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Explore Trinity and surroundings, Newfoundland-Labrador travel guide
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Please use all the features which Google maps offer to explore the area surrounding Trinity in Newfoundland


Trinity is located in the tourist region "Eastern Region" of the province Newfoundland-Labrador. Trinity and its harbor date back to the 16th century. It was used by European fishermen. That is a very long history of a settlement of Europeans in North America.
Thanks to the information which we had received we were pretty good prepared what to expect. When we entered Trinity our first task was to find an accommodation. We never booked any in advance and we never regretted that. In Trinity this became the first time a challenge to find a B&B which we normally prefer because of the private atmosphere and personal contacts. Most places did not have any vacancies or exceeded our budget. We only want to have it clean and preferable our own bathroom, but nothing fancy!
So we drove to close by Dunfield and were lucky with the first place.

A very nice lady welcomed us here and offered immediately to wash our dirty clothes.

We were always surprised about the hospitality which received. We chatted a little bit with her and she recommended a restaurant, because it was dinner time and even Elizabeth was hungry and thirsty.
We followed her recommendation and were not disappointed. Er even met a German couple there which had moved to the USA and loved it there. The told us that they had participated in Trinity a real good tour to watch whales. They even e-mailed us later some of their pictures, because I was aware of the limitations of my first digital camera. In bright sunshine I could not see anything on the monitor and it was also slow.
We decided to use the same tour operator and Elizabeth offered to pay for it. I thanked her for this generous contribution even not knowing how much she will be charged.

Just a soup and lemonade for Lizzie ...

...and a real home cooked meal for me!

We drove without any further delay back to Trinity and Elizabeth booked the tour. I had to stay in the car because she did not want that I learned how much it was, but Lizzie was happy as you can see on the picture below.

Elizabeth and the tour operator

Before we returned to Dunfield we collected some more impressions from Trinity and were glad that we had included it as one of the highlights in our travel plan. We decided to stay here a little bit longer.
When we came back our laundry was done and Elizabeth put it back in a suit case.
We thanked the lady of the house for this service. She did not take any money for it. She told us many details about live in the community. How people help each other not only with little things but also when a young family builds a house.
She and her husband who was absent collect money for their grand children by picking up empty beer bottles etc. When they see them they pick them up and return them for a refund. This family was certainly not the only one who dif that because we never saw excessive litter anywhere in this province during our trips.

Our breakfast before we went whale watching.

We arrived too early at the place of the tour operator. It was also a B&B with a nice dining room. Some of their guests were still busy eating and slowly other participants on the tour appeared.
Whale watching tours and trips to the icebergs are offered in many places. Tourism is becoming important after restrictions for fishing had been introduced.
We used the waiting time to browse through the "class room". Many pictures of whales, dolphins, birds etc. We learned that guests who stayed longer in this B&B were entitled for free tours. Also free presentations in the evening were included.

The the introduction for our tour started. Even when everywhere these tours are offered as whale watching tours this operator did not like that term - he preferred "contact to the whales". I cannot remember to have seen this new slogan in any of the information I had collected and tried to figure out how I could contact a whale when he is in the water and I am on a boat.
Then he explained the mandatory safety measures. He uses a big zodiac with two engines. Later in Labrador when we visited the island of Battle Harbour we learned the hard way how important that is - the single engine died and we just made it back. It needed after that major repairs.
He explained also the safety suits which we had to wear. These suits guarantee a longer survival in the ice cold water if an accident happened. They are insulated, water tight and approved. With a life vest you will die after a few minutes. On our trip to Battle harbor we had only life vests, but luckily no storm came up.
We are getting prepared the tour

We had to help each other to put these suits on properly and I was feeling like an astronaut but was confident about a safe return to our starting point.
After we all looking like red sausages some of the participants realized that they had to use the wash room. That caused some delay. So please prepare yourself eben when those suits are watertight in both directions.
We had bright sunshine, could not feel the wind and I started to feel hot when we walked to the near by boat.
Without any delay the boat started after everybody was seated. This time we were in the front based on our experience when we visited the icebergs - only fresh air and no exhaust gases. The boar was powerful and we drove pretty fast. At least I got that feeling, but we were also sitting much closer to the water which could have given me that feeling.
We had been told that we will not only "communicate" with whales but also see many birds, a spectacular scenery and icebergs.
Soon the first whales showed up. I had to use my camera like a gun just pointing at them and taking pictures. The result was disappointing but it is a proof that we really had seen them - but no communication took place.

Not exactly a breath taking picture

An other attempt to get a picture

Please watch the slide show about this tour. You will find the link to it below. The pictures do not need too many comments!

Some of the icebergs

We on the zodiac

Great scenery - more in our slide show!

Unforgettable impressions

Going back

The fresh air had made both of us hungry and we had a small lunch in the breakfast room of the tour operator. I did not get a chance to ask the operator about mote details about all his theories which he had presented about communicating with the whales and time during his introduction. I asked him for a definition of time and he answered: "It is what you see on your watch". I was expecting more after talking so much about it.

Nobody had a beer

Watch the slide show: "Whale watching and more in Newfoundland"

Watch this beautiful video which we had sold for a long time: "Over Canada":

The Johnson Geo Centre, St. John's, Newfoundland

Watch the slide show: "National Park Gros Morne, Newfoundland,impressions"

Colony of Avalon in Ferryland, Neufundland, Newfoundland

Happy Valley Goose Bay & North West River, Labrador

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