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History section:

In our "History section" we present products for people who are interested in learning more about the past of Germany.
What we offer is documentary. We will try to expand this product line, but this will be done very carefully and we will not include anything which glorifies war or supports hatred or can be considered as propaganda. It should be strictly documentary.
Every library should check whether our products are suitable. We may also add new categories.
We start with only two products. We selected them after a business trip to Thuringia, Germany.
We are preparing an English language tourist guide for this relatively small state which is now part of the united Germany.
Many of the high tech weapon systems have been manufactured or assembled during the last years of WWII in huge underground facilities in an area of Thuringia, called, the Jonastal.

The book "Hitler's Treasures and Wonder Weapons" is the only one which has been translated into English of a series of publications which deal with the activities in and around the "Jonastal" before and during WWII.
The "Jonastal" is an area in Thuringia where huge underground factories have been built to allow the production of the so called "wonder weapons" safely protected against the air rides.
Many prisoners used as slave workers lost their lives in this period.
The book provides many background information which include pictures and references.
Besides fantasy stories about hidden treasures and weapons serious work is still going on to find out facts. I hope that in future an information center will inform interested visitors in a descent and correct way. History should never be hidden. Tis applies to the terrible things which occurred during the ruler ship of Hitler as for the time of the pharao's in Egypt, the Roman empire and many other periods including the present one and those to come.

This airplane looks familiar to me. according to my information the US forces captured one prototype but no engineering documents. They have been destroyed before.

This DVD is a Canadian production which shows an original black and white film created by the "Deutsche Luftwaffe" for training of top pilots on the revolutionary ME 262, the first jet fighter of the world. This fighter was also assembled in underground facilities in the Jonastal.
After seeing and listening to the instructions, you almost feel ready for take off.

Each war plane museum should offer this great piece of documentary to its visitors!

The first test flight of the ME 262 took place in July 18, 1942. The pilot was Fritz Wendel. It was a single seater.
Please check the Internet for technical data and more details.

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We will add later quality products from Europe.

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