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Visit and explore Welland and surroundings
Tourist Region: "Niagara"
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Finally under the leadership of a new elected mayor Welland started to reduce spending for things nice to have. The population is getting older and many are on a fixed income. Many well paid jobs disappeared we can not live like in the antique Rome where the phrase "Panem et circenses" (bread and circuses)was typical for the life style. Bread is more important for Wellanders than games! To have bread on the table we need descent jobs - especially for our young people who must pay off all the accumulated debts and pensions of the retirees.
We have already many things in our town which we should present in a way which attracts visitors and tourists from other countries. To do this real teamwork between the City of Welland and the local business is a prerequisite. Very much can be done without spending a big amount of tax payers money.
Business has to be run by business people and they have to carry the risk! If they want to present their business as part of an event that is fine. The "Food Festival" is such an event but the success depends from the weather as the organizers learned. To make our already existing good restaurants known in the surrounding area they all could offer special deals in a well selected time period. Our artists could use this as a chance to present themselves and their work. The "Old Church" was a good example how to do that.

Welland, Ontario, Niagara Region, tourism, travel guide
The "Old Church"

The "Old Church"

Welland, Ontario, Niagara Region, tourism, travel guide
The "Old Church"

Welland, Ontario, event, tourism, travel guide
The "Food Festival" 2014

Welland, Ontario, event, tourism, travel guide
A big crowd

Something for everybody

Welland, Ontario, event, tourism, travel guide
Even some good German sausages, but the spelling was wrong!

All our visitors were happy when they followed our advise where to dine. Not so when they trusted certain printed advertisement, but no newspaper can bite the hand which feeds them. A paper needs unfortunately advertisers and not critics.

Welland, Ontario, Niagara Region, tourism, travel guide
Thai food

Welland has many facilities for health and sport activities. Many of them need financial support what is normal. Now we exceeded a limit of tax payers spending and new ideas are needed how to make better use of them for the benefit of our town and of the local business.

Welland, Ontario, event, tourism, travel guide
One of the two rowing facilities in Welland

Volunteers are a great reservoir to keep Ontario in good shape. You can find them everywhere. Many of them are older and from a generation which built up our country. Many have knowledge which could still be used - even when they do not have a smart phone or know how to work on a computer. You must not be under forty, preferable a woman and frequently be seen in all the hot spots. Many of those things were not available when they worked.
Volunteers also a great source for spectacular events. The re-enactment of the "Battle of Cook's Mills" in Welland was such an event.

Welland, Ontario, event, tourism, travel guide
The re-enactment of the "Battle of Cook's Mills"

Mir wurde immer wieder bestätigt, dass all die Waffen, die Munition, die Uniformen und auch alle anderen Ausgaben von den Teilnehmern selbst bezahlt werden. Sie haben einfach Spaß daran so etwas zu tun. Sehr viele sind bereits im Rentenalter, also Leute, die unser Land aufgebaut haben und noch immer dabei sind zu helfen und so ein Vorbild zu sein.

Welland, Ontario, event, tourism, travel guide
The re-enactment of the "Battle of Cook's Mills"

RMR: Rick and the Welland Canal

Main St Bridge, Welland, Ontario

Unfortunately I missed the following surprise presented by "Alphabet® Photography" in the Seaway Mall in Welland.

Preserve memories of loved ones - for Lizzie and her mom with love

Save our wetlands and support the activists!

Fenwick Train Show, get inspired for a new hobby

Welland Ontario Slide Show

Battle of Cook's Mills, re-enactment 2014 in Welland

Watch the video: An Italian party in Welland, Ontario, with Pat Pagano and his music at Café Amalia

Welland Dining, some impressions

Watch the video: Welland, Rose Parade, some scenes, Ontario, tourism. travel guide

Impressions of a tour along the Welland Canal, Ontario, tourism. travel guide

Thorold, Ontario, Canada - not only the locks of the Welland Canal are an attraction

Watch the video: Ontario Marshville Heritage Festival

Watch the video: Ontario Marshville Heritage Festival 2015

Dain City, Welland, Ontario, impressions, Welland, Ontario, tourism. travel guide

Ball's Falls, conservation area, close to Jordan, Ontario, Canada, tourism, travel guide

Niagara Falls, Floral Showhouse, Ontario, tourism. travel guide

Byng Island, Ontario, beautiful conservation area, Ontario, tourism. travel guide

Watch the video: A few impressions of the annual Mariners Celebration in Port Colborne, Ontario

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Web design company in Welland, Ontario, Canada

Crafts and art work of the native people from North America, tourism, travel guide

Once upon a time Fort Erie was host to many exciting events such as "Edinburgh 1745", the battle of the Jakobites against the English.

Between the Lines, Weingut - a small winery in Niagara-on-the-Lake, tourism, travel guide

Happy Rolph's, St,Catharines, Ontario, petting farm, picnic area, Tourismus, travel guide

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