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Preserve memories and share them with loved ones

The mom of my wife Elizabeth is over 94 years old and is a lovely lady. She is a reader, watches good things on TV but is not computer literate.
She does not go out too much but lives still withe her cat in her own home and Elizabeth looks after her in she after Elizabeth.
We never knew what we should give her besides the usual things. When I saw her enjoying going through old pictures and watching new ones on my wife's digital camera I suggested that a digital picture frame would be a good gift.
Elizabeth talked to her brother and he bought on as Christmas gift. I scanned all the pictures (prints - no slides) scanned them and did some work on them using the software I have. I also includes newer pictures and video clips with sound.
We all were very happy to see how much she enjoyed watching the almost never ending slide shows and the video clips.
I included as much as possible printed information to the picturers. Now I am waiting that Elizabeth sits down with her mom and gives all the missing notes and information which could keep both of them busy for days.

Many people who saw what I did loved it.

After having retired as an engineer I created Internet travel guides in the languages English and German. I decided now to expand my services and to offer this service to the public.
Because I am aware that I need some more experience and that I will need also some additional equipment in order to scan slides, convert videos or films to the proper format etc. I do not foresee any problems in achieving all the required tasks and I promise not to charge my required learning time to our customers.
I work from a home based office and learned to keep our operating costs low.
I uploaded a slideshow for still images on YouTube using only a few of the pictures which I had put on a memory stick for use on the digital picture frame of Elizabeth's mom.
Use also the shown links on this web site to see more samples of our work including video clips. Please be aware that I used not top of the line equipment to produce the videos or take pictures, I also drive now only a small Toyota.

What we offer:

What I offer is based on my present experience. If I miss something please ask me. I am aware that you should never stop learning and to do this you must know what you do not know.
One of those things is watching my work on a TV. We only have one and when Elizabeth is at home she uses it and I was happy to watch Internet, YouTube movies on my computers. I am also hearing impaired and must use a headset. Otherwise I would not understand my own speaking.
I put some of my videos on DVD's. When I purchased my lap top I wanted to download some computer programs using CD's which I had. I could not find anything to inserts a CD or a DVD and had to buy extra hardware.
I was told that disks are out! What a progress! Is still like disks for many applications but I am also aware of the benefits of using memory sticks and I generally recommend to store my work on one of those.
During the start up phase of my new service I prefer to have customers from our Niagara Region in order to allow me to have easy personal contact which is important to gain the required experience.

preserve menories, Lizzie as a child
preseserve memories, Lizzie as a senior
Lizzie at a party at Café Amalia in Welland

Elizabeth has always been an animal lover. She also loves to travel. Just check our slideshow below.
Enjoy the music from our friends Gaye Impey and Pat Pagano in it!

What we need from you:

Naturally you must tell us what you want. The best is to contact me by e-mail because my hearing especially on the phone is very poor. Certainly you also will questions. We can discus those also by e-mail and I can even try to do it by phone or in person.

Digital picture frame: Please provide all essential information.
Elizabeth's mom has a Pandigital 12" with many features. Please tell us which one you want to use. I will use the Internet for further information.
Pictures: printed photos or slides or both? Do you want information on the scanned images? Any special background music? Sequence in which the images should be shown in the slideshow.
Responsibility that now violation of any copyright occurs is with you!

Videos, films: please provide all essential information.

I may have to ask you because so far I have only a limited experience. New equipment may be required and I do not want to purchase the wrong one. (You will not be charged for that purchase!)
Responsibility that no violation of any copyright occurs is with you!

What we provide:

First of all honest answers and when we know what you want and that we can do it I will send you a written quotation to avoid any "surprises".


Pixel size for images which we used for the picture slideshows on the digital frame of Elizabeth's mom was 800 x 600. Resolution: 96 pixel per inch
File format: jpg
I can include information similar to what you see in our YouTube slideshow. Please be aware that in many images those information are missing because I am still waiting for them.
The slideshow can be seen at:

Preserve memories of loved ones - for Lizzie and her mom with love

Voice over can be done in our slideshows. It may cause a problem because I have a strong German accent and Elizabeth has health problems right now. Eventually you can do it.
We also can improve certain old images, see the sample below:
Butcher shop

Butcher shop


I have a friend who did many conversions of videos. I will contact him if necessary after I have received your requests. I must purchase the required soft and hardware and his experience will be beneficial. I always want learn to avoid mistakes already done by others!

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