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Thuringia tourist destination in Germany

A sightseeing tour through Arnstadt, Thuringia
Pictures and information provided by Casey Mundy

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A few days ago I received the following e-mail:

Hello! My name is Casey Mundy and I am Canadian university graduate completing an internship at a tourism information center in Arnstadt, Germany. This beautiful town (25 000 residents) is home to Bach Church which is where Johann Sebastian Bach was organist from 1703-1707. Arnstadt also boasts the title of being the oldest town in´Thuringia. This being the case, this town hosts a week long Bach festival every March. We are looking to increase tourism to this historic and culturally significant region, and are especially looking to capture the interest of English speaking citizens. If you are interested in getting more information which you could potentially pass on please respond ASAP!

Thank you for your time

Best regards, Casey Mundy

I was very pleased with this approach by a young Canadian lady and answered immediately. So did Casey!

Hello Helmut,
Thank you very much for the quick reply !
Thuringia is absolutely beautiful, every little village i have visited has so much character and history, it would definitely be an attraction for Canadians and Americans. We would love for you to include information about Arnstadt and more specifically about Bachfest in your web site :)
I speak very little German, however; my colleague here at the tourism information center is fluent. For more information about Arnstadt go to: and for questions in German email:
I am going on a guided tour of Arnstadt tomorrow and so i can take a lot of pictures and send them to you! Anything specific you want pictures of (more scenic or would you prefer more buildings?)?
I thought your web site was easy to use and informative but i thought it could have been more exciting visually. (perhaps more pictures or bigger font?)

THANKS for your time!!!!


I down sized Casey's pictures but I did not do any other changes to them. I also used Casey's original text with minor changes to those images. I believe her work is very beneficial to our travel or tourist guide. Now enjoy!

Arnstadt, Thuringia, travel guide

Arnstadt, Thuringia, travel guide

These pictures depicts the statue of young Bach which is displayed in the heart of the town marketplace. The marketplace is shaped as a triangle, as opposed to the more traditional square format found in most towns dating back as far as Arnstadt does.

Arnstadt, guided tour, tourism, travel
A side view of the infamous Bach Church.

Arnstadt, Thuringia, travel guide, tourism
This and the following two pictures are an inside look at the actual church where Johann Sebastian Bach was the organist.

Arnstadt travel, tourism

Arnstadt, Thuringia, travel guide

Arnstadt, Thuringia, travel guide

Arnstadt, Thuringia, travel guide

Above two pictures and the following one are an outside view of the Bach church, located diagonally across from the marketplace.

A statue of Neptune, the Roman God of water

A statue of Neptune, the Roman God of water

One of the original castle towers which is situated beside miniature representations of Arnstadt's most notable buildings. These tiny replicas of all of Arnstadt's most famous buildings are extremely accurate and a must-see!

Watch the video: Impressions of the Ilmkreis Ilm Region), Thuringia, Thüringen

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