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Naturally we arrived without any problems in Happy Valley - Goose Bay. We learned very fast that we were not the only visitors when we were looking for a B & B. Similar to Labrador City an event took place and we had to stay for the first night in a hotel. All places which had been recommended to us were already taken.
Not having had a proper meal for hours we were hungry. The door to the restaurant of the hotel were locked and we had to wait for another two hours. The same happened to other guests and nobody was pleased.
We were really happy to find a nice B & B next day with a nice room and a private bathroom.

We did it!

Elizabeth became excited when she discovered also here a "Curves" and exercise place for women.
She had a traveling membership and went wherever she can. She wants to stay slim, beautiful, muscular and forever young.
Luckily they only allow women there - otherwise she would force me to go with her.
Sometimes discrimination has also good sides!
Elizabeth told me that in Nova Scotia as well as in Neufundland-Labrador the used equipment was much netter than that in Welland.
I always found something to do or to see when Elizabeth was improving her appearance.
So I learned that we should visit the German Club to have dinner there. Everybody seemed to love the young Germans who exercised low level flying with their Tornados. Especially the girl who gave me that advise.
Elizabeth had always lots of fun when we lived for one year in Germany or when we traveled there.
So she was excited as I told her the news.

The huge air base is one of the major attractions and we visited it a couple of times. Thanks to our host, the small military museums was opened just for us and we got a free personalized tour. Naturally we pledged something and I send them as a thank you also a Canadian made DVD of an original German film about the ME 262.
Please visit our special web site. I will try to create English variants of all of them as soon as possible.
Instead of web sites I also may decide to use slide shows>

Start of a German Tornado

Elizabeth loves to bring always something nice back from our trips. Nothing expensive, something she loves. She got it!

At first I tried to apply in the correct way to be allowed to visit the German Club. We could not find anybody who was responsible.
So I decided that we just went there. I already learned some details from the local people so we acted like old guests when we entered the place. I talked only German to everybody there and we were welcomed. Elizabeth did not say anything for a few minutes.
That changed when we ordered our meals and the German waiter was pleased to see us here. We had one of the best meals, me with German beer and everything tax free.
Based on this experience we did a similar visit to the Italian Club. We had a great time on the air base.
When we returned to our B & B we were treaded there again like family members. They told us about Labrador cooking and I explained German food.
Later I sent them a German cook book in the English language.

During our trips through Thuringia - a state in Germany - we learned that most attractions are closed on Mondays. So I was surprised that the same policy was used in North West River when we tried to visit there various places. Only nature was open.
It was an easy drive on a black coated road which was in a very good condition.

All attractions in North West River were closed on Monday

It was too cold in North West River for swimming!

Work on a memorial for trappers who lived here

Elizabeth is ready for the long trip on the ferry
We really had luck. In order to avoid any stress I did not do any advanced booking. Not doing that for the ferry from Goose Bay - Happy Valley to Cartwright caused now some stress.
When we tried to book it in Labrador City we had to call St. John's and were told that there are no vacancies and we had to wait for several weeks to get a place. The people in the tourist office told us just to go and we will get a place. That was true, we had to wait in line but we could board the ferry.
I was informed later by other German visitors that the planned road to Cartwright has now been completed.
Please be aware Labrador has only a population of about 26 000 people. How long does it take some communities just to resurface a road full with pot holes.
Having only a few roads it is not a surprise that you always meet travelers which you have seen before. In the pictures below you will see the pickup truck with the trailer which needed so many repairs. Nobody had warned them!

I was not pleased to spend a boring night on the ferry. All the cabins were booked out.
This was the only way to reach the east coast of Labrador. The trip turned out not be as bad as expected, Elizabeth slept most of the time and I had interesting conversation with a nice family.

End of June 2010 a German family informed me by e-mail that they just had used the new highway between Happy Valley-Goose Bay and Cartwright.

The new road still under construction

The new road still under construction

Watch the video: "Neufundland-Labrador Impressionen, Newfoundland-Labrador impressions":

Hawkes Bay, Neufundland, Newfoundland:

Port au Choix, Neufundland, Newfoundland:

Sehen Sie sich folgendes Video an: Eine Autotour durch Labrador, Labrador on the road

Happy Valley Goose Bay & North West River, Labrador

Labrador West (Labrador City & Wabush):

Eine Tour nicht nur zu den Walen in Neufundland, whale watching and more in Newfoundland

Colony of Avalon in Ferryland, Neufundland, Newfoundland

Cape St Mary's, Neufundland, Newfoundland, Bird Rock, Vogelfelsen

The Johnson Geo Centre, St. John's, Neufundland

Watch the video: "Ein Besuch der Insel Battle Harbour. A visit of the island Battle Harbour. Labrador. Canada":

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