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Visit and explore Port Elgin and surroundings
Tourism Region:
"Bruce Peninsula, Southern Georgian Bay & Lake Simcoe"
Canada, Ontario, Tourism, Travel Guide

Port Elgin in der Ferienregion Bruce Peninsula, Southern Georgian Bay and Lake Simcoe

Port Elgin on Lake Huron ha a population of about 7000 and attracts especially fishermen, wind surfers and owner of boats. I don't belong to this group but when we come back I would be interested in renting a cottage.
Port Elgin is also blessed with a white sandy beach. Those beaches along Lake Huron reminded me on the Italian Riviera but has the benefit of fresh and sweet water without jelly fish.
Port Elgin became part of the "Town of Saugeen Shores" but I use still the individual names in my travel guide.
We always loved to watch the sunsets during our vacations. Elizabeth - my wife - loved to take many pictures of them and also from cloudy skies.
If you are interested in world records you should come to Port Elgin on the first weekend of October - not for an Oktoberfest but for a "Pumpkinfest". Farmers display their largest pumpkins. So far the heaviest had a eight of 762 kg.
I wish pumpkins seed ands pumpkin seed oil would become as popular in Canada as in Germany. Elizabeth loved bread covered with pumpkin seed.

Elizabeth loved that kind of bread in Germany!

Port Elgin, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
A monster pumpkin - many thanks to Wikipedia and Whpq

We never were able to stay for a longer time in this beautiful region of Ontario and regretted that. But we were happy when we found out that even on rainy days we could be active and had not to stay indoors watching TV or reading for hours.
We gladly passed these information to our visitors from Germany. They enjoyed staying in Kincardine without a single say of bad weather.
Now we would have more time for traveling but Elizabeth had several severe surgeries and is still not in a shape to do that.
I leased a very fuel efficient and comfortable Prius V which offers enough room for Rollators, lots of luggage and a fridge. I did not want to have a car which makes me getting in or out to a public spectacle.

Prius V
Our Prius V

We always loved to stay in a cottage when we had enough time. B and B was our other preferable choice. We always received good advise from the local owners.
Use the link in the right column to see how we had spent our time in a cottage resort.
Please be aware that you have to book a cottage very early- especially during the high season.

Port Elgin, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
One of the offered cottages in Port Elgin

Whenever we travelled - not only in Canada - but also in Germany Elizabeth went alone on little expeditions. She was not afraid to do this in Germany because her German was very often better than the English of the locals but in Newfoundland and Labrador she was scarred of the bears. In Ontario she never went alone in areas known for that thread.
Whenever she is healthy enough to travel we will do this to places were she can relax and during the high season when it is really hot. She does not love being in the cold. anymore.
For me Port Elgin seems to be a good choice for both of us for our next vacations. We know the area and the little train is for me and also for Elizabeth preferable to do a sightseeing tour along the beach. Elizabeth is still too proud to use a cane or a Rollator.
The train is only operating during July and August as long as it does not rain.
Watch the video below to see a typical train tour!

Port Elgin, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
The "historic" mini train

Port Elgin, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
The train at full speed

Drive to the "MacGregor Point Provincial Park". We always loved to visit "Provincial" and "National" parks. We normally stayed there for only one day but if you are still in a condition to hike and carry all required equipment for camping with you do so as long as you are able to do that. We missed our chance!
Otherwise take it easy. Stray on the beach and relax in the unspoiled nature.

Port Elgin, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
The "Saugeen RailTrail"

Parts of the former railway tracks between Port Elgin and Southampton gave been converted to a hiking and biking trail. It is called "Saugeen RailTrail". The use of motorizes vehicles is not allowed.
However, I think in above picture I can identify and electric scooter.

Port Elgin, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
Close to the so called Main Beach - many thanks to Wikipedia and Peter K Burian

port Elgin has several beaches. The largest one is the "Port Elgin Main Beach". Close to it you will find the only restaurant located close to a beach. I recommend to read always the reviews on Internet if you have any doubts.
Please be critical. Sometimes I was still disappointed or I liked the place. Some people expect in a cheap place the service of a place for fine dining.

Port Elgin, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
The "Port Elgin Main Beach"

Port Elgin, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
The "Port Elgin Main Beach"

This sandy beach stretches about 3 km along Lake Huron and I think I will not have any problems to access it with my Rollator. I was surprised to see people building sand castles like in Germany. I did this also as a child.

Port Elgin, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
"Eidts Grove Beach"

"Eidts Grove Beach" is not a crowded because there are no facilities like washrooms. What will people do if nature calls?

Port Elgin, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
"Eidts Grove Beach"

There are a few more attractive beaches around Port Elgin. Please decide which one you will prefer.

Port Elgin, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
"Gobles Grove Beach"

Port Elgin, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
"Gobles Grove Beach"

Port Elgin, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
"Gobles Grove Beach"

Naturally sometimes the weather can change and is not suitable to lay on the beach. Ask about what is offered during your stay in such as case. Elizabeth would certainly visit the flea market in Port Elgin to buy some small things. Once she bought nice dishes for our cats.

Port Elgin, Ontario, tourism, travel guide

I hope that I have convinced you with my travel guide that Lake Huron is a great destination for relaxing holidays.

Ride Along the Shoreline of Lake Huron - Southampton to Port Elgin

(HD) Port Elgin & North Shore Railroad

Ontario's Riviera - dieser Titel stimmt leider nicht ganz wie auch der Ersteller zugibt!

Summerside in Port Elgin | Community Video

MacGregor Point Provincial Park Sept 2015

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