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Impressions from our trips between Ontario and Newfoundland-Labrador.
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Page 1, Ontario

The Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador has not yet been discovered by many tourists. It still has its original character and a life style more adjusted to nature and the environment.
For me it was almost like a step back into the past which many people consider today as the good old time. Living in Ontario I had heard many false prejudices about Newfoundland and its people. Even a female writer of a well known Canadian newspaper was allowed to spread her disturbed opinion country wide.
Fortunately, I got a contract from a German company to help promoting a first class resort which was being planned on the west coast of the island of Newfoundland.
This made it mandatory to familiarize us with this challenging project in March. We traveled by air and felt immediately in love with the people and the province.

We were convinced that it was mandatory to show German speaking people in Europe more of this widely unknown jewel on the east coast of our country. To do this we started our first trip by car in the same year and several more followed after that.
This web site gives you a few impressions of those trips. They stated and ended always in Welland, Ontario.
We show in this website impressions from the different provinces and the ferry trips to the island Newfoundland- also known as "The Rock".
Please visit our brief Internet travel guide by using the installed link.

The Welland Canal

Niagara Falls

The Niagara River

View from the CN Tower in Toronto

We had already visited Cobourg in Ontario a few times, but we love this relatively small town of about 20 000 with all the historic buildings which bring back all the grandeur of the past. It was established at the end of the eighteens century which is very old for Ontario. So we stopped here again.
We also have been in the German Coburg which is much older and bigger.
This time we could not stay very long in our Cobourg, but Elizabeth was starving for a fresh cup of coffee and both of us needed some exercises.
Two cups of that a day is enough for me. I prefer cold drinks and we had a full fridge of those in the trunk of our car as well as some snacks.
Elizabeth is reading some information about this giant in the downtown area. Unfortunately we both forgot who he was. I will check the Internet for more information. Hopefully I am successful!

Left: Elizabeth and the unknown giant.

If you have enough time I recommend to drive with your own car.
We did that after our initial visit and enjoyed it very much to learn more about the Atlantic provinces of our country.
This was very helpful for planing future trips and visits. For that reason we did not stay always on the highways.
Naturally we had to do compromises.
But, please do not miss to enjoy a brief drive along the Saint Lawrence River.
Don't miss the chance to explore an exciting part of Canada and of our culture!

Fast, but not exactly pleasant!

We drove along the St. Lawrence River...

... and stopped many, many times

We saw so many places which attracted us and which we wanted to visit again

Unfortunately we did not have the time to book a boat tour in Gananoque

We had used this bridge when we returned from a trip to the USA

Please watch the following slideshow to see what to expect in Newfoundland and Labrador

Journey to Newfoundland Labrador:

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