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Ontario, Events, Tourism, Travel Guide

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We cannot provide a listing of events. We are not getting any support from communities or associations and to keep a database up to date would use up too much of my time.
However, we have already prepared (free) web sites for certain events and we will proceed with that if possible. This site will give you a small overview what you can expect when you visit our province.
Our tourist guide is mainly written for visitors from overseas or people who do not know too much about Ontario - please keep that always in mind!
Naturally, we go only to events in which we are interested and where we are allowed to take pictures or videos.
Ontario is always presented as an all year destination for visitors and tourists. Unfortunately I cannot agree to this statement in full. We had guests from Europe here and they were disappointed because many places in the Niagara Region, such as the forts and certain parks were closed and nothing of major interest for them happened here.
We try to show the few things which can make Ontario an attractive destination in winter and when almost everything is closed. We consider ice fishing, cross country skiing, snowmobiling tour as attractions for people from far away.

Ontario, events, tourism, travel guide
The "Food Festival" in Welland

This event has been a success right from the beginning. It attracts many visitors from our area. For relatively little money you can try all kind of different food.
Live entertainment by bands, clowns, face painting for children etc., normally draw a big crowd to Welland.

Ontario, events, tourism, travel guide
The "Food Festival" in Welland

Sometimes small business tries to introduce food which I never have seen in Canada, such as sausages made from the meat of boars.
I am living now for 25 years in Canada but I never have seen a boar and I do not know how successful the presentation was for the business.
In Germany they are very common and in season their meat is considered to be a delicacy - but no by me. It is too "strong".

Ontario, events, tourism, travel guide
The nice ladies are offering the sausages

In Ontario many people retire in the age of 55. Many have already hobbies. Popular ones are wood carving or restoring old machinery.
I always admire their work on shows or local events.

Ontario, events, tourism, travel guide
Small steam engines power mechanical toys during the celebration of Thanksgiving in Ball's Falls

I am still waiting that somebody is showing a working model of a Sterling engine. I believe that would be a great attraction.
An other hobby are historical cars. Many hours and lots of money are invested to make them look like new. Visit on of the antique car shows!

Ontario, events, tourism, travel guide
Scottish bands are an attraction during many events

Canada did not join president Bush's war against Irak and the public is still questioning the participation in the war in Afghanistan.
But most Canadians support our troops and show this in the public with stickers on their cars.
In many townships the Canadian Royal Legion has homes which are used by the veterans as a meeting place and were they celebrate.
The Canadian military also prepares shows where they do little demonstrations and display some of the armament.
My father in law was always very pleased when I took him to such an event.
He talked very much about the war and almost not at all about his work. He was a good travel compagnion. I miss him!
Ontario, events, tourism, travel guide
A lonely drummer during a military event

Ontario, events, tourism, travel guide
Participants in historical costumes

When browsing through our travel guide you will see that North Americans love to bring historical events back to live.
Volunteers from both sides of the border come together and have a good time by doing this.
I even found by luck - not by advertising events which have absolutely nothing to do with our past. The last one was the fight of the Jakobites against the English. I was glad that I did not miss this spectacle in Fort Erie.

Ontario, events, tourism, travel guide
Participants of this battle

I always enjoy to visit the camps of the volunteers who spend lots of time and money to make such exciting events possible. You can see how they prepare themselves for the battle and how the love to live for a short time in authentic looking atmosphere of the past.
Don't be shy to talk to them. I think they really like it when somebody appreciates what they are doing.
The town of Fort Erie should learn to make such events much better public. Not everybody is interested in loosing money on the race tracks or at the slot machines - especially when you come from overseas.
Hotels would certainly be happy to have guests who stay here for a few days.

Ontario, events, tourism, travel guide
The camp

Ontario, events, tourism, travel guide
Last instructions

When the men were preparing themselves for the fight, the ladies got a chance to get lessons about proper dancing as it was practiced around 1745.
The teacher was not easy to please with the performance. Everything had to be perfect.
But none of the ladies gave up!

Ontario, events, tourism, travel guide
Learning to dance in the style of 1745 -strict rules applied

Watch the video: Die Belagerung von Fort Erie. The siege of Fort Erie.
Many thanks to all the participants and the organizers.

A Pow Wow in Fort Erie

Fenwick Train Show, get inspired for a new hobby

Ball's Falls, conservation area, close to Jordan, Ontario, Canada

Battle of Cook's Mills, re-enactment 2014 in Welland

Once upon a time Fort Erie was host to many exciting events such as "Edinburgh 1745", the battle of the Jakobites against the English.

Watch the video: Ontario Marshville Heritage Festival

Anglican Church, St. James & St. Brendan, Port Colborne, pig roasts 2013 and 2014

Some impressions from Lake Erie, tourism

Watch the video: A few impressions of the annual Mariners Celebration in Port Colborne, Ontario

Watch the video: An Italian party in Welland, Ontario, with Pat Pagano and his music at Café Amalia

Wo kommt der Ahornsirup her? A tour through the Sugar Bush

Royal Botanical Gardens, Hamilton, Burlington, Ontario, Kanada, Canada

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