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The Welland Feral Cat Support Group need help

A happy cat family wants to help Tony and his group to save feral or homeless cats.
I know - many cats need Tony's help
Read Pumpkin's story

I am Pumpkin and I am the "Lady of the House". I was a homeless cat in the nineties and my old friend Lucky showed me where to get food. I was starving and very little. I am still little.
Somebody opened the door and let me in. and I had a new home. I said good bye to Lucky who was used to live outside and was not really healthy. But he kept coming and I watched him from the kitchen window.
I enjoyed the time being the only cat. I got all the attention - I got good food which I never had tasted before. I got pillows to sleep on - just all the things a cat deserves when she decided to live with humans.
I was even allowed to be in the garden when my female servant came with me.
To please her I used my skills and caught a mouse to show her my gratitude. But what was she doing? She screamed and did not eat this delicacy. She even wasted it somewhere instead eating it or returning it to me. So no more mice for humans! I will not tell you what I did with mice which I caught in the house.
Please do not ask me for my age. You never ask a lady for that!
Tony, another cat lover, visits sometimes my care givers. He supports TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return) as the most proven and most efficient way to keep our population under control. He also said that existing laws to protect animals must be reinforced. I agree to all that and I can also see some improvements in my life. I am not different to humans!
That's me - Pumpkin when I was young and almost totally happy
Please keep reading to learn about my little complaints!

As you can see I enjoyed the outdoors and ...
I was involved in all family events

I was young and happy
I liked to crawl into my little throne

Naturally, humans are not as perfects as cats. So I had a few complains. The food service was not always in time and when I suddenly felt hungry at 3:00 am I had to raise my voice to call the female servant to do her duty.
I gave that up with the male who is married to her. He just did not listen and follow my cries for attention. He called it "Katzenmusik" which is German. Somebody said he is stubborn as a cat. But that is wrong. We are free and listen eventually when we know it is good for us. We are not slaves or servants like stupid dogs. Have you ever met a cat who does silly things like giving a paw on command or roll over? In the meantime I understand German as good as English but most the time I will not show that.
I love to be outside but listening to my servants and their friend Tony I am aware that this can be dangerous. I do not go on the road because I heard that some drivers love to hit animals with their cars.
I also can catch diseases. For that reason I got what they called all required shots. I am also what is known as spayed. I do not exactly know what that is. It has something to do with what they call an overpopulation of cats. Tony always talks about terrible things which he saw and he spends lots of his own money to help those cats to get the required treatments and to find a home and care takers.
I am pretty happy here and do not want to move to another home

Bigfoot with his six tows
After a few very good years my female servant started to discuss with her husband to bring another cat into the house. Referable black one. She said I need company. But she never asked me for my opinion. I remember the time when I was with Lucky who passed away as I learned. I always had to walk behind him and when he found food he eat first and than I was allowed to get the left over's. He also jumped sometimes on me and I never could figure out why and for what.
But my female servant got her will and suddenly she brought not only one, but two kittens in the house. She named the black male Robert and the black and white one Patrick or Patty. Patty had a birth defect, he has six tows instead of only 5 as it should be. The male called him for that reason Bigfoot.
I did not like the six paws - what would he do with those? Was the male servant right? Should I become friendlier to them when they use my throne to sleep on it or when they use my bowl to eat my food?
The female explained that they were born in a barn and would have not survived. I was thinking what Tony always said to save innocent animals and their need for a home and enjoy a live long unconditional friendship. Was I jealous when these newcomers got all that attention?

Bigfoot and Robert resting on my throne!
Bigfoot - I still didn't know whether I should like him

They were treated like babies but all the educational work was left to me.
I had to chase them down into the basement where the litter box is - my personal litter box! I had to share it now with them until my servant finally smartened up and brought two more.
I did not get any special reward for my hard work and all the sharing of my belongings. The male even threatened me that I should not be so rough with the little ones. He told me that they will grow up and they will give it back to me.
I was not happy any longer, but I still got my food, my water and slowly I accepted the reality and got back to my old life. What can you do with those stubborn and dumb humans? But they were still needed and they still showed some attention to me. They allowed me to sit on their laps and sleep in my special chair in the office as nothing had happened.

Finally after many years we all became real good friends. My step brothers accepted that I was the first one who became the food served and my aid bought especially things which I loved. It was almost wonderful again.
Both servants tried their best to keep us happy and healthy. They went with me to a local animal hospital when I had problems using my litter box and used places which seemed to be perfect to do my business. It was hard for them to see, but they did not like the smell.
They gave me in the morning and the evening always some medication - only half a pill - what I did not like. I spit it out if possible. Unfortunately most the time they realized that and did the same terrible procedure over and over.
Today I rarely have any longer these "accidents".
Then suddenly, I became scared again. My hostess who was volunteering in a cat clinic talked about a little cat with a broken rear leg who needed urgently a foster home or she would be "put to sleep".
I knew immediately that this meant to have another intruder in our house, but I also was aware what "putting to sleep" meant. So I was waiting how this new kitten would act.
It was a shock for me and my step brothers. Margaret or Maggie how the servants called her was very bossy and tried to take over everything.
Look - have you ever seen something like that?

Sometimes I sleep on Maggie's side
We all believe that she got spoiled too much. Just see - nobody brushed our teeth and she even became "soft claws" in different colors. No wonder that she feels like a princess. She is also foolish. When we want to have a peaceful nap, she comes and bites us in our tails or does other silly things. Her eating behavior is also disgusting. She does not eat like we do. She always wants to be the first to get served and she even pushes us away from our bowls.
When we want to save some food she finishes everything. I believe we are too old to put up with that. Bigfoot walked away frustrated and is very often not willing to eat with us.
Then we have decided to work together to teach her proper cat behavior. This is a tough job and sometimes one of us gets really mad with her and shows her who the bosses are in this house. Our housekeepers do not have the required strength to do that.
The only help they provided is that they serve her the food in the bathroom and close the door. That means there is no stress any longer enjoying our well deserved meal. But she still finishes up what we left for later.
We even try to make her a part of our family and had a nap with her. This worked for a short time and than she started again with her foolish games which none of us appreciates because she is hurting us and we must discipline her.


I want to tell you my opinion about our outdoor cat group. They are also a happy family. They always get visited by other cats. Some of them are accepted to stay with them - others not. I stay now most of the time in the house, but sometimes I am allowed to have a brief contact with them.
We never fight - we accept each other and I know tat their leader "Mama cat&" is also a senior.
I believe they love their alternative life style. Tony told us one time that he took care of a colony in another city. I do not know where, but he was devastated when they became homeless again because a few humans did not want that they have also a place to live. Others humans came and fed them and brought their little children with them. But nobody could touch them because they all were feral cats.
Some of these poor cats where kicked out of homes as kittens and I do not think that they did anything wrong. How can humans be so cruel?
I know, we will never be kicked out and we show our unconditional love every day to our human care givers.

Maggie stealing my food from my throne
What is Maggie doing now? Playing with a fly! I did that too.
I forgot to mention that our male servant does not call her with the given name - he called her "Krallentier" which is German and means animal with claws. Unfortunately we lost our claws during a cruel procedure.

Watch the video which my male friend had published about living in harmony with feral cats