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Explore the Miesbach Region
Upper Bavaria
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ensign Miesbach Region

Map of the Miesbach Region:

One of my favorite regions for short motorcycle day trips was the region of Miesbach in Upper Bavaria.
Naturally I did my many journeys not only on the main highways but also on winding picturesque country roads.
This enabled me to not only avoid heavy traffic, but also guided me to the most interesting and exciting out-of-the-way little places.
I had not any longer a bike when we returned to Germany. So we did the same by car.

Close to the Autobahn but hidden

Most the time we passed through Holzkirchen. The landmark is the catholic church "St. Laurentius" with it's tower which greeted us when we approached the town.
Holzkirchen is a busy place. Many companies have settled there and it is well connected through the public transportation system with Munich. This is an advantage when you stay here and hesitate to drive with your rental car to Munich.

Holzkirchen "St. Laurentius" - many thanks to "Rufus46" and Wikipedia
Holzkirchen "St. Laurentius" - many thanks to "Rufus46" and Wikipedia

Holzkirchen market place - many thanks to "Rufus46" and Wikipedia

Elizabeth always wanted to visit "her" mountains and the lakes.
Gmund a village an the banks of the "Tegernsee" always made us to stop. It can be traced back to the year 1075. Things like this impressed always Elizabeth.

Gmund am Tegernsee - many thanks to "Kassandro" and Wikipedia

Gmund "Rathaus" (city hall - not rat house!) - many thanks to "Furukama" and Wikipedia

Gmund "St Aegidius" - many thanks to "Rufus46" and Wikipedia
We were traveling in a cheap "compact" car which I brought back from Canada. It was a Dodge Aries. In Germany it was considered as a mid size car.
Most the time we had a line up behind us because it was not built for the winding roads and for the hills and mountains. The brakes needed after almost every trip a service which Chrysler dealers did not provide so I had to go to Opel (GM).
I had almost forgotten the exact directions to a place which Id visited years ago with my bike.
But when we were in the "Warngau" area my memories came back and we took a side road to Taubenberg - it was a dirt road - and we drove through forest, up a mountain where we found a little restaurant which offered only a few but excellent prepared dishes.
This was the place were Elizabeth became addicted to "Käsesahnetorte" (cream cheese tart). The English translation is misleading because cream cheese is not used but quark, which is rarely offered for a ridiculous price in North America.

Our "secret" place,. Major renovations have taken place in the meantime!

We met really nice people at this "secret" place. After the meal, we always had to walk for quiet a wile, hoping to burn off the calories.
Before leaving, we always made sure that we have purchased a good supply of the home made "Käsesahnetorte". The supply never lasted very long!
Usually, we were always one piece short before we arrived home - as I said this became one of Elizabeth's favorites.

The area between Schliersee, Fischbachau and Bayrischzell is called the Vacation Triangle. ("Urlaubsdreieck")
This countryside is a chosen destination by many people from all over Europe.
So do many people from Munich. They spend either a day, a long weekend or their entire vacation here.
It only took us an hour to travel from our home to this scenic part of Upper Bavaria. So did we. We leisurely drove through the valley of the Leitzach, a creek with fast-running, clean, clean water. We occasionally stopped, walked around, picked wild berries and listened to the songs of the many birds.
If you are interested in learning para gliding - just ask in any tourist office. However, you only can watch the dare devils. I never heard that you can rent a para glider.

picture paragliding lesson
Training close to Tegernsee
Elizabeth needed a "coffee" break

I apologize for the poor quality of some of my older pictures. We had a break in and many good ones were lost with the computer.

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