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Our visit of Broom Poiny on the west coast of Newfoundland
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Broom Point on the western coast of Newfoundland. Many thanks again to Google - enlarge map to see it!. These maps are a great help.

I used the time Elizabeth was spending on her tour to the "Western Brook Pond" to visit the close by Broom Point.
Before I did that I stopped at a grocery store in St. Pauls to fill up the fridge which we carried in our car.
Broom Point is a tiny little restored fishing village which was active until 1975. I wanted to learn a little bit about lobster fishing even when I am not a real sea food fan.
In Newfoundland I liked the cod, but I stayed away from lobster. In Japan in the guest house of a company I had to eat on of those isopod like looking creatures. Fortunately accompanied with lots of sake and beer.
Elizabeth had a lobster feat in the B & B where we stayed. It was fun watching her.
Broom Point is part of the Gros Morne National Park.

I followed the sign...

... and had a brief scenic drive

As you can see beautiful weather

Other visitors had just arrived ...

... and were waiting for the exhibition to be opened

The visitors had obviously been well prepared for this visit and were really interested by hearing their discussions.
I had not been aware of any details, such as opening time or booking of a tour.
The travel group must have done that for me because soon Bill Bennett shoed up and was greeted by the tour leader, I joined the group and nobody asked me any thing or charged a fee.
Bill started to explain the problems with cod fishing because of over fishing and the attempts to make more money by lobster fishing. To minimize mistakes made in the past strict regulations had not only be introduced - they are also enforced.
The main market are the USA.
Bill explained that lobsters which are below a certain size must be put back into the sea to ensure procreation. The same applies to very old and very large lobsters, but the reason is a different one - they do not taste any longer good. He showed us a picture of such a huge lobster and also one of a blue lobster.
Blue lobsters are very rare, but the color does not affect the taste.
Bill Bennett opens the door to the main building of the exhibition place

How the size is measured

A monster lobster - compare with the size of the feet of the man

A blue lobster

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Labrador West (Labrador City & Wabush)

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