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Travel guide for Thuringia, Germany

This travel guide was prepared by:
Helmut Ebert, international trading company
136 West Main Street | Welland Ontario Canada L3C 5A2
Phone. 905-788-3577
I have severe hearing problems - please contact me by e-mail

German flag
Thuringia, Germany
Accommodations with restaurant
flag Thuringia, travel guide for Thuringia, tourism, Germany

Restaurant & accommodation (Gasthaus & Pension)
"Zur Grünen Aue"
Reurieth - Siegritz, Thuringia

Opening Time:
Year round


Gasthaus & Pension "Zur Grünen Aue"
Dorfstr. 14
98646 Reurieth/Siegritz
Phone:++ 49 36873 207 63
Fax:++ 49 36873 207 6
E-Mail: NA
Contact: Irina Treybig, Owner

Languages: German

Grüne Aue, Siegritz, Thuringia, Germany, guest house, restaurant, accommodation
We are located in the Hildburghausen Region of Southern Thuringia

Grüne Aue, Siegritz, Thuringia, Germany, guest house, restaurant, accommodation
You pay much less money in a place like this

Grüne Aue, Siegritz, Thuringia, Germany, guest house, restaurant, accommodation
Get pampered with a real continental breakfast

Grüne Aue, Siegritz, Thuringia, Germany, guest house, restaurant, accommodation

Grüne Aue, Siegritz, Thuringia, Germany, guest house, restaurant, accommodation

Brief Description:

This description is based on our last visit several years ago. I am sure that in the meantime certain thins have been changes or improved. One example could be the shown TV.

If you are looking for excellent value for your money when looking for an accommodation with a restaurant - the "Grüne Aue" is the right place in the Hildburghausen area.

• Good Thuringian home cooked meals every day
• Specialities on Sundays or when pre ordered
• Two clean guest rooms for double occupancy with en suite bathrooms, TV and VCR
• Excellent starting point for hiking tours, for sightseeing of many attractions and visiting state-of-the art spas
• Wood fired "Kachelofen" provides cozy atmosphere in winter

Rooms and Prices:

This information is supplied without liability and certainly outdated (prepared after our last trip to Thuringia).
Please be aware that all posted prices in Germany contain the VAT (value added tax).

Name of Room
Price per night
German double bed, double occupation
En suite
German double bed, single occupation
En suite

Terms of business:
All applicable taxes are included
Breakfast included
Discount of €3.00 without breakfast
Discount for stays over 3 days
We accept: Cash only
No wheel chair access.

House Rules:

No excessive noise
Smoking in room - please ask!

Wheel chair access - please ask!

Ballonfahrt mit dem Ballonsportclub Hildburghausen Juli 2017

Impressions of the Hildburghausen Region in Thuringia, tourism

Thuringia, wining and dining - a guide

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The Bertholdsburg in Schleusingen host an interesting museum, Thuringia

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