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Visit and explore the tourist region:
"Huron, Perth, Waterloo und Wellington"
Canada, Ontario, tourism, travel guide

A rough overview of the tourist region "Huron, Perth, Waterloo und Wellington"

Trying to get inspired by the official website for Ontario tourism is not easy. They talk about counties in the new created tourist regions they talk about counties but in many cases I could not find anywhere suitable maps which show the location of these counties.
Because of that I ignored mostly to mention those counties in my alternative travel guide.
Because we live very close to the eastern part of this tourist region we did many day trips to it. Once we spent a few days during winter in Fergus with Elizabeth's parents. They loved it!

Cambridge, Canada, Ontario, tourism, travel guJealiusy ide
Because of our business we visited Cambridge not only in summer

Cambridge, Canada, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
Cambridge - Elizabeth my wife

Many towns or villages in Canada and especially in Ontario have imported names from Europe and other continents. Some of them have still German names
After WWI I only smaller places were allowed to keep those German names. Luckily today the hatred between the old enemies has been replaced by friendship and piece.
I married a Canadian and took on Canadian citizenship and try to promote tourism between both countries. To become a politician who has to brainwash people would be my last choice.
Jealousy and being short minded is very often the reason to do that. Think before you support such politicians. applies for all countries.
Berlin in Ontario was not allowed to keep its name - it was changed to Kitchener. Check the Internet to learn more about Earl Kitchener.
I am glad that Kitchener is still allowed to celebrate an Oktoberfest.

Kitchener, Canada, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
Oktoberfest - many thanks to "Ryanamy83" and Wikipedia

Kitchener, Canada, Ontario, tourism, travel guider
Kitchener "Downtown"

Both Kitchener and the smaller town of Waterloo have a history related to Mennonites. When you leave Waterloo you enter an area in which many Amish are living and following with only few exceptions their traditional live style.
You can see their horse drawn buggies on the road and they can also easily be recognized by their clothing. They do not use any electricity but were forced to use battery operated lights on their buggies.
Use the Internet to learn more about the Amish.
Whenever we had a chance to eat in an Amish restaurant we were surprised about the quality if the food. Please do not ask for any alcoholic beverages.
Unfortunately our favorite eating place changed ownership and is now a pizzeria.

Amish, Canada, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
A typical Amish buggy

Amish, Canada, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
St. Jacobs farmers Market- special parking for buggies

Before Elizabeth became a vegetarian she also loved the smokes meat and the sausages which the Amish and the Mennonites offered.
The Mennonites are by far not as restricted in the live style as the Amish.
We drove very often to this area just to get these specialties - even during winter.
Our favorite market was destroyed by fire and replaced by a new one. Because of the now vegetarian Elizabeth we have not yet visited the new farmers market. Watching the YouTube video I got the feeling that it lost very much of its old flair.
This applies also to St. Jacobs which became a hot spot for tourists but I still like it.

Guelph, Canada, Ontario, tourism, travel guide

Don't miss to visit Guelph. I have very good memories to this town - especially when we were invited to beer test in a restaurant.
Certainly this offer was inspired by the students of the well know university. I think most students are willing to learn how to enjoy a beer. At least I did it many years ago and I still do it.

Stratford, Canada, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
Stratford another interesting place to visit

Stratford is a real festival town with several theatres. Elizabeth became for many years a fan of the different plays. She stayed a her cousin who lived close by and the two girls had a good time. I was not interested because of my poor hearing but I loved the little down of about 31 000 residents and the good restaurants.
Please use the Internet for actual performances and other related information.

Stratford, Canada, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
One of the theatres - Elizabeth was always excited

Elmira, Elora and Fergus were other favorable destinations for us - not only in the high season.
Visit our respective websites!

Elora,Canada, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
Elora in the low season

Elora, Canada, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
Elora in the high season

Unfortunately certain attractions are only open during the high season. Nature is always open and we always enjoyed it.
Less people around us, Better service. lower prices are only a few of the rewards.

Fergus, Canada, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
The Grand River in Fergus

When I watch the stunning YouTube videos taken by a drone I start thinking about to get my own helicopter. I was working as an engineer for many years for a German helicopter company what brought me finally to Canada.
But is that wise to do in my age? One severe crash landing would hurt my tight budget severely and so many people uploaded already videos in very good quality which I am allowed to use. I think it is better to spend the money for actual trips and share my work with the numerous people who want to promote also our province and thank them for their contributions what I do right now!

Bayfield, Canada, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
We were impressed when we visited Bayfield but missed to go into that restaurant

We and our visitors loved to explore the coast of Lake Huron Bayfield beyond the "border" of this tourist region.
I should make a borderless website or YouTube slideshow about a recommended trip!
Use the link below to watch the video about Bayfield an. It shows what we missed.
Another video shows the beach in Goderich, We were too late for going swimming.

St. Jacobs farmers Market Waterloo Ontario Canada

St. Jacobs Country Ontario Canada

Mennonites going to town

Cambridge Grand River & City Scenes (Ontario, Canada)

Sehen Sie sich folgendes Video an: "Kitchener-Waterloo Does the Chicken Dance to get #EllentoKW"

Stratford Ontario

Stratford Ontario

Elora Fergus Aerial Video Production

Fergus and Elora, Ontario

Elora Ontario Canada Midsummer

Bayfield...A Hidden Gem

Goderich Beach , Ontario, Canada

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