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Visit and explore Owen Sound and surroundings
Tourism Region:
"Bruce Peninsula, Southern Georgian Bay & Lake Simcoe"
Canada, Ontario, Tourism, Travel Guide

Owen Sound, Canada. Ontario, tourism, travel guide
Owen Sound and surroundings - many thanks to MapArt

Owen Sound is a great place to visit thanks to its location on Georgian Bay.
We visited Owen Sound some time ago and those pictures we took back then were lost with our stolen computer. Fortunately, there are Wikipedia and people from many countries who support this organization.
Often, these pictures are more up-to-date and better than my lost own ones. At that time the digital cameras were not as good as they are today and not useable for videos or only to a limited extent. (e.g., zoom while recording)
Our visit was very short. Not even a whole day. But that does not mean that we would not have endured it there any longer. The city can even be described as a small cultural center. As it occasionally rains in northern Ontario, that's good to know.
Owen Sound has about 22,000 inhabitants and seems to be quite active to offer visitors something. Nature is a great help. Waterfalls play an essential role in this. Watch the videos others have made to convince visitors that Owen Sound is really worth a visit.
Take a look at the various waterfalls, do water sports when the weather is right. Visit the Roxy Theater or catch up on the history of the city in one of the museums.
Owen Sound also played a significant role in the so-called "Underground Railroad". Slaves from the United States sought and found freedom in Canada. Even today, US citizens come to Canada to escape the military service or for other reasons.
Beating your stomach, celebrate, talk to the people who meet you. Try some Canadian "finger foods" such as "chicken wings", "chicken fingers", cheese covered red and spicy peppers, breaded and fried cheese balls, spare ribs and pizza. all this is eaten with your fingers - hence the name!
If you are lucky, an event that is interesting for you is taking place. Inquire at:

If you've decided to use the "Bruce Trail" to get to Tobermory on foot, then you can be really tired and should take a break here before leaving the last stretch of this long trail.
Watch as trout and salmon use the "fish ladder" in spring to reach their spawning grounds in the upper reaches of the Sydenham River. This natural fish ladder replaces the old computer controlled one to reach their spawning grounds in the upper reaches of the Sydenham River. This is quite relaxing as long as you are just watching and not a fish.
Owen Sound, Canada. Ontario, tourism, travel guide
The fish ladder in Owen Sound

Owen Sound, Canada. Ontario, tourism, travel guide
The harbour - many thanks to "Rjsbird287" and Wikipedia

For business we had to visit Midland at Georgian Bay more often. Of course we could not choose the season. But we enjoyed it anyway. I had no problems swimming in the lake in September.
Elizabeth, my wife, just watched me. That's just a downside if you're too lean and do not carry around a protective layer of fat.
But this time I also stayed ashore and we only looked at the harbor and the town itself. We searched for things that you can not find in every place and that are attractive enough for a second and longer visit. We can also shop, eat and drink at home and have the advantage that we will not be disappointed.
We want to see and experience something new and, above all, enjoy nature.
Unfortunately, our trips in Ontario were always quite short. We never had time. Then came a period in which the money was scarce, as large repairs were due at our house. Today we have time again but Elizabeth got seriously ill.

Owen Sound, Canada. Ontario, tourism, travel guide
The "Tom Thomson Art Gallery" - many thanks to Wikipedia and Rjsbird287

We always loved it on our longer trips such as in Newfoundland and Labrador or even in Thuringia to attend events, such as festivals or exhibitions. We also visited certain galleries and small museums. Often we were the only visitors and took the time to explain everything to us.
Unfortunately, I learned that, especially in the Niagara region, with very few exceptions, I was not allowed to take pictures to use in my travel guide. The responsible leaders obviously had great pleasure in demonstrating their power. In Newfoundland, Elizabeth was even invited to a cup of coffee!
I hope that the above gallery and the museum shown below are more cosmopolitan. What is shown usually changes in part anyway. Not showing what to expect and making big sayings does not pull the sausage off my plate.

Owen Sound, Canada, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
Das "Billy Bishop Home and Museum" - vielen Dank an Wikipedia und Jay Smith

Please visit the "Visitor Information Center" when you arrive or explore the Internet for more details about what is on offer and what you are interested in. There are people who, unlike me, are paid to do that. I only show things that interest us, and I also occasionally sharply criticize certain things.
I have installed links to YouTube videos that I believe help you to get a realistic impression.

Owen Sound, Canada, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
"Festival of Northern Lights" - vielen Dank an Wikipedia und Nephron

Of course, many events take place in Owen Sound. If you are lucky even when you are here.
I think it's a tradition across the whole of Canada for Halloween and to decorate everything with colorful lights at Christmas time.
Owen Sound can not be compared to Niagara Falls. But if it has gotten you here in the winter, look at it. I do not know if Germany does it in the same style.

Owen Sound, Canada. Ontario, tourism, travel guide
The town hall - many thanks to "Rjsbird287" and Wikipedia

New and old - you will find both in this city. Fortunately, valuable, older buildings are now often protected against demolition.

Owen Sound, Canada. Ontario, tourism, travel guide
Downtown - many thanks to Wikipedia and JustSomePics

We love the Georgian Bay and Lake Huron area and recommend it to all of our visitors from Germany. So far we received only good reviews.
Many things which Canadians take as granted are highlights for Europeans. But this applies also vice versa.

Owen Sound - Where you want to live Owen Sound Ontario basic tourist info overview

Inglis Falls Owen Sound Ontario

My home town Owen Sound 2 SD 480p

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