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Explore the tourist region: "Greater Toronto"
Canada, Ontario, Tourism, Travel Guide

Übersichtskarte für die Ferienregion "Greater Toronto"

Toronto is the capital of Ontario, but not that of Canada. That is Ottawa also located in Ontario.
When you read "GTA" it stands for "Greater Toronto Area" which includes Ajax, Aurora, Brampton, Brock, Burlington, Caledon, Clarington, East Gwillimburry, Georgina, Halton Hills, King, Markham, Milton, Mississauga, Newmarket, Oakville, Oshawa, Pickering, Richmomond Hill, Scugoc, naturally Toronto, Uxbridge, Vaugham, Whitby and Whitchurch-Stouffville.
I follow the maps of the official travel guide and present Toronto based on our own but very limited experience.

Toronto, Canada, Ontario, Tourism, Travel Guide
Terminal 1 of the Pearson Airport in Toronto - thanks to "Acidbomber" and Wikipedia

Toronto, Canada, Ontario, Tourism, Travel Guide
Terminal 3 of the Pearson Airport in Toronto - Courtesy of "Where Toronto"

If you arrive by air in Ontario it will be probably in Toronto. I used several Hamilton but not for international flights.
My son rents always a car at the airport. He did not pay more than in Welland and it is much more convenient to do that.
Please familiarize yourself with our traffic regulations before you hit the road. There are even differences between our provinces. Use the Internet at home to be prepared.
Compared to cities in Germany it was easier to drive. The traffic was flowing much better and is not artificially slowed down, but air pollution was still very bad. We realized that when we cam back from northern Ontario after we entered Toronto.
Parking was never a problem for us, but the prices were exorbitant.

Toronto, Canada, Ontario, Tourism, Travel Guide
Sometimes we did not experience major traffic jams because we could avoid rush hour

The upper and the lower picture were taken from our car after we had exited from the Gardiner Expressway. I am planning to participate next year with Elizabeth in one of the offered bus tours. I am waiting for nice weather and that my wife gets healthy again.

Toronto, Canada, Ontario, Tourism, Travel Guide

Toronto, Canada, Ontario, Tourism, Travel Guide
I did not see that very often in Toronto

Most of our guests from Europe followed our advise to include Toronto in their trips. They either visited some of the offered performances such as musicals, did excessive shopping and all enjoyed the international flair of this city. Occasionally we went with them and had great time together. I told them to keep all the bills for their purchases because at this time they got reimbursed for the charged sales tax.
I had experienced the same service when I came to Canada. Especially one Chinese friend was a great help by introducing me and my son to Chinatown. We even watched Chinese action movies with English subtitles together. Many of them involved fighting monks. That was a long time ago and whenever I had a chance I came back to Chinatown.

Toronto, Canada, Ontario, Tourism, Travel Guide
We did window shopping and enjoyed original Chinese food

Visiting Toronto involves normally lots of walking.
I installed some links to YouTube videos which give you some impressions what to expect. This includes also some dining experience.

I love Chinese food

I was told that this zoo is the largest one in Canada. We are still trying to keep our promise for a visit. Elizabeth, my wife is a real animal lover, but she also feels bad when she sees them in confined in cages or forced to perform things to please visitors. On the other hand they are they are not endangered by poachers and are normally well treated. As a child I always loved it when I was fooling around with monkeys and was allowed to touch other animals.

Toronto, Canada, Ontario, Tourism, Travel Guide
The Toronto zoo - many thanks to "Maelwys" and Wikipedia

We also missed to visit the Caribana - a Caribbean event - which is performed every year. I cannot walk any longer large distances and even standing became painful. I read that it attracts every year about 1.3 millions of visitors.
Please use the installed links to watch some videos.
Now the name had been changed to "Scotiabank Toronto Caribbean Carnival".

Toronto, Canada, Ontario, Tourism, Travel Guide
Caribana - many thanks to "Kinst" and Wikipedia

Toronto, Canada, Ontario, Tourism, Travel Guide
Not too crowded - the "Skydome" now called the "Roger Centre" - many thanks to "Mike Russell" and Wikipedia.

I am not a fan of sport events. The only exemption was when Elizabeth - my wife - participated in dragon boat regattas to raise money.
If my walking and hearing would be better I would not mind to join a tour through this complex.

Toronto, Canada, Ontario, Tourism, Travel Guide
Spend a day in the ROM - "Royal Ontario Museum"

Toronto, Canada, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
View of the Toronto skyline from the Toronto Islands. Many thanks to "Marcin Wichary" and Wikipedia

Toronto, Canada, Ontario, Tourism, Travel Guide
Enjoy shopping in the underground!

Toronto, Canada, Ontario, Tourism, Travel Guide
Relatives purchased this house e close to downtown Toronto

Certainly a excellent investment, Both a still young and have good jobs. I did not ask how much the paid!

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