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136 West Main Street | Welland Ontario Canada L3C 5A2
Phone. 905-788-3577
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One of our favorite places in Welland, Ontario

Contact information:

Café Amalia
Italian Ice Cream, Espresso, Cappuccino, and much more
445 Thorold Road
Welland, Ontario, L3C 3W7
Phone: (905) 734-1500

Hours of Operation:

Open 7 days a week
6:45 am - 10:00 pm

Café (Cafe) Amalia is an Italian place which brings all the good memories to the old country back.
Italy became already in the fifties again a tourist destination not only for Europeans. As a student I had once a vacation job on a camp site and learned not only a little bit of the language but also about their culture and how the Italians celebrate events and socialize.
It did not take a long time and I became part of a local group of artists, business men and other citizens.
It was never boring - even when I could hardly understand a single word at the beginning. But with help of red wine, and local specialities it was always fun to learn.
I spent all the money which I earned and which I wanted to take back. I never felt sorry about that. It was an unforgettable life experience. I just made it back to the German border with my motor scooter. Then all my money was gone.

That is me with my Maico scooter in Germany

I was so surprised that Café Amalia brought all these good memories immediately back.
I felt treated as friend and not as a paying customer and I told my wife Elizabeth about my fist impressions.
Elizabeth is a coffee monster - I prefer espresso which does not make me dizzy or gives me stomach problems if it very strong. Please drink it black or with sugar! I am diabetic but I enjoy it still with raw sugar.
Cafe Amalia

Immediately, I also became addicted to the original gelato (Italian ice cream).
Believe me it really tastes like in Italy or in Europe where you can find "gelaterias" in many places.
Over there it is served all year long. Why do Canadians enjoy good ice cream only in summer?
I was not surprised that Amalia still knew how to use "taste improvers" to make out of a bowl of ice cream a unique delicacy. I always prefer some alcoholic additives - but there is no limit what you can do!
Try it!

Sometimes I order my gelato with one of the real "taste improvers" how I call liqueur.
I gave Amalia some suggestions, such as which fruits, real whipping cream and with a special liqueur made with egg yolks etc.
However, talking to her and trying some samples of her home cooked food she convinced me that she certainly knows much more about southern Italian cooking than me.
Amalia and her family have many friends. I learned about Pat Pagano one of them. He is also Italian descent and besides being a musician he also loves fishing. Amalia's son - Aldo - has a fishing business.
In my slideshow which I prepared for Café Amalia I use music from Pat. For other projects I used music when he was still working together with his dad Mario who is retired now.
Just use some of the links listed below to get impressions.

Costantino - Amalia's husband - makes always delicious sandwiches for me.
I love the imported prosciutto with cheese and with nothing else on it. Just ask him if you want to have it with additional green stuff or something else.
All his customers and friends do not call him Constantino - they call him Pancho!
I prefer the Italian prosciutto because it is not as salty as the North American or Canadian made one.
I also enjoy watching original Italian TV - not only soccer games.

Amalia and her husband Costantino or Pancho as most guests call him

You can see that people enjoy being at Amalia's. You must not sit alone one a table. It is like in Europe where you love to have company in places like this.
Just drop in an find out!
Costantino and Amalia have always a friendly word for you.

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