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Vacation in a cottage - important to know
Tourism, Ontario, Travel Guide

Vacation in a cottage - what to expect
Tourism, Ontario, Travel Guide

Lake Nipissing and surroundings

cottage, vacations, Ontario, tourism, travel guider
Mooring for boats

When you visit Canada and Ontario you should consider to stay for a certain time in a cottage. It is a good way to learn more about our life style and our beautiful nature. We will show you what toe expect.
Naturally, there are differences between the various cottage resorts. Some have a restaurant, others not. The cottages may be differently equipped, some are more suitable for handicapped people than others and naturally prices and location must be compared. This applies also to hotels.
Cottages are in demand. You must do your booking in time.
Even we did that and I hate planning vacations. I want to be free and do not want to commit myself to schedules.
Most of our cottage vacations we enjoyed in the "Rockview Camp" on Lake Nipissing. We have been there in late summer and in winter for ice fishing.
The camp is located close to Callander in the former tourist region "Near North".
Compared to a hotel, a motel or a bed and breakfast, a holiday home in nature offers numerous advantages.
We know people who are coming for years to the same place. We were one of those until we had other priorities.

Advantages of vacations in a cottage:

adavantage cottage
If you have children with you it is much more relaxing and you should save money, because most cottages have several bedrooms and a fully equipped kitchen as well as an outdoor barbecue and very often also a playground for the kids.
adavantage cottage
Cottages are offered in different price classes and with different amenities. Some cottages are even equipped with a dish washer. It is up to you what you select!
adavantage cottage
Normally, cottages are always located in places which are surrounded by unspoiled nature with direct access to a lake, hiking trails or other natural attractions.
adavantage cottage
You can book cottages with several bedrooms. That allows you to bring your children to bed and do something without disturbing them.
adavantage cottage
If you want, you can find easily contact to your neighbors. It is always nice to talk to friendly people and share ideas and listen to the experience they made when traveling.
adavantage cottage
We always liked to stay longer on a place. Especially in a cottage which became soon a second home for us. We learned very much about the surrounding area during our trips and little events made this time always unforgettable. Listen to the advice from local people!

Please be aware that you cannot just come to Ontario, start traveling and expect to find a cottage.
Cottages are very much in demand in the high season and most of them will be booked out. Very often you must stay at least for one week and you have to say how many people will come. Normally, the amount of guests is restricted for each cottage.
Check the Internet or ask for written information if you see interesting ads.
Define what is important to you and compare carefully. Do you want to rent a boat? Wheel chair accessible? Do they have a restaurant? This helps to avoid disappointment.
When booking you must pay a certain reservation fee, similar to hotels and other accommodations. Find out what is refundable if you cannot come.
Check the rules which you have to follow, such as no pets, smoking restrictions etc.

cottage, vacations, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
A nice view is mostly included

cottage, vacations, Ontario, tourism, travel guide

Very important for visitors from overseas is what you have to bring with you.
Certainly a cottage resort which asks that you bring your own pillows and bed sheets is of no interest to you.
To bring your own towels is almost always requested. Nothing is wrong to buy a few good cotton towels which you can take home. They will bring memories back! But pillows and bed sheets are too much when you come from far away.
Many camps will provide facilities with a washing machine. Otherwise ask for the nearest Laundromat.
Just after I arrived in Canada from Germany this was my first meeting point with local people. They showed me how to use the machines.

cottage, vacations, Ontario, tourism, travel guider
One time, Elizabeth's parents came here with us

cottage, vacations, Ontario, tourism, travel guider

cottage, vacations, Ontario, tourism, travel guider

One of the sunsets

When did you watch the last time a sunrise or a sunset?
We had to come to this camp to see at least beautiful sunsets.
The sunrises we missed, because we slept so well. No thundering trucks or roaring motor bikes and the chipmunks had not yet figured out, how to wake us up. Our cats know how to do that!
We were one of his first customers in this resort and received always a special treatment.
We have been in an other nice cottage resort before but that was sold and we found Rockview Camp. Now this gas changed hands too!
We would love to live in the country side up north.
Unfortunately, we cannot move to a place like this. But it is only a day trip from Welland to Callander, and that is no distance in Canada or even in Ontario.

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Vacations in a cottage resort

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