"Green Energy" can help to create and secure well paid jobs in Ontario and in all of Canada.

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Green energy can help to create and secure well paid jobs
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Especially Ontario lost many well paid jobs because the foreign owned companies moved back to the USA or other countries where labor is cheaper, expansion is not hindered by local authorities and standards to protect the environment are much lower or don't exist at all. These jobs will never come back!

The liberal government of our province is promoting "Green Energy" but went according to my understanding overboard and failed badly to face the arguments of all the opponents.
The conservative party is listening to the loudest complainers and threatens to change or cancel the policies to promote this new technology. When I asked why I was told this is democracy! But I think they do not care about our province they want to be elected to form the next provincial government. I was hoping that they would review what had been done wrong and were money was wasted and correct those things. I was deeply disappointed about their short sighted approach! This is not a proof of good leadership!

Why "Green Energy" will assure well paid jobs in the future:

Especially the components for wind turbines are becoming larger and heavier. An increasing part of the costs of wind turbines are caused by transportation. There is no way that these components can be imported from far away and compete against local manufactured ones.
When subsidizing "Green Energy" it should not only be done to pay for a limited time for the energy it should also be pre-requisite to have a certain minimum Canadian content for all the required components. This Canadian content must increase over a specified time. However, it is mandatory that the costs stay comparable. This means high productivity.
Canada is unfortunately not exactly a leader in this sector.

The myth to blame "Green Energy" for higher electricity costs in Ontario:

I agree that the Liberal government went overboard with subsidizing alternative power. Same things happened unfortunately also in other countries. We should have learned from that.
Nuclear power is considered as clean and cheap in Canada. Luckily we never experienced any serious accident like in Japan or in Chernobyl. How much did those really cost? On lives and on money? Does the public know the true numbers?
What about the nuclear waste? To keep it save not only from natural disasters but also from terrorists who can use that for dirty bombs.
Coal fired power plants can be become cleaner with state-of-the-art filtration systems which also will increase the operating costs.
Gas fired power plants are certainly a reasonable and mandatory solution.
Hydro power looks fine as long as we do not drain the Great lakes too much. In Churchill Falls, Labrador I was impressed when we collected information and even toured it.
There are reports that earthquakes have been triggered by large dams which are required to produce hydro electric power.
All this is a proof that nothing is absolutely save, free of any risk and cheap.
Solar panel and wind turbine manufacturer face a tough competition and they learned to reduce the costs. We should not make any statements related to safety and cost without doing first our homework properly.

Important prerequisites for project management:

• A team of qualified specialists must be in place for the challenging project of bringing investors for "Green Energy" to Ontario. This team shall include at least experienced:
• A project manager with a proven and good track record
• Engineers familiar with wind power and solar energy
• Project engineers
• A lawyer familiar with all applicable regulations
• Somebody for public relation
• A financial controller
• Translators as required

Important technical prerequisites for Green Energy:

• Canada, respective Ontario must have must have a team of really qualified specialists with a good track record in place to deal with the companies who want to built wind parks here.

• These companies must be screened and reviewed before starting serious talks.

• The newest but proven technology must be used for new wind parks. We must not repeat mistakes which are already known!

• A schedule for transfer of knowledge and responsibility must be established. We should not become only an extended work bench of a foreign company.

• The wind parks shall be built where a suitable wind pattern exists. For the far future off-shore installation shall be considered when enough experience from the European projects exist.

• In order to reduce the costs for updating the electrical grid the wind parks shall be built close to where the energy is needed. Southern Ontario with lake Erie seems to be a perfect location.

• Our existing building laws must be compared with the existing ones from Europe and the USA. All available experience must be included.

• Germany is evaluating to use DC current for new power lines to reduce losses. This evaluation should be monitored.

• The location of manufacturing plants, especially for the heavy components must consider existing transport routes such a waterways as the Welland Canal, highways, railway etc. Be aware that we do not have enough trained people anywhere. A good training program must be established.

• We have to think now how to store excessive electrical energy. I recommend to produce hydrogen. Monitoring of the present development about all the uses of this energy source is mandatory. There are many ways.

• Not a single Canadian company is known to me who can do modular graphite casting which is used for nacelles, gear boxes (when still used) etc. It seem mandatory to me to have such a plant in Southern Ontario.

• We already have at least some subsidiaries of German companies in Ontario. Some of their mother companies are involved in "Green Energy". All of them should be contacted.

• Also Canadian companies which are able to participate in establishing "Green Energy" must be contacted, evaluated and listed. Canadian content to secure and create jobs is mandatory. Don't leave this only up to the investors!

• Building the wind parks and erecting the wind turbines needs also Canadian companies which are well trained and efficient. Learn the newest technologies. Especially off-shore wind parks have still cost overruns and face challenging problems.

• Carefully compare competing systems. A few examples:
• wind turbine size
• used rotor blades with respect to affects to the environment, such as noise, durability, lightning protection, icing problems etc.

• Used towers: concrete or steel.

• Gear less or gear driven generators.

• All the outcome is important to estimate the investment and cooperating costs.

For solar power:

• The same team which deals with wind power shall also handle solar power. This allows easy exchange of information and solutions for problems like those for storage of excessive energy and the required improvements of the power grid.

• According to my understanding the solar power will not promise too many well paid production jobs. China obviously offers dumping prices for their solar panels and the USA as well as the European manufacturers are suffering. Penalties by increasing the duty are under consideration. But I think alternative solutions could be a better way.
New technologies are already under development to increase the efficiency as another counter measurement.
As far as I know some assembly work and the production of required components takes already place in Canada.
Also the required electronic controls can certainly offer a good chance for qualified companies.

• Recycling is becoming a more and more a standard procedure for almost everything. To show only the possible hazards caused by wind turbines and solar panel by the protesters is nothing more than stupid polemic.

• The installation and the required infrastructure however, will provide good jobs for well trained people.

How to store excessive electrical power:

Electrical energy produced in excess should always be stored. There are already different concepts being used.
In order to become more in dependant from imported oil and increasing prices which have to be paid to the countries which sell us that oil, we should spend this money more and more in our countries to create jobs. Jobs are better than wars to secure an essential part of our needed energy to power especially our cars.
I still cannot see a break through for battery powered cars and the fuel cells will also need more development work and step by step a new infrastructure.
I recommend to monitor the development process of "artificial" methane using hydrogen and carbon dioxide. It is just beginning and would be also a challenging opportunity for Canada to participate.
Canada should participate in developing large industrial electrolysis units to produce the required hydrogen.
The "artificial" methane can be distributed through the existing system for natural gas. After the required modification our cars can be powered with this gas.
Some Canadian companies have already signed contracts to being involved in some of these important projects in Germany.

Mandatory safety features:

It would be not true to make statements that wind power cannot cause any hazards and that no accidents happened. You must only check the Internet to find all kind of videos and reports which are used by the opponents of wind power for their purposes.
It is impossible to eliminate all hazards which you may face during your life. But you can reduce or even eliminate them. Look at the cars, look at bikers which must wear a helmet, look at screening restaurants and food plants for health hazards. But still people get sick or die of what happened.
Job losses or the so called social media caused also suicides.
The wind power industry has also learned and has included new safety features to reduce or eliminate almost all of the bad effects.
The following list shows some accidents and known hazards as well as the actions to avoid or minimize them. Please be aware that Germany also imported wind turbines. When an accident happened there it does not mean that it was a German made turbine. To avoid any legal issues I do not mention the respective manufacturers.
I searched and found all the listed accidents in the Internet. If used anything which is not true please contact me and I will remove the case.

Dangerous accidents and health hazards from the past and corrective actions:

Important Note: I am an aerospace engineer and do not know all the details of the respective wind turbine design. My recommendations are based on my experience and shall be evaluated with the various manufacturers of wind turbines which should be erected in Canada.

Accident / Hazard
Happened in Country
Counter measures

Rotor blade broke during operation

Exceeded allowable speed


Complete wind turbine was destroyed. Flying parts could have injured or killed people.

Building laws which request a safe distance to buildings and roads. Devices which monitor speed and turn of the wind turbine. This devices shall be redundant and dormant failures shall be excluded.

Wind turbine caught fire

Unknown to me


The complete wind turbine was destroyed. The public had to be warned because of the poisonous gases.

Because fire fighters can not reach the fire with their existing equipment the designs of the wind turbine must consider such cases. The high cost for replacement justify that. Possible are heat sensors which switch of the turbine and trigger a suitable fire extinguishing system.

One rotor blade became loose and damaged the tower. Loose parts hit a nearby highway.

Unknown to me


The turbine was obviously shut down after a not acceptable delay. The road was closed for traffic.

Knowing not the reason and the design I cannot say too much. But a good quality assurance system could have helped to avoid things like that. Look at the aerospace industry! Adequate building laws which request safe distances to roads and buildings must be in place.

Damage of rotor blades by lightning

Rotor blades of large wind turbines can be damaged by lightning. This happened already when testing a turbine for off-shore use. This can cause a hazard for close by buildings, roads etc.


The effected turbine was shut down in time.

Lightning protection of rotor blades is used for helicopters. However, lightning protections shall be provided as a general feature especially for large turbines. I do not know the actual status. I must be clarified with the selected manufacturers of the rotor blades and related components of the complete turbine (grounding).

Operation under icing conditions can pose hazards

Ice build up especially on the rotor blades cause unbalances and throwing ice junks over a great distances.


Operation under icing conditions shall not be allowed unless a proven deicing system is installed. We had developed such a system for our helicopter but it never went into production.

I recommend to install sensors similar to those used in the aerospace industry which can shut down the turbine if ice build up is detected. Make sure that no dormant failures can disable that system.

Complains about noise.

General complain

Not only Germany

Disturbs not only sleep

Modern designs of rotor blades and other components can reduce noise. More sophisticated measures shall be studied and tested. The building laws must consider larger wind turbines which may spread the noise further.

Complains about flickering shadows of the rotor blades.

General complain

General complain

This can even trigger epileptic seizures.

The building laws must consider this as much as possible. Otherwise sensors must be installed to shut down the turbine under this conditions.

Complains from tourism organizations that wind turbines are eye sores and keep visitors away.

General complain

General complain

I never found any proof for these statements.

We were always happy to see wind turbines. Most of them were not installed anyhow in the most beautiful parts of any country. I think the high unemployment and the few well paid jobs are the reason for less tourism. I am one of these people who must stay at home instead of working on my Internet travel guides!

Wind farms reduce the value of properties

General complain


I cannot proof that.

The property value in most parts of the Niagara Region seems to go down despite the fact that we do not have wind turbines in or close to these communities. Especially for farmers the wind turbines provide normally additional income.

Negative effects in wildlife - especially birds and bats

General complain

Not only Germany

Most of the human activities have bad effects. Not only on the wildlife but also on our environment. This happened not only now it happened for along time.

Naturally this is no excuse and all practical measures should be used to protect environment, nature, wildlife etc. - not only when building wind farms. They should not be built in a know flight pass of migratory birds. A compromise must be found!


I recommend strongly an existing and qualified Federal organization from Canada to involve in a certification process.
Based on my experience that could be done under the umbrella from the DOT (Department of Transportation). They have the experience with many details which apply for the aerospace industry which are similar to those of wind turbines.
Delays and cost overruns caused by never ending activities of protesters can so be reduced or even completely avoided.
For storage of excessive electrical power and reducing the need of fossil fuels for public transportation and even other applications we should participate more actively in specific research programs.
What we need most is a qualified future oriented political leadership who cares about Canada and it's people!

My personal opinion:

I was please when Ontario started to promote the Green Industry. Naturally government funding was mandatory to kick start those programs.
However, I was not pleased by the over spending and that soon the first company closures occurred. Now the uncertainty of the future of all the programs by a change of the related politics scares me.
Listening to the loudest complainers and not trying to discuss their problems in a professional way with those who are willing to do that is a big mistake. Printed articles which spread over many pages will not be read by most people!
As an engineer I know that the physical laws cannot be bent. You must be conservative. However, it is also mandatory to be progressive and innovative to create new things to make existing jobs save and even to create new ones.
I cannot support any political party who does not have enough leadership to recognize that.
To ask potential voters on the Internet what should be promised to get elected is an approach which will fail. I am really confused and admit not to be willing to become a politician.
When I worked in each of the companies I could not avoid to be involved in company politics. Normally they served to make our products better than our those of our competition and to improve our productivity.

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