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Your Travel Guide for Bavaria - Germany
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German flag, tourist guide for Thuringia, Germany, tourism
Visit and explore Bavaria
Tourism, Travel Guide
Grüß Gott!

Bavaria, tourism, travel guide

That is how you are normally greeted in Bavaria. The meaning can be translated as "God bless you".

Bavaria is on of the major destination of many visitors from all over the world.
In our Internet travel guide we want to familiarize you with this beautiful German state and some of its customs.
If feasible, we want to add the still missing part "Franconia".

Map with major cities:

We will always use the original names of the cities with the English ones in brackets. These are the names used by the German people and you will find them on street signs and in German maps. You should also use them when you ask for directions.

The districts of Bavaria:

Map Bavaria districts

You will find a difference in architecture, dialect, lifestyle, attitude, food, customs and many other details in these districts Regierungsbezirke).
Each district has various regions (Landkreise) with its own administration.
Our tourist guide will follow this structure.

Population of Bavaria:
Approximately 12.5 million

Approximately 56% Catholic
Approximately 21% Lutheran
Others - remaining

Major cities: (population according to Wikipedia)
Population 1,330 440
Population 503 673
Population 263 646
Population 134 218
Population 133 195
Population 124 387
Population 114 044
Population 105 554
Land Area:
70,554 square km or 27,240 sq. miles
Approximately 12 520 000

The "Landtagsgebäude" (Bavarian state parliament building) in München (Munich)
many thanks to "Thommess" and Wikipedia

München (Munich) - many thanks to "Diliff" and Wikipedia

Regensburg - many thanks to "HH58" and Wikipedia

Augsburg Rathaus (city hall) - many thanks to "Sven Jansen" and Wikipedia

Bayreuth - many thanks to "Rico Neitzel" and Wikipedia

Passau Stephansdom (cathedral) - many thanks to "Aconcagua" and Wikipedia

Nürnberg (Nuremberg) - many thanks to "Manfred Braun" and Wikipedia
Landshut - many thanks to "Christian Duscha" and Wikipedia

Bavaria is filled with excitement. You have the famous Alps, clean lakes and historical cities. There are many scenic and interesting places to visit where you can rub shoulders or share a beer or coffee with the locals. Festivities are ongoing the year round. Even the smallest villages find always a reason to celebrate something. Friendly guests are always welcome to share in the fun - just join in.
The media has given certain images of the typical Bavarian, but don't be fooled.
All Bavarians are not fat, wear Lederhosen or a Dirndl (folk dress) and do nothing besides drinking beer and listening to Um -papa music.
Bavaria is also not only an agricultural country, it hosts a variety of high tech industry. Many world famous companies are located in Bavaria.
Bavaria does a lot to keep the leadership in technology and at the same time the country clean and preventing environmental damage. Naturally, they cannot block air pollution coming across the border. They talk to their neighbors and because of good relations, they are solving problems together.
We will try to guide you through this beautiful country and show you what you will miss if you do not come.
There is something to see and to do for everybody, whether you are interested in sightseeing, mountain climbing, skiing, Bavarian food, beer, wine tasting, folklore, sailing, paragliding, parachute jumping, art, great music, opera, operetta, night life, running the Autobahn or just having fun and an adventure.
We will give you many suggestions what to do and also advise what not to do. Just come, be open minded and don't rush. Enjoy a few hours in a beer garden. Try the specialities.
Please plan some time to explore Bavaria. You cannot do it in three days. There is al kind of accommodation available - from International hotels to pensions ( B & B)

About the Bavarians:

Most Bavarians are very proud of their country, their heritage, their culture and what they have achieved. The typical Bavarian does not like people who claim to know everything better or look down to them.
Bavarians are also known for not liking "Prussians". But that is not really serious it is more a special joke and the "Prussians" do the same to the Bavarians.
A "Prussian" must not necessarily come from Prussia. In certain southern areas of Bavaria even Bavarians from the northern part are considered to be "Prussians", so are Japanese people, Americans, Canadians, anybody can get this title. We never did and Elizabeth, my wife was branded the Bavarian name "Liesl" and everybody was always showing her something new. But about that later. If you want to find out more about our adventures, please read our guide!
It is very easy not be a "Prussian". Just don't act arrogant, avoid giving the impression of knowing everything when you do not have a glue. Simple: do not talk faster than you can think and don't tell them that at home everything is better, cheaper, greater etc., etc., etc.
Don't give the impression that you want to use your traveler checks or your VISA card to purchase a five hundred year old fountain in order to put it in your backyard. Some tourists were discussing this in Nürnberg at the Christkindelmarkt.
Please also accept that you may not be able to see all the TV shows that you are used to watching at home and that violence on TV is not as popular as in some other countries. Please be aware that German is spoken in Germany. Mickey Mouse speaking in German is an unforgettable experience.
Please also avoid unnecessary noise. Talk normal to each other without yelling and screaming.
Instruct your kids to exhibit good manners during dinner and lunch and everybody will love them.
Many different dialects are spoken in Bavaria.

Four "tribes" form Bavaria:
The "Altbayern" (old Bavarians); They live in the south-eastern part of the country, roughly in the area from Garmisch-Partenkirchen, München (Munich), Regensburg, Weiden.
The Schwaben (Swabians): They live in the south-western part of the country, the area around Neu-Ulm, Augsburg, Kempten.
The Franken (Franconians): They live in the northern and the north-western part of the country. This is the area around Cobourg, Bayreuth, Nürnberg (Nuremberg), Ansbach.
Refuges from the Sudetenland: They came after the end of World War II. You will find them across the whole country.

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Werben Sie in unseren Seiten! Gut für Fluggesellschaften, Reiseversicherungen, Banken, Reisebüros! Leider gingen fast alle unserer eigenen Bilder von Bayern bei einem Einbruch verloren! Wir sind eine kanadische Firma.

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