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Your Travel Guide for Bavaria - Germany
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Explore Upper Bavaria
Germany, Tourism, Travel Guide
Bavaria, tourism, travel guide

Regions  of Upper Bavaria:

This is a travel guide through all regions of beautiful Upper Bavaria. Especially this part of Bavaria is used by most media to create the image of this state and its people.
You certainly have heard about the capital München or Munich and the world famous Oktoberfest which is copied more or less successfully all over the world. I only wish that the initiators of these Oktoberfests would pay their staff to take a business trip to München to experience the real thing and learn from it.
You also have seen pictures from Neu-Schwanstein (which is located in Swabia) the castle of King Ludwig. But did you know that there are still fan clubs of this king? You also know that parts of the Alps are in Bavaria. You will find them right here in Oberbayern. Lederhosen, Dirndl and yodeling are also typical for this region of Bavaria.
We will show you all this, but we will also guide you to little villages and towns. Join us to visit typical Bavarian restaurants and see what they offer on their menu.

Elizabeth came to Germany without any real knowledge. She was surprised that many things were completely different to that what she has seen in Canada on TV or read in books.
We lived in Zorneding close to Munich in Upper Bavaria.
She did not have any knowledge of the German language and Bavarians speak different dialects which did not make it easier for her.
Elizabeth with a Bavarian performer at a local beer fest in Zorneding

Meeting many of my friends and socializing helped her very fast to learn the essentials. A great help, was that Elizabeth is not shy and everybody joked with her and was patient teaching her Bavarian - even the kids.
She even got a work permit and took care of terminal ill people for the "Nachbarschaftshilfe" (neighborhood help).
I was one of the few people around her who spoke English. Soon we got married in Germany and her dad visited us also.
Elizabeth was a great help to prepare this Internet travel guide because she opened my eyes to many things which i took for granted and which she enjoyed. I also became aware of things which were some kind of culture shock for here. But I experienced similar things when I was sent from a German company to Ontario on a temporary assignment.
All this helps me to give you advise and tips how you can save money, what you should not miss to see or do and also things which are completely different at least to North America. This should help to avoid frustration and to enjoy tour vacation much more.

picture typical Upper Bavarian house
One of Elizabeth's dream houses
Elizabeth was always impressed by the typical Bavarian houses with balconies and lots of flowers.
I stopped to provide links to interesting English sites for interesting attractions etc. because the addresses changes continuously and I am not any longer willing to fix those things.
In the case that we missed something or made mistakes (I am sure we did), please contact us by E-Mail E-Mail.

To update my travel guide for Bavaria was for many years on my list. However, after loosing almost all newer pictures when my computer was stolen during a break-in delayed everything.
So I worked on another project - a travel guide for Thuringia.
Now I decided to use all the great work of people who allowed Wikipedia to use their images and videos from You Tube.
I understand that you may not be interested in everything that we describe and that you may disagree with certain statements, customs and different lifestyle. It is not our intention to cause any hard feelings, but we want to show you many sides of this great country and we want to help you have a good time. The final decision what you want to see or do is up to you.
Every district of Bavaria is divided in regions (Landkeise). Each region has the authority to issue the license plates for the motorized vehicles of the people that live there. Defined abbreviations are used for identification. This allows everybody to easily find out where the car comes from.
Elizabeth just told me that I forgot to mention the Wolperdinger, an animal rarely found in zoological publications.
These stuffed creatures are on display in trophy cases in some typical Bavarian restaurants. She was shown a brochure about this rare animal that resides mainly in upper and lower Bavaria. However, I heard reports that Wolperdinger have now been seen also in other countries, far away as Russia and Australia.
In order to survive, the Wolperdinger has adopted itself over the years to many environments.
Many thanks to Wolfgang Poller a taxidermist who has sent me the following pictures of one Wolperdinger. Maybe you are interested to visit his shop to get one of the most unique souvenirs of Bavaria. Please do not forget to clarify export because the Wolperdinger may be considered as an endangered species.

This view shows nicely some of the typical features of a Wolperdinger, such as duck like feet, the wings, the fangs and the antlers.
In this view you can see the bushy tail and the front paws.

I recommend you visit bookstores in Bavaria for available literature about Wolperdinger. You will be pleasantly surprised with the variety of the animals which belong to the Wolperdinger family. There are Wolperdinger which can only run, and jump, others can also fly or live in the water. Believe it or not, one family is equipped with horns and hooves.
Truly a sight to be hold is the Bavarian Wolperdinger.
Common to all Wolperdinger is their extreme shyness. You will need the services of an experienced guide or tracker to locate these illusive creature. When visiting a typical Bavarian restaurant and enjoying a few "Maß" (one liter stein) of beer with the locals, ask your friendly waitress about a Wolperdinger hunt - the ultimate experience of your life, comparable to any big game safari in Africa.
An important note for environmentalists: even so the Wolperdinger is very rare, as long as there is Bavaria and Bavarian culture the Wolperdinger will never face extinction. They will always exist, changing their appearance helps.
If this is too much hassle, visit the "Deutsches Jagd- und Fischereimuseum" (German hunting and fishing museum) in München (Munich). You will find some Wolperdinger on display. Good luck, enjoy and have fun!

A really old house in Bruckmühl - many thanks to Späth Chr. and Wikipedia

I had fun traveling with Elizabeth. She pointed out things which were so common to me that I has not paid any attention to them any longer. I had to stop that she could talk to animals. On our way to the mountains we passed always a farm and I think the cows already recognized her.
She was an eye opener for me.
We visited Kolbermoor where I spent vacations with my parents. My grandmother lived here. But I did not recognize too much any more.

Kolbermoor - many thanks to Tahoua and Wikipedia

Wasserburg - many thanks to waterborough and Wikipedia

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