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A visit to the "Canadian Military Heritage Museum" in Brantford, Ontario, Canada, tourism.

If you are in the Brantford area and want to learn something about the military past of Canada don't miss to visit the "Canadian Military Heritage Museum".
Ask for an available guide and if you are interested you can spend hours with him.
During our last visit a part was dedicated to vintage motor cycles. Many of them used by the military. As an old biker I enjoyed this part also very much.
Address: (location)
Canadian Military Heritage Museum
347 Greenwich Street
Brantford, Ontario

Mailing Address:
Canadian Military Heritage Museum
P.O. Box 27033
794 Colborne Street East
Brantford, ON N3S 7V1
Hours of operation:
We may not be informed about changes. For that reason please visit theofficial site
Phone: 519-759-1313
Fax: 519-759-6243

Kriesgsmuseum, Brantford, Ontario, Tourismus, Reiseführer

To find the museum is a little bit complicated. However, when you find the first posted sign just follow it and watch for more. Then you hardly can miss it.
Please be careful that you do not pass the museum. That happened to us because it does not look like a museum but as an factory.
We finally recognized it by an old canon close to the entrance which was waiting for renovation. I assume that this job has been completed in the meantime.
For directions and the most actual information please visit the official site.
Even when you loose your way - please do not give up. We were really impressed by all the artifacts and how the military history was presented to us. A big thank you to all the volunteers who did a great job.

Kriesgsmuseum, Brantford, Ontario, Tourismus, Reiseführer

Please be aware that this museum does not receive any government funding. At least this was my latest information.
Everything what you see here was pledged and the friendly and very knowledgeable guides are all volunteers.
Their task is to collect relics from different wars and to restore them in order to show to the public Canada's military past and to honor the fallen soldiers and the veterans.

My father in law was during his life always an very good travel companion. In the picture he is talking in 2002 with Len Hill our excellent guide.
Len showed us many hidden treasures such as hand guns which are not displayed to the public. He was very knowledgeable and showed much respect to the weapons used by the Germans. He immediately realized where I came from. He was stationed in Germany and had no bad feelings.
I know that despite the war between our nations friendships were built up and when the Canadians left Germany fare well parties were celebrated.
Please pledge something for the museum. All costs for maintenance and utilities must be paid without getting any official support

Military heritage museum in Brantford, Ontario, Kanada

Canadian Military Heritage Museum in Brantford

On an area of 13,000 sq. ft. are displayed:
• restored military vehicles
• full size replicas from airplanes used during WWI
• uniform, medals, awards
• photographs and documents
• all kind of weapons and ammunition
• displays of battle fields and much, much more

The exhibition does not only refer to WWI and WWII. It also shows information about the war of 1812, the war in South Africa against the Boers, the Korean war, the gulf war and UN missions.

Canadian Military Heritage Museum,  Brantford, Ontario, tourism, travel guide

Canadian Military Heritage Museum,  Brantford, Ontario, tourism, travel guide

When my 85 years old father in law saw this canon he became really excited. During WWII it was one of his duties to maintain and repair them in Europe.
Then he found uniforms with the emblems of his regiment which made his day. Together with Len he searched in many displayed photographs for former comrades.
I believe that he could have spend all day in the museum looking around and talking to Len.
I personally do not have any good memories about wars and suggested that it would be much nice and better to share a beer together instead of killing each other in the most expensive way only because of politics. Everybody agreed to that. Obviously I was not the only one who met great people in every visited country. What could you do with all the money wasted? However, the world is not perfect and we must be prepared to face attacks and threads to our culture and our life style.

Ich war ein fanatischer Motorradfahrer und ich freute mich als ich in diesen Museum eine recht reichhaltige Sammlung con Motorrädern entdeckte.

Canadian Military Heritage Museum,  Brantford, Ontario, tourism, travel guide

I am glad that I did all the traveling in southern Ontario with my father in law. We always had a good time together. Maybe you are in a similar situation and want to make somebody happy by showing him things like this museum. We always should honour our elderly people when they did something for their country or even risked their lives.
I was lucky that I never had to serve but I worked in the defense industry and it was just normal that we always tried to be better than our competition. So you see I am not a dreamer and to keep peace as long as possible and too spend the money to built up our countries is certainly preferable instead of joining a not justified war. Visit former East Germany or the GDR how it was called and see what can be achieved by doing so. To see more go to our tourist web site for Thuringia.

Canadian Military Heritage Museum,  Brantford, Ontario, tourism, travel guide

Kriesgsmuseum, Brantford, Ontario, Tourismus, Reiseführer
Canadian Military Heritage Museum,  Brantford, Ontario, tourism, travel guide

Canadian Military Heritage Museum in Brantford

Canadian Military Heritage Museum in Brantford

Canadian Military Heritage Museum,  Brantford, Ontario, tourism, travel guide

Canadian Military Heritage Museum,  Brantford, Ontario, tourism, travel guide

Canadian Military Heritage Museum,  Brantford, Ontario, tourism, travel guide

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