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Springerle molds made by Dukasi in Germany
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I have severe hearing problems
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Springerle Mold Newsletter

Our Decision:

Strictly for business reasons we decided to create About our own line of Springerle cookie molds.
They are manufactured in Germany and are none hazardous. Only food safe materials from well known companies and production processes which do not pose any health hazards are used.
Springerle cookie molds have a long history. Many of them were carved out of wood, preferable pear wood. Others were made out of clay or even a special wax. Many of the older wooden molds were stained which gives them a very dark appearance. In many cases nobody knows which kind of stain was used in the old days and it is safer to use our replicas for making Springerle cookies. Our replicas should be treated with care. They are breakable, but that applies to all available replicas.
Our replicas should be treaded with care. They are breakable. But that applies to all available replicas.
We paid for all originals which we copied, but we gladly copy also originals from Museums and customers if they allow us to include their designs in our product line. However, we are still not 100% confident that the silicone rubber which has to be used will not change the color of the original mold.
Making copies of our molds and selling pirated copies of our molds is not allowed. However, this does not apply for crafts, such as work using wax, paper maché or actual cookies. If you have any doubts please ask us!
New hanging device

All of our replicas will be equipped with a hanging device which will not become lose and which will also eliminate breakage during rough shipping. At first we used a foldable hanger which was inserted during the curing process into the mold. This caused problems when sanding the rear side of the replicas. All molds with the hanger which are the first two batches are being sold with a discount of 15%.
The newer molds use a grommet which is installed after casting and sanding the replica. Please use a nail with a head and not a hook when you want to hang the molds on a wall.

We just received a variety of new molds from Dukasi!
Please check our shopping cart - Use new as a search term!

Our Originals:

The originals which we use for making the master casting forms are either purchased or carved by a very reliable small company in Thuringia in Germany. The name of this company is "Dukasi".

A preview of molds to come:

We already have a variety of our new molds and others will follow as soon as possible. At this time we will give you a preview of the sketches of molds which we will have carved and offered later. Please give us any comments and suggestions on the sketches and also for new molds which you want to see.
We and our partner "Dukasi" are working on more designs to come.
Whenever you see the image of a real carving or of a replica we will receive these molds with our next order. Because of the downfall of the US currency we must be extremely cautious at this time.
Mold Neuschwanstein
Neuschwanstein (Dukasi)
SM0915 Pyramids of Giza (Dukasi)

Use the link to our tourist guide for Thuringia to learn more about Martin Luther and the Wartburg.
We will add more motives to this section. Many of them came as a request from our customers.
Please help us in providing suggestions. Thanks!

Mold penguin
Penguin with fish (Dukasi)

Collages are an excellent way to save money and storage space if you do not want to display your Springerle cookie molds.
They combine a variety of motives and were always popular.
We will continue to add more if we can find interesting designs. Some of the original molds which we purchased are not in mint condition because the use for many years. This is the proof for the age of the molds.

Country living:
mold storks on church roof
Storks on church roof (Dukasi)
mold laundry day
Laundry day (Dukasi)
mold getting the Christmas tree
Getting the Christmas tree (Dukasi)
mold sheep
Sheep are returning (Dukasi)
mold decorating the Christmas tree
Decorating the Christmas tree (Dukasi)
Mold learning to spin
Learning to spin (Dukasi)
mold mom and dad preparing Christmas dinner
Preparing Christmas Dinner (Dukasi)
SM0815 Scarecrow (Dukasi)
We will add these mold step by step. Please send us your comments and suggestions. Dukasi is more than willing to change little details.
Also tell us which motifs you would like to see in addition.

Domestic animals:
SM1203; Dachshunds
We are listening to our customers. One of them was asking us for years for a mold showing dachshunds. We are waiting for response.
Little by little, we will replace motives from our previous Swiss supplier by our own ones.
Please send us your ideas.

Fables/Fairy tales:
Struwwelpeter (Dukasi)
Max und Moritz (Dukasi)
The Bremen town musicians (Dukasi)
Puss in boots (Dukasi)
Rapunzel (Dukasi)

Most of the characters which we will show in this category are from old German fairy tale stories which were collected by the Grimm Brothers. Variants of these stories spread all over Europe.
Some of these stories a violent but they always show that it does not pay off to be a bad person. This educational philosophy is missing in many modern publications.
You can read all the stories on the Internet and decide how to present it to your children if they are still very little.
A very good article can be found at Guardians of the Fairy Tale: The Brothers Grimm published by National Geographic.
My Canadian wife always believed that the characters have been created by Walt Disney and was not aware that they were known in Europe for hundreds of years.
Sarah, the little daughter of the carver is an excellent advisor for the layout!
Please tell us which molds we should add to this chapter.

SM1518, Rose (Dukasi)
SM1519,Asters (Dukasi)
SM1520, Lily of the valley
mold bell flowers
SM1517, Bell flowers (Dukasi)
Es ist ein Ros entsprungen

mold grapes
SM3001, Grapes (Dukasi)
mold grapes
SM3005, Grapes (Dukasi)
We will add more fruit motives.
Please let us know if you have any suggestions.

Halloween Collage, Dukasi
Halloween Collage, Dukasi
Halloween Collage, Dukasi

mold heart with lily of the valley
Heart with lily of the valley (Dukasi)
We still have a large variety of molds with hearts from our previous Swiss supplier. More new motifs will be added after we have reduced the old inventory.
From Dukasi we already offer one mold which became very fast a bestseller. Just check our shopping cart.

mold butterfly
SM2002, Butterfly - Monarch
mold bumble bee
SM2001 Bumble bee, (Dukasi)

SM2101, Skater (Dukasi)
We still have some replicas from our former Swiss supplier in stock which shows different kinds of winter sport as it was practised in the past.
Please comment what you prefer.

Nativity Scenes:
mold nativity scene
SM0602, Nativity scene
We have already 2 beautiful new molds from Dukasi in our shopping cart. This one will follow soon.

Religious molds:
mold Peter confesses Jesus
Peter confesses Jesus (Dukasi)
Mister Siegmann from Dukasi is already working on more sketches of religious molds. The next mold could be "The Baptism of Jesus ".
Your feedback to us is very essential. Please help us by sending your suggestions about molds which we should add.

Sea creatures:
mold sea star
SM2601; Sea star (Dukasi)


American locomotive from 1859 (Dukasi)
Amish buggy (Dukasi)
Ford T-Model know as "Tin Lizzie" (Dukasi)
Harley Davidson (Dukasi)

Wild animals:
Hedgehog (Dukasi)
SM2905; Reindeer (Dukasi)
SM2908; Giraffes (Dukasi)
SM2910; Elephants (Dukasi)
SM2909; Dromedary (Dukasi)
SM2922: Chipmunks (Dukasi)

Easter decorations:
SM3200 Easter rabbit (Dukasi)
Basket with Easter eggs (Dukasi)
SM3204 Easter chicks (Dukasi)