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We felt sorry when we had to leave little St. Lewis. We became attached to it and the people there. I believe all children had talked to Elizabeth and she knew also most of the pets which lived there. We visited the local grocery store, we became interested in a beautiful house which was for sale. It is so much fun to stay longer in a place. Especially, when everybody is friendly.
Our available time and the money were running low and we had to go back. We had to use the ferry between Blanc Sablon which is already part of Quebec and St. Barbe on the island Newfoundland. This was the fasted way home to Ontario.
On our way to Blanc Sablon we stopped in Mary's Harbour for lunch. It was another nice place. Through the window of the restaurant we could kids swimming in a river. None of us wanted to join them.
Elizabeth is a RN (a registered nurse) and she was interested to see the local nursing home. They gave here a tour and she liked how the elderly were treated there.

Karte Labrador Ostk├╝ste
Map of the southern part of Labrador's east coast

On our way to Mary's Harbour - still snow on certain spots

Mary's Harbour

After our brief stay in Mary's Harbour we proceeded to the south

On our way to the south

On our way to the south

On our way to the south

We still could see Inukshuks on the side of the road.
I wish, we would have taken more pictures and learned something about their meaning. I must check the Internet! Next time we want to learn more about the Inuit how the aboriginal people of Newfoundland-Labrador re called. I hope they can keep their original lifestyle. We learned that not all of them can be adjusted to ours. I think I would have a problem too when I would have to live like they want to live.
Are you surprised that the weather was changing again? We did not care, we were used to that.
There was also more snow on the side of the road and we were close to end of June!
No wonder that farming is not a prosperous business in Labrador and most of the food has to be brought in from somewhere else.
We enjoyed the drive and there was almost no traffic in both directions. So we never had the problem to stop whenever we wanted to take pictures.
In other provinces or in Germany this was always a big problem and sometimes even dangerous.

We are approaching Red Bay

Red Bay

The gravel road ended in Red Bay. We needed urgently gas. Elizabeth had become a serious collector of home knitted socks. She still has some of them. She was looking for "Rocks and socks" everywhere. So also here. She asked the owner of the gas station for a local knitter.
Sure, he showed us the way to one. We just had to follow him when he showed us the way in his pickup truck. An other unforgettable little experience.

This sign attracted us

We both needed a coffee. Me with a piece of fruit pie.
Elizabeth also loved to browse through stores with local crafts and gift items. Sometimes she needs hours to do that.
She was really nice this day and aware that we did not have this time and she even did not buy anything. We wanted to visit the local museum before it will close. It was recommended to us.

A great variety of souvenirs was displayed

The museum - we were too late

They were just closing the museum when we arrived. I only could take a picture through the glass door. So we were no able to see all the treasures which were recovered by archaeological digging and diving around Red Bay.
We left to go to our destination in Quebec.
Surprisingly their was now even more snow than in the northern part of Labrador.

Elizabeth and the snow

The weather turned now even worse and it became cold. I started not to feel well and I became really sick. Was it the fruit pie? I did not know. Elizabeth was OK.
Because of the weather and how I was feeling we decided to go as fast as possible to the departure place of the ferry.
I also was not in the mood to take many pictures. Elizabeth was now feeling cold and we turned on the heat which made me even feel more sick and it was raining - at least not snowing.


L'Anse-au-Loup - certainly a nice place when the sun is out and you are not sick

Even the local people did not leave their homes. We did not see a single person.
I was dreaming of a cozy bed and a German schnapps, a whisky, a vodka, a hot tea wit Screech - nothing sweet. We both were happy when we saw that we had reached Quebec.
Naturally, Quebec time was different to Newfoundland time so we had to remember this with the departure time of the ferry.
The next morning I was feeling fine again. We had no problem to get a ticket for the ferry. We had to wait for a while and we went for breakfast.

We had not done any booking for a place to stay. We found a nice motel with many motor bikes in front and I started slowly to recover.
I will stop here with our travel guide through this beautiful province with its wonderful people. I am thankful for the offer to help with the marketing of the "Humber Valley Resort". This offer brought us to Newfoundland. I still believe that our approach to show potential investors in detail what to expect was mandatory.
Unfortunately the marketing concept was according to my opinion not convincing enough to attract people who have money but are cautious to spend it very easily. So the company went into bankruptcy. I still would love to own one of the beautiful chalets in this great place, but only when we would be rich and must bot depend on renting our chalet to tourists when we can not be there during most of the years - only during short vacations.

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