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Visit and explore Tobermory and surroundings
Tourism Region:
"Bruce Peninsula, Southern Georgian Bay & Lake Simcoe"
Canada, Ontario, Tourism, Travel Guide

Tobermory, Canada, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
Tobermory and surroundings - many thanks to MapArt

Tobermory in the tourism region: Bruce Peninsula, Southern Georgian Bay and Lake Simcoe

Tobermory is located on the northern tip of the Bruce Peninsula and at the end of the famous "Bruce Trail", starting from the Niagara Peninsula.
My first major trip in Canada was with a German colleague. We went to Manitoulin Island crossing Lake Huron at Tobermory with the ferry "Chi-Cheemaun", which means big canoe,.
Unfortunately, we did not have time to explore Tobermory on this trip. At that time we had no idea what we missed.
For many other visitors Tobermory is the starting point for exploring the surroundings - preferable round trips by boat.
Ther are many interesting places for diving and sightseeing.
We used the yellow truck which you see below for our trip to Manitoulin Island. Sorry for the poor picture - it was taken a long time ago..

Tobermory, Canada, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
On our way to "Manitoulin Island"

We made the decision to do this trip only one day earlier and did not book a reservations for the ferry. So we had to wait im Tobermory over night for the next tour of the "Chi-Cheemaun". We were not allowed to leave the parking lot. and had to sleep in the truck.
For that reason we were not able to see much of the attractions which Tobermory offers . The trip with the ferry was very enjoyable.
For our way back we traveled on the roads to see more of the county side.

Tobermory, Canada, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
Die Fähre "MS Chi-Cheemaun" in Tobermory
Many thanks to "The Canadian Roadgeek" and Wikipedia

Tobermory, Canada, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
Tobermory am Abend - vielen Dank an Elisachang und Wikipedia

Tobermory and its surroundings are worth to spend the whole vacations there. So many attractions and so much to do.
If we learn scuba diving we would join a guided tour to visit some of the shipwrecks. But Elizabeth would need a wet suit to keep her warm.
Elizabeth, my wife, could finally improve her skills in sea kayaking. I had a wooden kayak as a teenager which required good skills - the new plastic kayaks are much heavier and there is no comparison to my old one. However, the new generation seems to be much safer for a not so experienced paddlers.

Tobermory, Canada, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
The "Grotto" im "Bruce Peninsula National Park" - many thanks to "Brucegirl" and Wikipedia

Elizabeth, my wife, loves northern Ontario as I do. We both want to come back and spend some time in Tobermory
I do not know why this rock has an Italian name. When I see young girls jump into the lake from him, I feel like being in Jamaica, where they did that too. These girls wer also very pretty but the water was salty and warmer.

Tobermory, Canada, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
"Flowerpot Island" in the "Fathom Five National Marine Park"
Many thanks to "Pyzote" and Wikipedia

You see the water is really crystal clear!
I like being on and in the water. Running and hiking, however, are not my strength any longer. Even adventourious Elizabeth has now problems after some sereious surgeries. She di all the walking tours in Newfoundland and Labrador as well as in Thuringia.
She always came back with interesting impressions and many good pictures. Many websites are based on Elizabeth's contribution.
Tobermory is only a summer destination for us. It is a fairly small place but offers accommodation and restaurants. In winter, everything seems to be closed and largely dead.
There is a plethora of offers in which we are interested. This includes a tour with a boat that has a glass bottom - that was also available in Jamaica. Free diving is something that I would like to try again. I always enjoyed that. I even could taake picturews or videos under water!
We will be happy to visit the two "National Parks" at Tobermory. We have never been disappointed. These are: the "Bruce Peninsula National Park" and the "Fathom Five National Marine Park".
Much visited is also the "Flowerpot Iceland". Of course, not to win there flower pots, but to visit strange rock formations, which remind of flower vases.

Tobermory, Canada, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
A paradise for divers

Please do not make the same mistake we made and travel without booking accommodation. This can spoil the whole holiday mood! luckily we had a small tent with us.

Hidden Secrets & Best Places in Tobermory, Ontario (Canada)

Tobermory, Bruce Peninsula | Ontario, Canada (GoPro Edit 1080p)

The Grotto - On the Bruce Trail near Tobermory


Tobermory Ontario Canada

Freediving around the Grotto in Tobermory

Celebrating Bruce Peninsula National Park

A tour of the flowerpots, Fathom Five National Marine Park, Georgian Bay

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Impressions of the northern part of Ontario, tourism, travel guide

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