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Visit and explore Goderich and surroundings
Tourist region: "Huron, Perth, Waterloo und Wellington"
Ontario, Canada, Tourism, Travel Guide

Goderich, Canada, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
Goderich and surroundings - many thanks to MapArt

Goderich has only a population of approximately 7500 but the largest Canadian harbor on Lake Huron. However, this harbor shall not have any side effects in the wonderful sandy beaches.
This little town has lots of charm and offers in summer all kind of activities on the water. We came in October and had no chance to do anything like that.
It is a paradise for fishermen -either on the Maitland River or Lake Huron.
Tennis and golf are other activities which are offered. But you can also relax and watch the boats or an beautiful sunset.
We were amazed how much was done to promote tourism.
A part of the former railways track from Guelph to Goderich was converted into a hiking path by an initiative of local citizens. This includes the Menesetung Bridge. "Menesetung" is the name which the Chippewa used for the Maitland River.
Goderich, Canada, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
The harbor of Goderich

Goderich, Canada, Ontario, tourism, travel guide

Goderich, Canada, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
The sandy beach of Goderich during summer - many thanks to "Whpq" and Wikipedia

Goderich, Canada, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
Huron Historic Goal - many thanks to "Mikerobe007" and Wikipedia
Visit in Goderich the "Huron Historic Gaol". This former prison with court room hosts today a museum. But you must be there between May and end of August. Otherwise you will find the doors locked as we did.
I wish the highly paid marketing experts for tourism in Ontario would have a better knowledge of the actual situation. Unrealistic statements such as giving the impression that our province is open all year long to visitors caused already disappointment to many of our guests. Solutions for improvement of the tourist business and not excuses for the present situation are mandatory.
When the death penalty was still used the convicts were hanged right there - sometimes the public was allowed to watch the execution. Certainly as a warning.
Today the place is still used for events but for much friendlier ones. Please use the Internet or ask for actual information when you are in Goderich.

Goderich, Canada, Ontario, tourism, travel guide

I was surprised by the street system of Goderich. Wide roads which radiate from a traffic circle.

Goderich, Canada, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
The pedestrian bridge over the "Maitland River"
Goderich, Canada, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
The "Maitland River"seen from the bridge

Not being able to enjoy one of the sandy beaches we did some sightseeing of the surroundings. Fisherman still enjoyed their hobby, and we saw a golf course and even a place to play tennis.
We drove to the Maitland River and did some hiking.

Goderich, Canada, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
Go for a hike!

Goderich, Canada, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
The plaque for the brave citizens who saved the bridge

Obviously local individuals and companies pledged money to built this bridge. Their names had been burned into the planks.
It was a nice walk and we enjoyed the scenery.
We did not do any shopping, even after we have been told that the shopping center is an attraction for many people who live in this area.
After an accident walking is not any longer a pleasure for me - it became a pain. But Elizabeth, my wife, loves it. Next time when we visit this beautiful area, we will do this in summer. She can go on a hiking tour, take many pictures while I may visit the "Huron County Museum". This work sharing worked very well. But the beaches and the water we will enjoy together - she in the sun, me in the shade.
We only have to figure out where to find a nice and reasonable prices accommodation in high season. I believe Goderich can be an excellent stating point to explore the surroundings.
If you love activities in the winter they are also offered here - cross country skiing and snowmobiling are the main attractions.

Goderich Harbour shot with Olympus E-PL1

Goderich Beach , Ontario, Canada

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