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Explore St. Lewis and Battle Harbour in Labrador
Tourism, Travel Guide, Newfoundland and Labrador

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This Google map is a little nit confusing, Please reduce the size. You must exist HWY 510 and use HWY 513 to find St. Lewis.

St. Lewis in Labrador was formerly called Fox Harbour. A new built;t road allows now to visit it by car or motor bike. We combined this trip with a boat tour to Battle Harbour.
Naturally I had used the Internet to get information about Labrador from previous visitors. Especially one page fascinated me. Somebody had visited Labrador with his sailing yacht which. Certainly it was also equipped with an engine. He had visited St. Lewis when it was still not accessible by road. Only with a boat, by air or in winter by using a snow mobile.
The wonderful description of the experience of this traveler and the new built dirt road brought us to St. Lewis on the east cost of Labrador. The former name was Fox Harbour, but I never found out why the name had been changed.

St. Lewis, Labrador, Canada, travel guide, tourism
You cannot miss the way to St. Lewis

St. Lewis, Labrador, Canada, travel guide, tourism
We stayed in this place

St. Lewis, Labrador, Canada, travel guide, tourism
St. Lewis is welcoming us

When I stopped to take a few pictures we were friendly greeted and given the directions to the spot were we could see icebergs. Elizabeth had already turned in an iceberg fan as long as she was not shivering. Luckily we had enough warme clothing with us and she could wrap herself in multi layers of it.
As usual the weather was changing again continuously very fast thanks to the always blowing wind.

St. Lewis, Labrador, Canada, travel guide, tourism
We spent some time at this view point

Far away and already melted down, but still there

June is already pretty late to see icebergs. They are melting pretty fast. But June is better to see whales and we think it is a good compromise for visiting this province. Not too many tourists and very important no blood thirsty black flies!
We were the only people watching these icebergs.
Now we had to find an accommodation. We had not seen any signs of any B&B, but we had passed the "Fisherman's Landing" and drove back to this place.

St. Lewis, Labrador, Canada, travel guide, tourism
Fisherman's Landing

St. Lewis, Labrador, Canada, travel guide, tourism
Nobody was there except Minnie. Not a single guest and a very simple set up. No fancy decorations, no TV, cheap table and cheap chairs, but we liked Minnie immediately.
Elizabeth told her that we wanted to have lunch here and that we were looking for a B&B because of the contact to local people.
Minnie called several places for us, but nobody answered the phone. So she said that she will call her boss to make us a special offer.
She did so and he came immediately with his truck. His name was Earl Pool and he really made a good offer, because he was going to do some renovations on this place. So we carried a major part of our luggage in the room which he gave us.
Also the room was very sparsely furnished, but it had a bed, a bathroom with s shower and a TV.
A renovation was certainly overdue, but it was clean and cheap. As long as everything is clean and are treated well, we are happy. We do not need antique furniture surrounding us to have a good sleep.

St. Lewis, Labrador, Canada, travel guide, tourism
Our room

After we had moved all essentials in this room we talked for a while with Earl. He was very knowledgeable about the past of St. Lewis and he gave us some good advise what to see and to do.
I asked him also about what to eat and he recommended that we should try here a "Jiggs’ Dinner" if we had never tried one. Minnie would prepare it for us, but we must tell her ahead before ordering it. Both of us told him that we were willing to do this. Then I asked him that we would love to visit the island Battle Harbour which is located close to St. Lewis. I already knew that various operator offered tours. After having read his advertising I was not surprised when he offered us a personal tour with his own boat when the weather was fine for doing it. Presently it was and we booked the tour for the following day for a very reasonable price. Before Earl left I asked him wether I can get a beer in his restaurant. He said yes, but as far as I could understand him only on weekends. I wanted it now and I got it and we ordered our meals by consulting Minnie.
St. Lewis, Labrador, Canada, travel guide, tourism
We hardly had time to use the TV

St. Lewis, Labrador, Canada, travel guide, tourism
Philosophy of a Newfoundlander

St. Lewis, Labrador, Canada, travel guide, tourism
Minnie working on our lunch

St. Lewis, Labrador, Canada, travel guide, tourism
Lizzie helping Minnie with the dishes
Minnie turned out to be a wonderful person and an excellent cook. I was looking forward to try the "Jiggs’ Dinner". I had heard about that, but never saw it on any menu. Minnie told us, that the younger people doe not like it any more.
Minnie had family and her husband has been unemployed for a long time. They were thinking of moving to another province where he could find work.
She invited us to her house. Elizabeth was excited and they made an appointment for this evening. I wanted to stay in our room to make notes in my laptop for our German travel guide. I had already a good mix of pleasure and business and did not want to expand the pleasure part too much!
I was confident that Lizzie would enjoy this evening also without me and bring back many good information about the life in such a remote community.

After our meal we started to explore St. Lewis. Elizabeth wanted to have some fresh fruits. I expected this to be a challenge. The grocery store which we found has some - not the variety we had at home, gut enough to keep Elizabeth happy and hopefully healthy. The same happened in Churchill Falls. She got her healthy fruits - I got my heath beer.
Naturally the transportation to fat away and small communities with few customer raises the prices. Please do not complain, complain instead in the well known tourist traps, but not in places like this!
I prefer to pay a little be more is areas like that to help lokal business going and provide jobs. I do not have any bad feelings after that, but usually I get those after an overpriced dinner or staying in an accommodation where you should act like an millionaire even when you are on a tough budget.
St. Lewis, Labrador, Canada, travel guide, tourism

Elizabeth left early in the evening after an early small dinner. She loves to walk. I started to work on my laptop until she returned from her visit to Minnie's family and I downloaded all her pictures.

St. Lewis, Labrador, Canada, travel guide, tourism
Minnie's daughter with her friend

St. Lewis, Labrador, Canada, travel guide, tourism
Minnie's husband

A visit of the island Battle Harbour, Labrador, Canada

Please watch the following slide show to see what to expect in Newfoundland and Labrador

Watch the slide show: "National Park Gros Morne, Newfoundland,impressions"

Labrador on the road

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