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Neufundland Fahne

Our visit to "Signal Hill" in St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada
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We did not have problems finding our way to "Signal Hill". We always could see it unlike as our trip to "Cape Spear" where we got lost.
Because of my walking problems we drove to the upper parking lot. We were lucky with the weather and enjoyed the sunshine.
"Signal Hill" is a historic site which was not only involved in the "Seven Year's War" against the French, it served for a long time as a look out point and signals were transferred by using flags or firing guns.
A major event was when the firsts wireless transmission from the UK was received by Guglielmo Marconi in 1901 using the "Cabot Tower".
Naturally it was also used to protect and defend the harbor of St. John's. This lasted until WWII to fight German submarines.
I could not get any information weather any guns were fired on German submarines.

The road to the top of "Signal Hill"

It was a short walk from the parking lot to the "Cabot Tower". This tower is pretty new. The construction stated in the year 1897 and was officially opened in 1900 to celebrate Queen Victoria and John Cabot.
Don't miss to visit the tower. You will not only find a souvenir shop there but also a small museum which provides many information about the history of "Signal Hill" and Marconi. So I learned that Marconi used a kite as antenna for his first experiment.
It was also claimed that Marconi's new communication system helped to reduce the death rate when the disaster with the Titanic occurred.
I was not sure wether I was allowed to take pictures - so I did not take any. I should have asked, but now it is too late. Nobody is perfect!
Der "Cabot Tower"

"Signal Hill"

Ausblick auf St. John's

Ein anderer Ausblick auf St. John's

If you are lucky you may see whales - we were not lucky!

Fighting German submarines with that? I don't think so - it must befrom the 19 th. century. Many thanks for the picture to Jim who became inspired to his trip to Newfoundland by Elizabeth.

We loved the view which we had from the top of "Signal Hill".
Elizabeth is not any longer interested in anything which is related to war, but she still can fight - believe me! When she was a young nurse she wanted even to join the Canadian armed forces to help wounded or sick soldiers. Something happened and she changed her mind. I am glad about that because certainly I would have never met her.
Now she is a real animal and nature lover. She decided to walk a natural path to the lower parking lot where also the information center is located. A sign gave her this idea.
I stayed a little bit longer and tried to figure out where all the visitors came from and enjoyed the scenery and the beautiful weather. Unfortunately I could not detect a single floating iceberg or a jumping whale. Just birds and a few boats. But I was happy to be here.

The spectacular sight on the Atlantic and the coast line was breathtaking. I believe it would be under all weather conditions as long as there is no fog.
The clear and clean air is something which I miss in southern Ontario. Fortunately you get used to pollution as long as it is not too bad.
After I had seen enough I walked back to our car and drove to the lower parking lot to meet Elizabeth.
Where did I find her? On a wooden bench watching young cadets which were chased around by a loud yelling commander.
Somehow no wind was blowing on this place which is very rare for Newfoundland. In addition it was very hot and I felt sorry for the cadets.
They had to march, doing some exercises with their guns and had to yell back and all that in the bright sun and in uniforms.
I watched that with Lizzie for a while until one of the girls collapsed. All the yelling stopped and the complete group including commander took care of her and she was carried in the air conditioned information center.
Naturally, Elizabeth as a registered nurse wanted also to assist but she realized very fast that this was not necessary.

Even the girls loved being told what to do. Elizabeth always tells me not to tell her what to do! Could the army change her? I have my doubts.

I was informed that also guided tours are offered. Please get actual information if you are interested - use the Internet.

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