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This official title is naturally too long for a button and for a proper navigation. For that reason I used "Algonquin Park and Surroundings"!

Visit and explore the Tourism Region:
"Algonquin Park, Almaguin Highlands, Muskoka & Parry Sound"
Canada, Ontario, Tourism, Travel guide

Coarse outline map for the tourism region 12 "Algonquin Park, Almaguin Highlands, Muskoka & Parry Sound"

Many thanks to Google and Ontario Tourism Marketing Partnership Corporation

In this tourist region you will find the famous "Algonquin Park".
It certainly meets the expectations of many visitors when they think about Canada. It is perfect for activities in unspoiled nature, such as fishing, canoeing, Kayaking, swimming, biking, hiking and much more.

Algonquin Lookout Trail- many thanks to ".comdias" and Wikipedia

Algonquin Park, Ontario, Canada, tourism, travel guide
Algonquin Park- many thanks to the unknown donor

Across Canada you have to get used to travel long distances while staying within the speed limits. One more reason why I leased a very fuel efficient Toyota Prius V last year. The car is comfortable and we can get easily in and out. it runs ob regular gas, which is much cheaper. I did not think about a diesel anymore. Good night Germany!
This holiday destination is certainly among the areas that offer what many expect from a Canada vacation - uncountable outdoor activities such as fishing, water kayaking or canoeing, cycling or biking.

Algonquin Park and surroundings, Ontario, Canada, tourism, travel guide
Clear lakes with pleasant temperatures

Algonquin Park and surroundings, Ontario, Canada, tourism, travel guide

You will find signs for accommodations everywhere. However, we still recommend not to come at the high season with out a reservation. The best places are certainly all booked out.
We always looked for a place where we could stay several days and which allows us to explore surrounding attractions and do sightseeing. To be as close as possible to the nature we preferred to rent a cottage.
In addition you have much more space than in a hotel room, you must not follow a dress code and it is also cost saving because you can prepare little meals by yourself. Barbecuing is in addition fun and I do not consider it as work. Children will also love the outdoors.
The cottages which we rented offered at least the same comfort as a hotel or motel but with much more space. Soon we felt like living in a second home.

Algonquin Park and surroundings, Ontario, Canada, tourism, travel guide
Visit to a "Provincial Park"

The roads are all in good condition and driving is not stressful. However, there is a lack on rest areas with the required facilities. In emergencies you have to use the nature.

Algonquin Park and surroundings, Ontario, Canada, tourism, travel guide
On many roads you can stop to take pictures or do some walking

Algonquin Park and surroundings, Ontario, Canada, tourism, travel guide
Experience beautiful sunsets

Algonquin Park and surroundings, Ontario, Canada, tourism, travel guide
Rent a boat and explore nature - do you see the "blue heron" in the background?

This area is also a great place for vacationers in winter. Cross country skiing, snowmobiling or even dog sledding.
We tried the first time in our life ice fishing. This was on Lake Nipissing at the cottage which we had rented. We had a few very relaxing days and we want to do it again. Please visit our web site and see what we experienced.
Of course you do not fish ice, but fish that are under the ice. A tent or hut is set up on the frozen lake with an oven in it and the necessary utensils to keep you warm from the inside. Even a toilet is provided.
I also made my first experience with snowmobiling. That was not here but in Newfoundland. However, it is also offered in this area.

Algonquin Park and surroundings, Ontario, Canada, tourism, travel guide
Water is always an attraction

Chipmunks are always hungry and an attraction not only for children. have always a large bag of natural unpeeled peanuts with you and after these little creatures know about that they will never leave you alone.
We had lots of fun with them in a cottage resort.
Elizabeth played for hours with them and none of the partners became tired.
Take a look at our website, which shows you what you miss out on if you have never taken a "cottage vacation".

Chipmunks, Ontario, Canada, tourism, travel guide
Discover the Chipmunks

Of course you can also do many things if the weather is not good. We have visited small museums to see how the first settler lived. of the country and how one lived then. You can also learn a lot about the aboriginal people.
We often ate quite well and visited small shops. We did all of that and even had some time to laze around.
Several trips to Germany and to the eastern provinces of our country have prevented that we have neglected this "recreation area". We want to catch up when my wife Elizabeth gets well again. At the moment nobody would enjoy travelling because the risk is far too big.
If we can do it, Parry Sound will be at the top of my list.

Huntsville, Ontario, Canada, tourism, travel guide
Ein kleiner Vorgeschmack auf das, was Sie hier erwarten können - Huntsville

Gravenhurst, Ontario, Canada, tourism, travel guide
Sicherlich ein Vergnügen an einer Bootstour in Gravenhurst auf Lake Muskoka teilzunehmen

Muskoka 2015

Full Tour of Lake Muskoka on Cruise Ship Lady Muskoka, Ontario, Canada

Fun in Muskoka (a corner of Paradise on Earth)

Wilsons Falls: Spring on the North Branch of the Muskoka River (Bracebridge, ON - May 2016)J.R.G. J.R.G.

Welcome to Parry Sound & Surrounding Area by iSparks Solutions

Bears Parry Sound Ontario Canada

Black bear in Parry Sound, Ontario

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