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Your Travel Guide for Bavaria - Germany
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Explore the Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen Region
Upper Bavaria
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Bavaria, tourism, travel guide

Civic arms Bad Tölz - Wolfratshausen region

Map of the Bad Tölz - Wolfratshausen Region:

This region is also called the "Isarwinkel" and is very close to where we lived. This was one of my favorite places to visit and we enjoyed every minute of each hour spent there.
Whether strolling along the Isar where the mouth watering scents from the many barbecues wafted around us or just enjoying an ice cold beer or a "Radler" in one of the many colorful and usually crowded beer gardens - we always had a good time.
While I normally ordered a "Maß" (which is one liter or less if you deduct the head or foam) of beer, Lizzy enjoyed her "Radler" which is half beer, half lemonade or mineral water.

"Steckerlfisch" means fish on a stick, a real Bavarian delicacy
You have normally always to buy a "Maß" of each beverage. For that reason many hikers or bikers (Bicycles are the customers or a "Maß" is shared.
My wife's first experience with beer garden food was not pleasant at the beginning. In fact, all the color drained from her well tanned face. But being the adventurous type, she sampled "Steckerlfisch" which is flame broiled mackerel, head , tail and all. When it has been thoroughly cooked it is wrapped in paper and ready to be served and eaten.
Now the part that maybe a bit squeamish. The skewers used for roasting enters the mouth and I will leave it up to your imagination where the point of exit is. But after her first taste that did it. Now on return to any beer garden, the first thing she orders is "Fish on a Stick". I think they salted, so more libation is consumed. I know now that I have a "Steckerlfisch" addict in the family.

One of the draw backs when traveling on the main high ways was the many traffic jams which resulted in terrible Diesel fumes and headaches which Lizzy had frequently. For this reason, we always tried to side track the major roads ways and stick to the less traveled winding country roads.
If the weather was not beer garden favorable, we made a "Brotzeit" which is a small, convenient meal that can be enjoyed at any time.

This "Brotzeit" should be ordered before noon according to Bavarian customs

"Weißwürste" (white sausages) though not only a specialty in the Munich area are typical throughout of all Bavaria. We even found good quality ones in Canada.
Please, I implore you don't ask for ketchup or gravy for them. Sweet mustard is the typical condiment for them. If sweet mustard isn't one of your favorites, they can be eaten plain with a pretzel or a "Semmel" which is a tasteful roll. My favorite term for a North American roll is a "shock absorber roll".
"Weißbier" and "Weißwüstl" are a good combination. White sausages are ordered by piece only.
You will find lots of traditional events in this region. Please ask any tourist office in Wolfratshausen, Bad Tölz or any other village. Use your video camera. We did so, but unfortunately everything is in PAL format which we can't use here.
Wolfratshausen is the starting point for the well know "Floßfahrten" (rafting) down the river Isar. You will find more information in our page about Wolfratshausen.

I came a few minutes too late! This is the starting point!

If you want to see an event which shows you how Bavarians celebrate a winter carnival, go to Gaiaßach close to Bad Tölz.
It is an "international" sled race with lots of fun. Replicas of wooden sleds as they were used in earlier days for transport are used and as far as I know only local people are allowed to participate - spectators can come from all over the world. Many drivers are in funny costumes.
I think I would need a few cups of hot "Jagertee" which is a mixture of alcohol with a small shot of tea. It tasted delicious, but I think after one cup you would loose your drivers license.
"Gaißacher Schnablerrennen" - another event

A big jump is the highlight - many thanks for this picture to the "BR"

Whether you take pictures of crazy this sled race, of a religious procession or a traditional event it will be something to remember your vacations in Bavaria.

Many thanks for some pictures to the Tourist Board of Bavaria and involved communities
Let's Go to Bavaria

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