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Enjoying Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein and Switzerland

We have started with a detailed English language tourist guide for Bavaria. It is our intention to add Franconia which is an essential part of Bavaria and to add also the still missing parts of Thuringia.
We continuously receive requests for accommodations, events, tourism attractions rental companies etc.
However, we are not in the positions to fulfill these demands nor allows our financial situation to order catalogues in Germany and sending them all over the world.
For that reason we have begun to create a database which allows the German tourist industry to be present offers to the English speaking market.
By entering simple key words the user has the possibility to find companies which were willing to use our services.

Please note:
• We just have started. Please do not be too disappointed if you do not find yet what you are looking for. We are approaching the tourism industry in above German speaking countries now and we hope to get support.

• Please select only a category which already has active links. You will recognize those by the blue fields. Red fields indicate that we do not have any entries yet.

• If you want to search more detailed, please enter keywords, such as Germany, Switzerland, name of a city, etc.

• If you click at a link a new window will be opened. Please do not forget to close it when you want to leave.

• We did not show any prices in our data base because we do not want to be responsible for any wrong or outdated information. These information should be contained in the web site of the respective business.

• we are not responsible for the content of sites to which we have provided a link.

• we are sponsoring certain institutions, such as museums, parks, youth hostels etc. We could not always ask for permission to include a link to such sites. We gladly remove the entry on request of the respective institution.

• If you have any suggestions, please send us an e-mail.