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Visit and explore Ottawa and surroundings
Canada, Ontario
Tourism, Travel Guide

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Ottawa, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
Ottawa and surroundings - many thanks to MapArt

Ottawa is Canada's capital. Even during winter it is an attraction to everybody. You only have to get used to the cold. There is so much culture and the museums are world class.
I have been there a couple of times. Mostly on business and not always by car. Also most of the time not in summer.
One time I arrived with colleagues in a helicopter from the plant where I worked, other times in a small airplane which started in Hamilton. That was very convenient and I do not understand why this airport is not better used. Landing fees should be much lower as in Toronto and parking is also cheaper.
All the trips where pleasant, except one by car during the night. Please avoid that!
I wanted to update this web site for a long time. Unfortunately, I lost all my images when our computer was stolen during a break in. For that reason I am extremely happy, that "Ottawa Tourism" gave me the permission to use there beautiful images and to install links to some of there videos. From other places I did not receive such support.
Elizabeth, my wife plans always visits to Ottawa for family reasons. I hope that she can bring back some more impressions from this great city.
Since I came to Canada over 25 years ago - Ottawa kept growing and has today a population of about 877 300. A bridge over the Ottawa River connect it with Hull, which is already in the province of Quebec. Don't miss a visit. Quebec is beautiful and we enjoyed our trips through it and also brief stay in Quebec City very much. I always became homesick to Europe!

Ottawa, Kanada, Ontario, Tourismus, Reiseführer
View of the parliament building in Ottawa seen from Hull - vielen Dank an "Ottawa Tourism".

Once I stayed in a good hotel close to the Ottawa River. At this time - before my accident - I still could walk without any problems. So I walked over the bridge and found myself in a different world. I only could hear French and all advertising was also in French.
I am not ashamed to admit that I could hardly understand a single word. I knew that even people from France made the same experience. For that reason films made in Quebec have very often French subtitles.
In Newfoundland Elizabeth and I made a similar experience in remote places with English!

Ottawa, Kanada, Ontario, Tourismus, Reiseführer
Replacement of the guard in front of the parliament building - many thanks to "Ottawa Tourism".

You must be very lucky to see this event.

Ottawa, Kanada, Ontario, Tourismus, Reiseführer
RCMP - many thanks to "Ottawa Tourism".

Same as most visitors we were attracted by Parliament Hill.
One we came in winter. We were on a business trip. The weather was really bad and it was cold. For that reason I am thankful for the great pictures which I am allowed to use.
There was no change of the guard and also the RCMP was hiding at this time. I hope that we have more luck when we come back.
I hope that you will have luck too.
Ottawa can be attractive in winter when the sun is shining - especially when you like winter sport.
Elizabeth does normally not like cold weather. She is shivering all the time - even when she wears a few layers of clothing. Nevertheless, we had a good time with ice fishing on Lake Nipissing and during a snow mobile tour in Newfoundland.

Ottawa, Kanada, Ontario, Tourismus, Reiseführer
If the Aborigines hold a celebration, visit it - many thanks to "Ottawa Tourism".

As the capital of Canada it is normal that Ottawa offers many things all year long.
Please check the official web sites or get actual information when you are there.
We cannot update our small Internet travel guide continuously.
If you are interested in events which are celebrated by our native people, browse through our site or use the database. We have started to bring some information about those.

Ottawa, Kanada, Ontario, Tourismus, Reiseführer
Entertainment - thanks to"Ottawa Tourism".

In Ottawa ends the "Rideau Canal", which connects Kingston on Lake Ontario with this city.
I think the word "canal" is misleading - I would prefer the word waterway, because it is a combination of artificial canal pieces with locks, rivers and lakes. The length is about 202 km and the ships are following the terrain which means they have to be lifted up and lowered.
To make a complete boat trip will be certainly an unforgettable event. So far we were not able to explore even a little part of this historic waterway. Please use the internet to learn more about the "Rideau Canal".

Ottawa, Kanada, Ontario, Tourismus, Reiseführer
The "Rideau Canal" in Ottawa

Whenever possible we will book such a tour. Elizabeth dreams for years of a cruise. My interest was dwindling after staying for many hours on ferries during our Newfoundland-Labrador trips. I hope she will accept this compromise if I can offer it hopefully some time.
But no business - no trips. If the tourist related businesses do not help us - we cannot help them!

Ottawa, Kanada, Ontario, Tourismus, Reiseführer
the "Bytown Museum" mit der Schleuse - vielen Dank an "Ottawa Tourism".

Ottawa, Kanada, Ontario, Tourismus, Reiseführer
The "Bytown Museum" am "Rideau Canal"

Another challenge for us is to rent a canoe or a kayak to explore that canal on our own. Elizabeth has participated successfully on dragon boar regattas to collect money to fight breast cancer. Just visit our web site about one of these events.
She also learned to handle a heavy plastic kayak which you hardly van flip over.

Ottawa, Kanada, Ontario, Tourismus, Reiseführer
The "Rideau Canal"

As you can see the canal is really an attraction for sightseeing. The idea to rent bicycles to explore the canal and parts of Ottawa is certainly a good one.

Ottawa, Kanada, Ontario, Tourismus, Reiseführer
Der "Rideau Canal" - vielen Dank an "Ottawa Tourism".

Ottawa, Kanada, Ontario, Tourismus, Reiseführer
Der "Rideau Canal" - vielen Dank an "Ottawa Tourism".

Winter sport on the canal when the sun is shining - unfortunately not any longer for us.

Ottawa, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
The "Rideau Canal" during winter - many thanks to "Ottawa Tourism".

"Ottawa Tourism" and London in Ontario were really very helpful in supporting us in promoting Ontario. As a small business with very limited resources we will never be able to visit all the places during perfect weather conditions or to hire an airplane to take pictures or videos.
Both of the following two videos contain certain scenes twice. That did not bother me, because you may want to watch them anyhow several times!

Videos - many thanks to "Ottawa Tourism"



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Watch our video: "Ontario, Werben Sie bei uns. Advertise in our Internet travel guides"

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Impressions of the northern part of Ontario

Crafts and art work of the native people from North America

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