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We receive continuously requests for accommodations, maps, event etc. We are not a travel agency and we do not get any support.
We list all of our advertisers in our searchable database. In addition we included our own web sites which may contain information helpful to you.
The government from Ontario created new tourist regions for reasons not known to us - maybe as part of a job creation program. They forgot to create the required and Internet friendly maps for these regions. It makes no sense for us to use these regions without suitable maps which allow a fast and easy overview. No visitor from overseas is so familiar with Ontario. For that reason we still use the former tourist regions.
Newfoundland was much smarter and did not follow this stupid idea. Instead they created attractive videos which attract mainly nature lovers - the target group of visitors to this province!
Many of our listings fit into different categories of our data base. For that reason they will be listed in all applicable ones. In addition our database has a search function.
We try our best to promote these provinces of Canada, but without any support by the tourism business it is a very slow process. We cannot also not spend any longer our own money to promote business for free. In Germany and in Newfoundland-Labrador we got free access to many attractions in return for a web site - not so in Ontario. No major and no CEO which I asked for free access to certain events for me and my wife who is supporting me with taking pictures had the power to do this. Ho can people like that achieve anything for future growths of our province?

So I ask real business people to use the services which we offer that we can proceed with our work! We have many prerequisites already in place for advertising in German and in English. Check the ranking of our web sites. Use either or google. de and use English or German key words!