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Byng Island Conservation Area at the banks of the Grand River, Ontario, Canada - tourism, travel guide

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Contact information:

Byng Island
Grand River Conservation Authority
4969 Haldimand Rd. #20
Dunnville, ON N1A 2W3
Tel. 1-877-558-4722
Hours of Operation:

Last Friday in April to last Sunday after Canadian Thanksgiving

Byng Island is a conservation area on the banks of the Grand River, close to Dunnville.
We love to visit the large swimming pool on Byng Island. It is kept very clean. As much as we love to go to Lake Erie for swimming, we are never sure weather it is not banned because an excess of e-coli bacteria in the water.
It is a very short drive to Byng Island for us and we never made any bad experience. If you stay in the Niagara Region and you need to cool down, why do you not visit Byng Island?

Dunnville, Byng Island, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
Byng Island welcomes you!

This recreational area is not only an attraction for people who want to use the pool. It is also a camp site and a place which offers many other outdoor activities, such as bird watching, fishing, hiking, biking, and many others. We saw even TV or computer addicted children becoming active.
I was feeling hungry by the mouth-watering smell of the barbecues. The biggest surprise however, was that there was no excessive noise which is unusual for Canada. I hope this will not change!
Strict regulations are certainly helpful. They apply also for the pool area. You cannot bring any food or beverages with you and even smoking is banned. Seeing everyday the mess in front of our house I support this. People don't use the garbage bins on our road they drop everything on the side walk or the road.

Dunnville, Byng Island, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
The "beach"

The concrete side walk around the gigantic pool is an extension of the bottom of the pool. For that reason it is very easy for children and elderly people to access the water from everywhere.
No ladders or steps must be climbed and especially the little kids have fun running at full speed into the water.
You also do not hinder other people to go faster in the water when you need a longer time to get adjusted to the cooler temperature. On a hot day the water always feels cold at the beginning!
Please obey the strict regulations which you can see posted when you enter the pool area. Please ladies - if you come from Europe - don't take off your top. This is still not accepted in public pools. Wear a sexy bikini and most men will love that!

Dunnville, Byng Island, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
The path to the "launching platform"

Not only kids love to jump into the water. Even oversized man don't want to miss the fun of doing it. They are becoming young again.
Everybody must stand in line and wait for the sign "ready to go" which is given by the life guards on duty.
Naturally the water is deeper around the "launching platform". This is our preferable place to stay. I always try to find a shady place, but Elizabeth my wife loves the bright sun, despite the fact that she gets dizzy from it. Who can understand women? I think I never can follow their logics.
Luckily, we normally find most the time a compromise which means we have to move to keep both of us happy. I am reading in the shade, Elizabeth in the sun. Later at home I patiently listen to her complains of being sunburned.

Dunnville, Byng Island, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
A artistic jump from the "launching platform"

Naturally, Elizabeth jumped too - but not like that boy! When we traveled through Thuringia in Germany she tried all the water slides in every spa which we visited. The children were really impressed by her and had great fun in correcting her German or speaking English to her.
She can hardly wait to visit "her" Thuringia again. We both love the numerous health spas. Unfortunately there is nothing comparable in Ontario - at least I do not know one. Only in Niagara Falls I can see some attempts, but they are all tailored for use mainly by children and not by adults.
However, we have something which Germany does not have - lots of space and much more lakes. We are still trying to explore the northern part of Ontario and to include it in our travel guide.
Please do not ask us for any catalogues, maps, travel routes etc. We are a small company and would go in bankruptcy very fast if we would do this. We also do not recommend any accommodations. They can advertise with us. Try the official web sites to get what you need.
You must use the search function of your web browser. We had to remove many links to original websites because they did not work any longer and I cannot waste my time to check all the time for dead links.
When a new Internet address is really required it is easy to re-direct visitors of the old site to the new one. Every "web master" should know how to do that.

Dunnville, Byng Island, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
Food and ice cold drinks are offered here

Naturally, we follow the posted rules and do not bring any food or beverages with us. Without a cool box we would not enjoy it anyhow and we do not want to be packed like a mule and carry too much from the car to the pool area.
For that reason, we visit the little food stand where ice cold pop, ice cream and all the well known Canadian delicatessens are being offered. The Ontario law does not allow that alcohol is served at such places.
All hot meals are freshly prepared for that reason there is always a line up. Canadians are very patient and used to stand in line. I normally order an ice cream and a diet coke. That means I must not wait so long.
If you collected too many calories by having a snack there, we recommend that you do not sit down, but walk around to see how people who come only for a "day in the park" spend the time here. You will see that listening to music and eating is one of their favorites.
Only are active and play games. This is quiet different to the people who stay on one of the camp sites.

Dunnville, Byng Island, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
Area for visitors who stay only for one day

That means that the activities are very similar to those in Europe. People are talking, reading, eating watching their children - only the alcohol is missing. We got used to that and have still a good time. The high prices and the strict laws about driving and drinking alcohol make it even easy.
If you only here for a day, why do you not rent a boat and explore the surroundings? People are normally very friendly here and it is easy to make contacts. Ask them and they certainly will give you some advise what to see.
There is always something to do or to see on "Byng Island"!

Dunnville, Byng Island, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
Even during the very hot July in 2011 the huge pool was not too crowded.

Dunnville, Byng Island, Ontario, tourism, travel guide

Save our wetlands and support the activists!

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