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We started our last trip to this beautiful province in Labrador. Naturally, we used again our own car - a 4-wheel drive Toyota Highlander. We knew that most roads in Labrador are not paved and that we would not be able to use a rental car. Most car rental companies would not allow that. Even today I do not know a single one which gives you the permission if you tell them where you want to go.
We also were aware that only the southern part can be explored by car.

Karte von Labrador
Labrador - the Big Land

On our way on Highway 389 to Labrador City

We have prepared a German web site which shows how we traveled from Ontario to Newfoundland-Labrador and back. We also included in our German travel guide brief web sites for each major section which we drove in Labrador.
We started in Baie-Comeau, Quebec and after leaving this province Highway 389 became a gravel road which became really bad. One tire was shredded shortly before it began to rain.
Later we met a couple who had much less luck. They traveled with a brand new pickup truck and a trailer. They paid a few thousand dollars for major repairs on both vehicles.
That is the difference between TV advertising and real life.

On our way on Highway 389 to Labrador City

After we had removed all the luggage from the trunk I had access to the full size spare wheel and could perform the change. Then we had to throw everything in the car before the heavy rain began. After a few more changes of the weather we arrived safely in Labrador City or Labrador West which is the new official name after the merger with Wabush.
The following day we rewarded us with T-Shirts which showed that we had survived this trip on Highway 389. Before we leased the Toyota I checked that this car does not have any brake lines hanging down, but better tires should be available as an option.

Our reward

The ladies in the tourist office were extreme friendly and helped us to find a good B & B. The first night we spend in the Wabush Hotel. We liked it there but in a B & B we always learned much more about the area and most offer also a private bathroom.
I was surprised to see that the work of German missionaries in Labrador was celebrated in the tourist office. They were known as Moravians or Herreenhuter. Amazing old photographs were displayed.
I purchased one of the last books with more pictures and interesting information how these missionaries worked in the northern part of Labrador. The book is called: "Labrador - Through Moravian Eyes, 250 Years of Art, Photographs & Records", written by Hans Rollmann.

Much to see

Labrador City is an in industrial town

Labrador City and Wabush were founded to accommodate all workers of the mining industry. If the mining business is not economical any longer both cities will probably become ghost towns.
The wages are obviously pretty good and besides a mall we saw also little stores and nice restaurants. Everything must be "imported". Both towns are surrounded by wilderness.
Outdoor activities are very popular.
Our hosts in the B & B were wonderful people. They prepared a feast for us and we got an exciting tour through an iron ore mine. We made a German web site about this very interesting visit.
Again, we could proof that the horror story written this time by a German "journalist" which I read on-line was absolute nonsense. To have one or two complaints is OK - I do that too but to judge everything negative is polemic.

Iron ore mining close to Labrador City - the "hole" was once a mountain

Rose our host explored every evening with Elizabeth the surroundings - mostly by walking. Elizabeth enjoyed this very much and took many pictures..

Around Labrador City - Copyright Elizabeth

Enjoying a swim close to Labrador City - Copyright Elizabeth

This is not snow!
This is not yesterday's snow. These are minerals in which Elizabeth posses. As you can see the minerals still look white and are not covered with the red dust which should cover everything according to the German journalist.
Certainly, there is dust produced and the environment is affected, but measures are in place to minimize those.
We cannot keep up our standard of living without iron ore and other natural resources. Even green energy needs them. Nothing is wrong to see where some of it come from and how the processing is done.
The right balance has to be found.
We also cannot confirm the statement that you must live on fast food in Labrador. We never had to go into in any of these restaurants. We even had problems to see a few of them.
I always must change my shirt after eating there and we did not carry enough clothing with us.

We try to give you the right picture of Labrador. If you like what we show you, be aware of the road conditions, the great nature and the hospitality of the people. Life is simpler here and more challenging because of the climate and the infrastructure which cannot be compared to that of highly populated western countries.

The Wabush Hotel

We had a nice room for one night in above hotel. For dinner we enjoyed Chinese food. However to have contact with local people which we enjoy and to get inputs for our Internet-travel guide, we prefer B & B.
We did not only want to see nature and scenery - very important is how you are treated as visitor.

Our friendly hosts Don and Rose Dinn

This dinner was arranged especially for us. We learned that Rose was a collector of rare tins. As a little thank you we sent them for Christmas a tin box full of the famous ginger bread from Nuremberg.
Unfortunately, we could not stay longer. But Elizabeth wanted to return in winter after hearing how enjoyable that is here with snowmobiling and other activities.
We still have this wish.

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The Johnson Geo Centre, St. John's, Neufundland

Labrador West (Labrador City & Wabush):

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Colony of Avalon in Ferryland, Neufundland, Newfoundland

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Port au Choix, Neufundland, Newfoundland:

Happy Valley Goose Bay & North West River, Labrador

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