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The Siege of Fort Erie
The British are attacking the fort
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Both parties were ready at 8:00 pm for the battle. The fighters took in positions. British troupes in their colorful uniforms were marching into the battle field accompanied by drummers. The "Canadians" in different uniforms were ready for the attack same as some natives.
Cannons were manned. It was a really impressive force which was ready to take back the fort.
The fort was manned by the "Americans".
The British Army was very professional. In order join her a minimum age of 18 years was required. The only exception were the drummer boys which could be as young as 9 years. I was surprised to learn that they were better paid than their fighting fathers.
Both sides used drums and pipes to submit orders to the combatants. These signals could be clearly heard despite of the noise of the battle.
The "Americans" defended themselves with some troupes outside of the fort. They were allowed to lay down when firing their rifles. Soon they withdrew behind the protecting walls of the fort.
Please try to be close to one of the loud speakers. Very helpful comments and background information are provided.

Siege of Fort Erie, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
Getting the canons ready

Siege of Fort Erie, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
Occasionally the battle scene was covered in smoke

After a short time the artillery of the "British" started firing and the smoke over the battle became really dense. You could also smell it.
Don't be surprised to see some of the soldiers wearing straw hats. They were used by the "Canadians".

Siege of Fort Erie, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
The "British" and their allies are advancing

Siege of Fort Erie, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
Music was plaid continuously to keep them going even when many were killed

The "British" and their allies kept on attacking the fort despite their losses.
The cannons kept firing at the fort. Naturally the "American" defenders returned the fire as I could see by heavy explosions between the attackers. They continuously had losses - but still they did not give up.
Sometimes the battle field was covered in dense smoke and I could not see anything. I smelled the gun powder and the signals from the drummers became sometimes weaker.
But I also could hear yelling and screaming from the fighters.
The attackers still marched very disciplined upright against the fort. Naturally this bravery increased their losses, but the music kept playing to cheer the survivors up.
The defenders had a big advantage. They were protected by the walls of the fort.

Siege of Fort Erie, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
Did the music make dying easier?

Siege of Fort Erie, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
The battle looked real to me

Earsplitting noise and flashes from the fired muskets and cannons gave me the feeling of being at a real battle.
"Killed or injured" attackers went down and others combatants took there former place.
I learned that a well trained gunner should be able to fire every 14 seconds a bullet. However the accuracy, especially of the muskets, was another matter. But still the battles at this time were also very bloody and the medical treatment was very rough when available at all.

Siege of Fort Erie, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
Nobody took care of the injured

Nothing stopped the attackers and the situation for the defenders became more critical every minute.
The first "British" put ladders against the walls of the fort and began entering it. In real attacks there were always volunteers to do things like that and the survival rate was only about 10%. I assume that these got a bonus for their bravery.
I could not see what was going on in the fort but more and more troops disappeared behind the walls and the "Americans" obviously were going to be defeated - but they still fired back from their defending positions.

Siege of Fort Erie, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
A hit by the "British"?

Suddenly a big explosion in the fort. What happened? Did the "British" fire by accident on their own troupes or did they hit the powder magazine?
No! We learned soon that the "Americans" had prepared a deadly booby trap which killed and wounded hundreds of the attackers and naturally also some defenders in the fort.
That is what had happened at the real event during the war of 1812.
Because of the heavy losses the "British" retreated and the re-enactment of this even which took place in 1814 ended.
Don't miss to participate in a tour through "Old Fort Erie" immediately after the battle. You can see how wounded soldiers were treated, and much, much more.
Following the real battle the Americans achieved some more victories, but for the price of high losses.
They retreated back after the British landed on the east coast of the US to fight them there.

Our video shows most of it. It is one of our first ones and I am aware of certain flaws which will help me to improve the quality in future.

Siege of Fort Erie, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
The ladies are allowed to look after the wounded and the dead after the battle was lost

Our video shows most of it. It is one of our first ones and I am aware of certain flaws which will help me to improve the quality in future.

The siege of Fort Erie, many thanks to all the participants and the organizers, tourism, travel guide

Once upon a time Fort Erie was host to many exciting events such as "Edinburgh 1745", the battle of the Jakobites against the English.

Fort Erie, impression, tourism, travel guide

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