was a little child my parents always visited in summer my grandma who lived in Kolbermoor.
However, we did not spend all the time there. We went also to what was called for a "Sommerfrische" to Unterwössen. We found accommodation in a privately owned pension and the days were filled with all kind of activities.
Naturally, many things have changed since that and I could not recognize the house any longer were we had stayed.
As you can see my parents selected a nice place for their summer break or "Sommerfrische".

Unterwössen - many thanks to "Matthias Schweigl" and Wikipedia

Unterwössen - many thanks to "Ludwig Flug" and Wikipedia

This region is blessed with beautiful nature, attractive villages or small towns and offers all year long activities and things to enjoy.
Just use the links in the scroll down bar to share our experience in Schleching, Reit im Winkl, Ruhpolding and other places.

Innzell Pfarrkirche St. Michael - many thanks to "Hubert Fröhlich" and Wikipedia

Sometimes I almost got the impression that Elizabeth wanted to convert to a catholic because of her interest in all the churches. But she did not.

Kirchanschoering - many thanks to "Anna König" and Wikipedia

Kirchanschoering - many thanks to "Maximilian Eder" and Wikipedia

girl in Tracht
Young lady wearing her "Tracht"
The "Chiemgau" is also very famous for the typical Bavarian outfit, such as "Dirndl", "Lederhosen" and matching accessories. As far as Elizabeth was concerned, it was love at first sight.
People still wear "Tracht" for special events. The "Dirndls" are very feminine, a real head turner. I always promised Elizabeth one and kept that promise after I was called back to Canada.
Today she is singing in a German-Canadian choir and has a two Canadian made dirndls but not a single matching hat. I still do not have "Lederhosen".
If you never gave seen a mammoth you should drive to beautiful Siegsdorf and visit the museum. You will find there one of the largest mammoth skeletons. Enjoy also Siegsdorf!

Visit the Southeast Bavarian Natural History and Mammoth Museum in Siegsdorf - many thanks to "Lou.gruber" and Wikipedia

German people love to hike and so do many Bavarians.
Almost every village has a local walking club. Most having weekly meetings where they socialize and discuss with the help of a few beer and a good meal where to participate. Elizabeth decided that we should join our local club in Zorneding. Thus, we became members of the "Zorneding Wanderergruppe". This was a good decision, since we met many nice people - not only locals, also Brits and Yanks.
One of our walking tours was in the "Chiemgau" and as usual we had a great time.
Being a member of a walking club is not a must. You can roam leisurely through the country side or take advantage of the many walking tours that are offered. Whether you are bird watcher, an amateur botanist or just enjoy the sights and sounds of the forests, mountains or bogs, just ask at any tourist office for further information.
If you have little kids with you, consider the offer "Ferien auf dem Bauernhof". That means vacation on a farm. The prices are very reasonable and it's lots of fun.
Make sure you don't miss also the good local specialties when you have lunch or dinner. Be adventurous and try venison, boar, rabbit and sample locally caught fish. Elizabeth was in her glory when it came to fish, especially boiled trout. Most the time she started her meal with liver dumpling soup, a delicacy not easily found in Canada. I discovered this doesn't tickle the taste buts of most North Americans, but then I goose flesh thinking about certain hamburgers and hot dogs containing growth hormones and the milk from "turbo cows".
If your meal was "too fat", just order a Bavarian "energizer". That could be an "Enzian", a "William Christ Schnaps" (Schnaps is not sweet!), a Kirschwasser, a Himbeergeist, a Fernet Branca (from Italy) or anything in that direction. Works much better than pills!
Please do not drive, if you already had a beer and an "energizer". Drinking and driving is not tolerated and you should have a safe vacation.

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