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After having had beautiful weather for a few hours we were not surprised when it changed again when we were approaching St. Lewis.

Karte St. Lewis und Umgebung, Labrador
We stayed a few days in St. Lewis

St. Lewis welcomes us

The first impression was not exactly the best. But it changed very fast when we drove slowly through the village. Suddenly we saw people and we were friendly greeted. Even the weather turned a little bit to the better side.
However, we could not see any signs of bed and breakfast places and when we asked everybody directed us to "Fisherman's Landing Lounge".
So went to this place and asked for a room. Millie the only person there called immediately her boss and we had a deal. The room was very simple but had its own bathroom.
After we had moved all essential to this room we drove to the coast. We had now blue sky and could see far away icebergs floating and we were happy.

Our accommodation in St. Lewis

Now everything looked much more friendly and not any longer depressing. We returned to Millie to have dinner.

St. Lewis

Friendly Millie was receptionist, cook, waitress, responsible for purchasing the food, cleaning the restaurant and giving good advise.
After Elizabeth helped her in the kitchen she invited us to her family.
We were not the only gusts in the "Fisherman's Landing Lounge". Two construction workers from somewhere else joined us also for dinner and they told me that they were brick layer building an new fire station. We had a nice talk without any beer.
We learned that St. Lewis had its own power plant using diesel engines. It never would pay off to connect such little remote places to the power grit. Also the road to St. Lewis will be closed during winter. The only available connection to the outside world is by air or snowmobile because also the sea is frozen and even the ferry between Labrador and the island Newfoundland cannot operate any longer.

Millie is cooking our dinner

After having finished a good home cooked meal I looked a little bit around. I found a separate room which was locked. After I realized that beer will be served only there I ordered one after this discovery. I hope Millie did not violate any bylaws by serving a beer to a Bavarian in an not appropriate room. A real Bavarian can enjoy a beer everywhere!
Wisdom from Labrador

I prefer a not fancy equipped restaurant with good food to a fancy ones with lousy and expensive food. Many people in Welland do the same.
Earle, the owner came also a little bit later. After he learned that we wanted to visit Battle Harbor he offered us to give us ride to this little island with his own boat.
We accepted his offer and the adventure was planned for the next day.
After Earle has left Elizabeth helped Millie in th kitchen and left with her to meet her family. I went to our room to transfer all the pictures to my lap top and to make some notes.

Our trip to Battle Harbor in Earl's "Power Boat"

The weather was suitable and Earle did not foresee any hazards such as a storm or fog. I believe he contacted the weather service before.
The boat ride was a new experience for us. We never realized that the sea can have pot holes too. Elizabeth was holding on with two hands but she loved it. For me it was also a great adventure - much nicer than on a ferry. Naturally Earle had provided all the safety gear in case we had to take swim. How long would we last? I asked only myself when we passed several icebergs. No wonder that all ships must stay in their harbors during winter.
I don't want to repeat everything what we did and saw on Battle Island. It is today more or less a large museum. But they have also an inn there in which you can stay over night. We think that is a good idea and whenever we come back we will consider doing that.
During our trip back to St. Lewis I learned why most power boats have two engines. Earls motor started to die on our way and we just made it without having to row or call for help.
Poor Earle had to wait a long time for the required spare parts and to get the engine working again.

"Battle Harbor"

"Battle Harbor"

"Battle Harbor"

"Battle Harbor" has a long and interesting history. Check the Internet or our brief German web site. You can also watch our slideshow.
It was very interesting but the available time was not sufficient to explore everything. Elizabeth joined a guided tour and I explored the island as good as I could.
We did some more sightseeing before we departed from St. Lewis a few days later and Millie prepared for all the guests a typical dinner, called Jigs Dinner. We never saw it on any menu, but it was typical for Newfoundland-Labrador. You must ask for it. We were told that most younger people won't like it any more.

Good bye St. Lewis

Happy Valley Goose Bay & North West River, Labrador

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Port au Choix, Neufundland, Newfoundland:

Colony of Avalon in Ferryland, Neufundland, Newfoundland

Cape St Mary's, Neufundland, Newfoundland, Bird Rock, Vogelfelsen

The Johnson Geo Centre, St. John's, Neufundland

Watch the video: "Ein Besuch der Insel Battle Harbour. A visit of the island Battle Harbour. Labrador. Canada":

Sehen Sie sich folgendes Video an: Eine Autotour durch Labrador, Labrador on the road

Labrador West (Labrador City & Wabush):

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