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Fanshawe Pioneer Village in London, Ontario
Tourism, Travel Guide


Fanshawe Pioneer Village
2609 Fanshawe PARK RD. E.
London, ON N5X 4A1
Phone: 519-457-1296
Fax:: 519-457-3364
Hours of Operation:

Victoria Day Weekend to Thanksgiving
Tuesday - Sunday and Holiday Mondays
10:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m

Thanksgiving - December 18 th Prebooked Education Programs and Ticketed Events only

Canada is a young country. At the beginning I was surprised that everything which dates back to the 19 th century is considered to be antique. A house built in 1850 is a heritage building. However, many houses do not reach this age. They are torn down and replaced by something modern which may last for 30 or 40 years.
Sometimes papers publish pictures of cities how they looked about 100 years ago. Very often they were filled with life and looked better to me than today.
No wonder that villages or towns who preserved old structures are becoming more and more attractions.
Real attractions are places such as Fanshawe Pioneer Village which we had visited some time ago on a day were we had some rain. The village shows how life was in the country side during the 19 th. century in this area. Historical buildings have been moved to this park or replicas have been built to demonstrate this.
We always approached friendly interpreters in historical costumes which could explain everything. Most of them were busy with school kids. I wish some places in Germany would be willing to learn and provide this kind of service, but I talked against a wall when I was there.
Fanshawe Pioneer Village is located in a beautiful large park.
Please do not make the mistake to park outside of this park. You would have to walk a long distance to the village. You can stop everywhere , but follow the signs. A parking lot is very close to the village.
Close to the entrance you will see a saw mill which dated back to the year 1885. It was still in operation for quiet a wile in the 20 the century.
The old brewery is a replica of a brewery from 1828.
I believe that unfortunately no volunteers could be found to demonstrate how brewing was done at that time and you could also not get any samples to compare it with today's beer. I would have loved to da that!
The General Store was a different story. They sold souvenirs. Don't miss to visit it, even when you do not have any intentions of buying something.

London, Ontario, Canada, Fanshaw Heritage Village, tourism, travel guide
An old brewery. Unfortunately nobody demonstrated the actual brewing and offered samples!

London, Ontario, Canada, Fanshaw Heritage Village, tourism, travel guide
Almost opposite to the brewery is the General Store.

London, Ontario, Canada, Fanshaw Heritage Village, tourism, travel guide
The General Store

Many North American love antiques. My wife Elizabeth is no exception. They collect almost everything and Kitsch is becoming art. A well known TV show is dedicated to antiques and their value.
Browse through the store if you love what you see. Elizabeth can do this for hours - I am not so patient.

London, Ontario, Canada, Fanshaw Heritage Village, tourism, travel guide
The General Store

Plan enough time and visit all houses. You will find a brief description of each one on a sign.
If you have any questions, just ask. All guides were busy with school classes when we made our tour but we still got all needed information.
As you see the interpreters are in costumes of the 19 th century and obviously they have fun working here. Eventually this outfit is not as comfortable ad jeans and T-shirt, but I think that the girls and woman look very attractive in them.

London, Ontario, Canada, Fanshaw Heritage Village, tourism, travel guide
Both of them had fun

The following picture shows a collection of items which were used in the past in a home. Collectors show those still today proudly as decorations in modern homes.

London, Ontario, Canada, Fanshaw Heritage Village, tourism, travel guide
You can still find modern homes decorated or furnished in a similar style

Nicely restored old farm machinery is displayed and was an eye catcher for many visitors. I wish they could be shown in operation. At least at specific times.
You have to come by yourself to Fanshawe Pioneer Village to see all the treasures. There is an old school, the meeting room from the "Royal Orange Lodge" and much more.
Wear comfortable shoes and do not forget your camera. you have to do lots of walking!.

London, Ontario, Canada, Fanshaw Heritage Village, tourism, travel guide
I don't think that the roof on the tractor is part of the original design

Part of the display is a shop of an blacksmith. Unfortunately, no demonstrations were performed during our visit.
Please watch you kids that they do not sneak in. You do not want to get them hurt!

London, Ontario, Canada, Fanshaw Heritage Village, tourism, travel guide
The shop of a blacksmith

As usual, I became hungry and thirsty after walking for and back, climbing stairs, looking for Elizabeth and her relative Kathy.
Fortunately, Kathy shared my feelings and Elizabeth did have no chance to hinder us for a light meal in the "Stonewaters Tea Room". As far as I know the name of this place has been changed since our visit.
Please use the Internet to find the official web site with the most actual information. Check especially for events. Some of them are dedicated to the war of 1812.

London, Ontario, Canada, Fanshaw Heritage Village, tourism, travel guide
We liked it here

Visit Fanshawe Pioneer Village

Beautiful Aerial View of London, Ontario | Victoria Park

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Once upon a time Fort Erie was host to many exciting events such as "Edinburgh 1745", the battle of the Jakobites against the English.

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