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After the good time which we had in Labrador West we started at beautiful sunshine on Highway 500 in direction Churchill Falls. We had filled up our tank, had pop in the fridge and were excited about the upcoming trip. We knew that we could not get anything before we reach our destination.
Churchill Falls is another industrial little place. We wanted to visit there the largest underground hydroelectric plant of the world at least at this time.

We did not like these encounters because sometimes the stones hit our car very hard

The driver of this truck was aware that we could not escape to the right side of the road and slowed down. Many thanks!
It was only a distance of 244 km which we had to cover, so we stopped frequently to take pictures. Elizabeth was also interested in all the plants and flowers.
We were also surprised that birds had built their nests on top of the masts of the power lines. Obviously they were very safe there.
Unfortunately, we did not have enough training to take pictures of all the wild animals which we saw. Until we stopped they were gone or hiding somewhere. We missed playing bears, caribous, foxes and some creatures unknown to us.

Elizabeth was always a great help in taking pictures and notes. As you can see the road was in a very good condition here.

On our way to Churchill Falls

Elizabeth at work. She is taking a picture of a warning sign which states the maximal amount of trout you can eat from this lake without health hazard.

Airborne pollutants don't stop at borders. In addition this warning may help to prevent over fishing.
This picture show why we recommend vehicles with 4-wheel drive. If you must escape to the far right side of such a road or you want to park there you would experience problems to go back. Wit a pick up truck which I owned I had even problems to climb a hill on a gravel road in Ontario.

Finally we were lucky

There are almost no private homes in Churchill Falls. Almost everything is owned by "CF(L)Co" (Churchill Falls (Labrador) Corporation Limited).
The hotel is part of the shown community center. You can also do some shopping there. Elizabeth was so happy to be able to get some fresh apples there!
We were also picked up there for the free tour through the power plant. Please browse the net to get more information about it or check our German web site. Because of my problems with walking I could not join Elizabeth on this tour and we have only a few pictures.
Much more green energy is produced her than in Niagara Falls and almost no pollution. I believe that Churchill Falls should be awarded the title "Green Capital of Canada" instead. But who knows Churchill Falls?
Naturally less people in a large area produce less garbage and less pollution, but all villages and towns were clean. I wish it would be always so clean in front of our house in Welland which is part of the green capital of Canada.

Churchill Falls - the community center

In the morning when we left Churchill Falls

Please do not start an unguided boat tour unless you want to disappear without leaving a trace behind you

On the Labrador Highway

On our way to Happy Valley - Goose Bay

A sunset in Labrador

After we were back home Elizabeth told me that she loved driving through this remote area but also that she was afraid.
Almost no cars, no radio was working, neither the cell phone and not a single house for hundreds of kilometers. If you feel like her ask to rent a satellite phone for this trip. As far as I remember you can do that.
I never got this feeling when driving there. The Highlander was in excellent condition, except the four original tires, we had sufficient gas, we had something to drink and warm clothes. I also considered the car as bear safe. I also was used to the changing weather.

Nothing than nature - no houses, no gas stations, no radio, no phone, no cars

Our reliable Toyota in need of a car wash.

Colony of Avalon in Ferryland, Neufundland, Newfoundland

Labrador West (Labrador City & Wabush):

Watch the slideshow: "Nationalpark National Park Gros Morne Neufundland Newfoundland Impressionen impressions":

Happy Valley Goose Bay & North West River, Labrador

Cape St Mary's, Neufundland, Newfoundland, Bird Rock, Vogelfelsen

Sehen Sie sich folgendes Video an: Eine Autotour durch Labrador, Labrador on the road

Eine Tour nicht nur zu den Walen in Neufundland, whale watching and more in Newfoundland

Hawkes Bay, Neufundland, Newfoundland:

Port au Choix, Neufundland, Newfoundland:

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