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Neufundland Fahne

Our visit to "Cape Spear" in St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada
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We had problems to find our way from St. John's to Cape Spear. At this time we did not have a GPS and had to rely on maps and street signs. The result we got lost and Elizabeth had to ask several times for directions.
After several attempts and using the compass which we had installed in our Toyota Highlander we made it to our destination.
When we started our tour we had a nice blue sky - when we arrived the weather had changed. It was cold and hazy. We already knew that this has to be expected in Newfoundland.
This is not a problem when you are in a car, but on a boat or when you are hiking it can cause serious problems.
Cape Spear is also a "Historic Site" and it is also the most Eastern point of the American continent.

The parking lot was almost empty in June

The weather is getting better, but it is still cold.

Cape Spear has two light houses. This is the oldest one!

It dates back to the year 1836 and was in operation until 1955 when it was replaced by the newer one. To give visitors an impression how it was in the past it was modified to its original condition.

The newer lighthouse.

Unfortunately I missed to get information about the newer light tower.
Naturally Cape Spear was also used as a protection against German submarines. They were really feared and you can find almost unbelievable stories what some of those dear devils did. Unfortunately not out of fun, but to kill.
Elizabeth is not interested in this kind of history. She was more interested in seeing whales and birds. Again all the whales were hiding.

On our way up

The wind was blowing strong, but the wind helped this time to clear the sky. Unfortunately it was a cold wind and Elizabeth had protected herself with a few layers of clothing against it. Climbing all the stairs helped also a little bit to keep us warm by burning calories.
We were rewarded for our efforts with beautiful sights from the top.
We visited also a small gallery which displayed original paintings of light houses. I was not allowed to take pictures, but no entrance fee was charged. The man in charge was only following orders as he told us. He was very friendly and has served in the Canadian Coast Guard. He provided many information about the activities in Cape Spear during the war. Two big guns had been installed to fight attacking boats.

The parking lot is still pretty empty

There are also hiking trails. We did not use them. Elizabeth was shivering despite all the protective clothing, but no built in protection of fat like me. I was glad because my legs stated to hurt. My suspension is worn out and would need replacement parts. The problem is they do not last very long.

Beautiful, but cold


Elizabeth is rushing to the car

Back in the car we recovered relatively fast from the cold. The sun had warmed it up, no wind and the heater started slowly to deliver warm air. We discussed briefly what we want to do next. We agreed it should be a late lunch. All the walking and the fresh air made even Lizzie hungry.
We always had good and large meals, but being active even I lost some weight and did not feel bad to enjoy eating and having a beer.

Good bye Cape Spear

Good bye girly

Good bye

After a short drive I was allowed to turn the heater off and soon we had to use the air condition.

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