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Your Travel Guide for Bavaria - Germany
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The Munich Region
Upper Bavaria
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ensign Munich region

Map of the Munich Region:

Munich is not just Munich the city. It also includes a country side with a total population of approximately 280,000. That makes it to the most populated district of Bavaria.
Elizabeth and I spent much of our leisure here and she was always amazed with the variety of things to do to occupy ones time. We walked through forests and picked wild berries and when very fortunate mushrooms. She was especially proud of finding a very large red and white polka dot toadstool. She said the only time she ever has seen one was in a child's book of Brother's Grimm nursery rhymes. I didn't think anything of it because it was common place to me, having grown up in Germany.
We went swimming in little lakes or ponds as she called them.

The Feringa See

Naturally, you can not compare these "ponds" with the great lakes, but whenever, the weather was nice and we only had a few hours to spend, we enjoyed it here very much. (after we found a parking spot!)
Most of these lakes have a restaurant on its promises and clean public washrooms. Many of the lakes have an area that is more or less assigned to nudists. Nobody pays any attention if a girl is topless. We also did not experience the extensive use of ghetto blasters. Most people are at the beach to relax and enjoy an atmosphere free from excessive noise.
Walking and biking are very popular in Germany. Bavaria and the Munich area are no exception. Elizabeth loved to walk and I had no other choice than to accompany her under duress.
Besides the forest around the village where we lived, the "Isarauen" were one of her favorites. The "Isarauen" are the in the valley of Munich's river, the Isar. It seems you can walk or bike forever.

This picture shows a part of the "Isarauen". Used with the friendly permission of the "Landkreis"

On the river Isar

We went in typical Bavarian and also in excellent ethnic restaurants. Elizabeth tried her first fried carp here. She did not know that this fish is considered a delicacy in many countries. It became another of her favorites.
I can see a market niche for carp in Canada. I believe the Chinese, the Jewish and immigrated Europeans would purchase it in the larger cities. I recommended to a friend to convert the ponds on his property to carp farms - but so far nothing happened!
The number and variety of beer gardens surprised her. These are a popular meeting place for people from all over the world.
She always enjoyed the chance to use her own mother tongue.
Each community that we visited had something special to offer and somewhere we always found a chance to participate in a local event with the villagers.

Locals erecting and celebrating a "Maibaum"

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