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international trading company started
a own line of Springerle molds for making designer cookies and crafts
We are also offering the well known cook books from Olli Leeb

Welcome Canadian customers

For many years we offered beautiful replicas of Springerle cookie molds from a well known Swiss supplier.
Because of serious problems with prompt delivery we lost customers and money by filling a backorder.
For that reason we decided to start our own line of molds which will be manufactured in Germany by Dukasi and to sell our old inventory with a discount of 50%.
My son's company TECCEM was a very valuable help to do the first production trials. However, his company develops and produces speciality lubricants and is not equipped for this kind of work.
After purchasing some original molds through eBay we found a small company in Thuringia, Germany which carved new molds for us. They also manufacture all replicas. Dukasi is much better equipped than my son's company to manufacture these replicas. They also market the replicas in Europe and found already many customers for carving new molds.
We are very happy with this arrangement and we never will produce any pirated copies. This will naturally increase our costs, but we do not want to do any illegal things.
However, we will take legal actions against everybody who copies and sells our molds, but we allow to make art work, cookies etc. by using our molds and to sell those things.

The following picture shows some of the molds which have been carved by "Dukasi" for us. They are already included in our shopping cart and more new designs will added continuously when the cash flow allows this.

Country Living
Curious molds
Fables/Fairy Tales
Fishing & Hunting
Leisure Time
Olli Leeb Books

Our molds can not only be used for making artful cookies, they are also suitable for artwork.
Step by step we will add new molds to each category.

Please enjoy our on-line offer of replicas of Springerle cookie molds.
If you want to create art cookies, Springerle, wonderful and unique items out of wax, marzipan, clay, paper maché, ceramic or even salt dough - our molds may guide you to a new hobby or even some side income. Paint them and participate on local art shows or baking sales.

Some of our own molds!

We will try to add new designs to our shopping cart. This depends from our cash flow.
One of our favorites is the "Scarecrow".


A good customer from us made the statement that our new molds do not show as many details as those which were carved a few hundred years ago.
This is not 100% true! We ordered motives which were selling good from our previous line of Springerle molds. Most of our customers were happy with these pretty motives which do not need excessive skills to imprint a cookie.
Mr. Siegmann from Dukasi demonstrated with the mold from the "Burg Hohenzollern", a castle in the Swabian Alb in Germany that little details can be shown. Hand carving of new Springerle molds is a skill which only few people can still do. Mr. Siegmann is one of them!
Can you image how many hours it needs to carve such a mold? Everything is done by hand - no routers or computer controlled machinery! All this has its price and is definitely more costly than copy an old mold or do simple pirating of them. This happened obviously to our former Swiss supplier as I was told by him. He passed away and I asked to get our own molds carved in order not to become involved in anything not legal. My friend Ken has the same policy - he purchased all his antique molds from collectors to make replicas.

The original castle
The Springerle cookie mold!

Many of our cookie molds came from Switzerland. We are replacing them by our own line of molds.
In order to make room for our own line of molds, we sell all Swiss made molds with a discount of 50%. You recognize them by the item number which does not contain the letters "SM".
Most of the Swiss cookie molds are replicas from originals owned by collectors or museums. It took many years to find and contact the owners of these originals from all over Europe and North America and to get the permission to copy them. This was a very long and costly process.
Some of the originals are still displayed in museums!
In order to make the molds look as authentic as possible, a hand casting process and a very special material is used.
A painted surface gives these molds a wood like look. Unfortunately the owner of the Swiss supplier passed away and we faced some problems.

Our own line of molds.

Only none poisonous material is used for the molds made by Teccem and Dukasi in order not to pose any health hazards during the production process and for the users of the molds. It is a ceramic respective clay like material. Food grade shellac is used as a paint to prevent sticking of the dough to the mold and to protect it against water when cleaning it. Please do not soak them in water!
Please understand that your cookie mold is a very unique item that you should treat with the required care.
When transferring the production of our molds from Teccem to Dukasi we did many improvements, such as a changed hanging device, using of a vacuum chamber for the casting processes, better spray equipment and a weight reduction. This should also improve resistance against chipping.

Just click at the category and follow the instructions. If you still have problems read our detailed help information by clicking at "Shopping Cart Help".
To allow you to find the mold easier that you are looking for, we have divided the web site in different categories. Naturally it is sometimes very difficult to decide for the right category of a mold. We apologize for any wrongdoing. You can also use the search function of our shopping cart.

Please be aware hat we had to reduce all the pictures of our Springerle to a certain size.
For that reason they are in a different scale.

the motif is always recessed.
The prices in this shopping cart are in
US funds.
We charge a flat rate of $11.00 for shipping and handling when using Canada Post. This fee applies for each shipment whether it is a small or a large order!
Please click at the Canadian flag below if you are from Canada.

Unfortunately, our shopping cart program can't add this flat fee. For that reason always add $11.00 when writing your cheque or a money order.
Please be aware that we prefer PayPal for payment. Thank you for your understanding.

Feedback from our Customers

Our friend Ken Hamilton, the Springerle Baker, makes not only delicious Springerle, he also provides extensive information about the molds and their history. We have installed a link to his site - enjoy!
Beth Grbich, a newer customer was another great supporter of our business. She wrote us lovely notes and supported Elizabeth with her cat project. It is amazing how many good people we learned to know just by selling replicas from cookie molds.
Beth sold hand painted Springerle. Similar to Ken, she offered them in different flavors and they are also master pieces. Unfortunately,m she can not do this any longer because of family reasons.
Please use also this installed link to see what she offers. Both web sites will be a great help to inspire you.

The following are a few pictures of cookies which Beth had sent us.

Naturally, Beth used only paint which had been approved by the FDA for food coloring.
We ate all her cookies and had a hard time not do this in one day!

A new use of our Dukasi Molds

To make decorative candies using "Isomalt"

Isomalt is a sugar substitute which has only limited effects on blood sugar levels. It has less calories than sugar and has been approved for use in the United States since 1990 (source Wikipedia).

A first trial using Isomalt to make candies with our Dukasi molds.

Canadian customer click here
Kanada Fahne

Copyright: copying and selling of pirated molds from our own line will be prosecuted