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Rock Point Provincial Park on Lake Erie, close to Dunnville
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Travel guide for Ontario

If you visit Ontario and you are a nature lover, you should not miss to visit some of the beautiful Provincial Parks.
You must not come with a motor home or a tent to "enjoy a day in a park". But for campers or people who come with a motor home the Rock Point Provincial Park is an excellent choice.
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Rock Point Provincial Park
P. O. Box 158
Dunnville, Ontario N1A 2X5
Tel. 905-774-6642

Places close by:
Dunnville,  Cayuga, Caledonia, Port Colborne, Fort Erie, Welland, Niagara Falls, Niagara-on-the Lake, Fonthill/Pelham, Thorold

Hours of Operation:
Beginning of May until beginning of October (please call first if in doubt!)
Map, Rock Point Provincial Park

We live close by and came mostly only for a days visit. Elizabeth, my wife liked sunbathing and reading on the sandy beach while I went swimming and did exercises in the water which helped me after an accident.

Dunnville, Rock Point Provincial Park, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
Almost like the Mediterranean sea

Other people came just for barbecuing, biking, hiking. You can see very often power boats or Sea-Doos near the beach. They cannot be launched here. These "visitors" demonstrated very often their skills - probably to impress people.
For the safety of swimmers I would not allow that. In Europe several people have been killed by accidents because by boaters.
Certain equipment such as bikes you can rent. I think, we will do that during one of our next visits. I do not like all the packing and unpacking and we do not any longer drive an SUV, I even do not have a bike any longer.
For the little hunger you can buy snacks, cold none alcoholic drinks and naturally all kind of junk food on the premises. That will keep you going at least for one day.
If you do not like that bring some meat with you and barbecue it in the assigned area for one day visitors.

Dunnville, Rock Point Provincial Park, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
This store offers many things which you may need - we had always an ice cream or cold pop there

Dunnville, Rock Point Provincial Park, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
You have to stay on the roads and must not exceed the posted speed limit.

Right picture: watch for "Poison Ivy" in summer and don't touch it!. Poison Ivy Use this link to read more about this "vacation killer".
When you enter the park you will receive with your ticket a little brochure. Please read it that you do not violate any of the regulations. It contains also some safety advises.
If you do not do that you may have to learn certain things the hard way!
Especially when you touch "Poison Ivy" and do not know what to do after that has happened.
Dunnville, Rock Point Provincial Park, Ontario, tourism, travel guide

There are a few strict rules in Rock Point Park which help to make your stay a pleasant one.
You also will find all necessary sanitary installations, such as showers, washrooms etc.
Be aware that the cute looking raccoons are not afraid to check whether you brought anything with you what the like. They do not hesitate to check out your car if the have access. They never leave anything as they found it. It is up to you to clean up after their visit and don't be surprised about any damages.
They have learned to open doors, bags, zippers and seem to like all kind of food.
Besides straying cats, an opossum, skunks, we also have raccoons in our backyard. Seeing the battle marks on some of the cats we believe that one of the raccoons may be responsible for those. Sometimes we wake up from the noise during the fights.

Dunnville, Rock Point Provincial Park, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
I think the camping spots will be assigned by the management

Dunnville, Rock Point Provincial Park, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
The sandy beach in May

Compared to lakes in Europe Lake Erie is almost an ocean. Most the time you cannot the southern shores and the USA. The lake is also relatively clean but pollution is still existing and much more work gas to be done to improve the quality of the water. That would be another good project to fight the present recession.
Fortunately, we were always lucky when we went to Rock Point Park for swimming - no restrictions and warnings because of health hazards.
There are no life guards on the beach. If you come with children please watch them. Every year we read about accidents even with adults. As I said read the brochure.
We prefer the beach in this park to others where people can drive with their cars or trucks all the way to the water. Most of the vehicles re loaded with ghetto blasters and the noise is incredible. In addition everyone of these music lovers want to listen to his own favorites and he can only do that by outperforming the neighbors. I lasted about 20 minutes before I left.

Dunnville, Rock Point Provincial Park, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
The name "Rock Point" is not based on phantasm

We had explored more Provincial Parks in southern Ontario. For us it is a short drive and I assume that visitors to the Niagara Region want to learn more about the surroundings. You can have good time without spending lots of money and take home good memories.
Find a nice, reasonable priced accommodation where you can stay for a certain time and do day trips. We did this in Newfoundland several times and we did not have to go through the stress keeping tough schedules or finding ever day a new place for the night.
A little bit of planning can save you money and can make your holidays much more relaxing and even more exciting by doing things which you can not find in the yellow pages. We try to help you with that! Please visit also the original site from Rock Point Park.

Dunnville, Rock Point Provincial Park, Ontario, tourism, travel guide

Such a beach is much more relaxing. If you cannot take too much sun - there are e few shady spots - otherwise bring an umbrella with you. You can get sun burned very fast and it is not pleasant.
Naturally, the beach is not always as deserted as shown here. It depends when you come, but it was never so crowded that you could not find a place to spread your blankets or towels.
If you have not yet made any travel plans consider to explore the northern part of Ontario. Step by step I will expand our Internet travel guide to these regions. We had a wonderful time there and you will find many, many lakes and also forests.
Also the air quality is much better. For me it is the true Canada which is much less commercialized.
However, we enjoy also living here, the winters are not as cold and the more developed infrastructure offers things which you may not find up north.

Dunnville, Rock Point Provincial Park, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
Parks in Ontario, for nature lovers, tourism, travel guide

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Travel guide Ontario

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