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Visit and explore Newfoundland - Labrador
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We could not proceed any further to the east by car - so we drove back to Port aux Basques and used the Trans Canada Highway to go north along the west coast of the island.
We passed through many small villages and took many pictures. Please do not ask for details of them if they are not already provided. I cannot remember everything.

The small harbors are always an attraction

Elizabeth talking to fishermen

Neufundland - Labrador has lots of forests. Especially in Labrador forest fires are common. However the nature is always recovering after such a disaster. People are getting used to the fact that nothing can be done against a fire caused by lightning.
However, everybody is asked to follow the posted instructions to prevent such fires by human negligence.
The forests and lakes are filled with wild life. However, certain animals such as raccoons, snakes, skunks cannot be found on the island.
The moose which you certainly will see are - at least on warning signs - are immigrants from Labrador. Drive carefully, every year fatal accidents happen when a vehicle collides with one of these giants.

Practicing the simple life

Newfoundland is also known as "The Rock" because only small areas can be used for agriculture. The soil is mostly very shallow and stony. We discovered some sandy parts in the eastern part of the island.
The area around Codroy is one of the small parts which is used for farming.

In the Codroy area

In the Codroy area

Newfoundland is not densely populated with the exception around St.John's After the declining of the fishing industry many people were forces to find work somewhere else. This applied especially for younger people.

Nobody here

I was always amazed how this island with only around 550 000 people can maintain such good roads. However, I still found visitors complaining about the infrastructure.

Somewhere else almost impossible to own.

Some villages consist only of a few houses. No store, no church, no restaurant, eventually a few boats.
But the houses are not run down, now junk in the garden and no garbage on the road.
People from the Niagara Region should see that and not tell me untrue stories about Newfoundlanders.
I just must open our door to see garbage floating around and sometimes I got the feeling that some stores are located in a garbage dump.

No traffic lights and free parking!

We had a small fridge in our Highlander and when we stopped, we could relax enjoying a cold drink. It became so hot that we needed the air condition. Only the wind could make it sometimes a little bit uncomfortable.
If you need to do some major shopping do it now in Corner Brook. It offers not only all the essentials but also art galleries, a nice museum, good dining and much more. It is the capital of the "Western Region". It has a population of about 24 000 which is very big for Newfoundland.
We explored Corner Brook in detail during our fist visit and our personal guide was a great help to show us around. She was also responsible that we got addicted to this province.
Too bad that the Humber Valley Resort run into financial problems. At least we tried our best to help to attract people from the German speaking countries and to help the local business. We do not want to miss single day which we have spent here.
A painting which I loved

On the west coast

Marble Mountain - famous for winter sport

The Humber River

If it is time for lunch or dinner just look for one of the little restaurants. You will not see too many fast food outlets. We will translate our German web site which gives you more detailed information about dining in Newfoundland-Labrador. It is real home cooking and was always tasty.


A typical cemetery

Newfoundland has many hiking trails. Because of an accident with my motorcycle and a damaged left knee I was not able to walk them. I also did not want that Elizabeth went on her own. It is important that you find about wether there are any bears around and how to act if you meet one. There is even written material available. To make always some noise should help because normally bears avoid contact with humans.
If I remember correctly you can even sign in before you start a tour and sign out if you return. Please check that again.
Also a " bear spray" is available which is supposed to help you if attacked.
Be careful. Every year hikers are injured or killed by wild animals. Sometimes warning signs are posted.
Real bears are not like Teddy bears - only one stroke can be too much!
One of the numerous hiking trails

"Bear save" garbage bin on a parking lot

Be warned again - do not intend to hike on your own and without proper instruction in the wilderness. This does not only apply for Labrador. It may take months or even longer until your remains are found and recovered. This happened already.

Forest and water, and probably also bears

Watch the slideshow: "Nationalpark National Park Gros Morne Neufundland Newfoundland Impressionen impressions":

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Hawkes Bay, Neufundland, Newfoundland:

Happy Valley Goose Bay & North West River, Labrador

Port au Choix, Neufundland, Newfoundland:

The Johnson Geo Centre, St. John's, Neufundland

Colony of Avalon in Ferryland, Neufundland, Newfoundland

Cape St Mary's, Neufundland, Newfoundland, Bird Rock, Vogelfelsen

Watch the video: "Around the Circle Theater in Crows Head, Neufundland, Newfoundland ":

Many thanks again to all the performers. Hopefully you will visit such an event!

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Labrador West (Labrador City & Wabush)

Eine Tour nicht nur zu den Walen in Neufundland, whale watching and more in Newfoundland

Labrador West (Labrador City & Wabush):

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