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Visit and explore Elora and surroundings
Tourist region: "Huron, Perth, Waterloo und Wellington"
Ontario, Canada, Tourism, Travel Guide

Elora, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
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Fergus and Elora are sister cities in the historic "Wellington County". Both are located on the "Grand River". The "Elora Gorge" is one of the most exciting nature attractions of Ontario.

Elora, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
This picture of the Elora Gorge was taken in November
Elora, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
This picture was taken in winter

If you want to tour the Grand River in a canoe or kayak don't go down one of the water falls if you are mot skilled.
We have already mentioned several times that the Grand River is attracting many anglers. You can see them everywhere.

Elora, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
Unfortunately, we did not have enough time for an extensive hiking tour

We strolled through the village and I had often a hard time to get my wife out of certain stores to keep us going. However, I had to admit that I also enjoyed to see the individually operated stores and to talk to the owners instead of visiting franchised outlets of big companies in the large shopping malls.

Elora, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
Elora on the first of April - still an attraction

During another visit in April, we arrived early in the morning and had breakfast in a country inn. We believe it is a nice place for staying if you want to spend a few days in this area.

Elora, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
A country inn on the banks of the Grand River

Elora, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
Stroll through Elora - there is always something to discover!

Elora, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
Check the unique stores.

Elora, Ontario, tourism, travel guide

Elora, Ontario, tourism, travel guide

Elora, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
Life entertainment

Elora, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
We had also some ice cream

The surrounding invites hikers, bikers and people who love activities on the river.

Elora, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
The "Elora Quarry"

Because this photo was shot in November you don't see anybody in the water. This is different during the summer months. Despite the warning signs brave kids are jumping from the rocks into the water. Diving is also not allowed - obviously because no insurance provides coverage in case of an accident.
We recommend that you spend at least three days in this area. There is so much to explore. If a country inn is too costly, just look for a bed and breakfast. There are many good places around.
Enjoy the no smoking policy in all restaurants. Canada has according to my experience a very good health system operated by the government and I understand that reducing the health hazards caused by smoking helps to reduce the health care costs. However, I don't know what "Canada Pension" thinks about that when they have to provide pension payments for a longer time.

Elora Gorge, Grand River

Elora Fergus Aerial Video Production

Fergus and Elora, Ontario

Elora Ontario Canada Midsummer

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